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September 30, 2013

2 quick questions.

by Khanum


Number 1: I want to buy a new camera asap. I have the money. I have the nerve. I have the mind and most importantly mother’s consent. What remains now is the choice and right timings to get the best deals on two of the following. Kindly camera experts out there, or anybody who understands or loves camera , photography and videography – Suggest me Should I go for Canon T3i (600D) or Nikon D5100!? Both fall in the same price range and my budget 55k to 60k PKR. Now another thing, I have three options. Either to get it from UK, US or PAK. Do you have any good deal in sight? Plus, Videography and photography both are my targets here. I don’t want to get Canon only cause they say its great at videography and am hugely into film making. I am but film is what I make once a year to enter competitions. Photography is what I do 12 months. So I want to make a good choice for both.


Number 2: I am thinking alot about moving the blog to blogger or either start a new blog there to get my hands into Adsense thing. Yes, am not kidding. I want to try Google adsense which people brag about alot. The amount of clicks at this blog and its success over the years do make me realise that I could actually earn from blogging. I know the content has to be original. But I have a very stupid and lame question, if you can entertain it pls. Suppose I post on my blogger blog. Can I then post the same material from there to here on wordpress? Will the originality of my blogger account be comprised this way?

What do you think? (ANSWER ME!!)

September 28, 2013

Rubies, Sapphires and Emeralds at Mont Blanc.

by Khanum

mont blanc

Yesterday morning  in Dawn Newspaper on page 12 International, I found a piece of Mont Blanc. Right below the big picture of Rouhani, Iran’s President, there was an amusing news heading that instantly brought a big smile on my face and reminded me of “Altitude Pakistan” blog.

I knew this Mont Blanc. And how great it feels to come across something you have recently been thinking about. Voila!

A french climber recently found a box full of sapphires, rubies and emeralds which had been lying there – buried under snow for more than 40 years. According to news sources, they belong to an indian passenger who tragically died right there on Mont Blanc after a horrible plane crash. Now the interesting part. The climber who found it wishes to remain Anon. Moreover, He didn’t keep the treasure of jewels rather handed it over to the police who are trying to contact the treasure’s owners or rightful heirs.

My request to the Anon French Climber: If by any chance you’re reading this. Can we know who you are so we can nominate you for the “Honesty Award” ?  Bravo. If they don’t find the rightful heirs, I vote for the jewels to find you back and stay with you.  I’m sure you can put them to good use.

P.S. I do not own the picture.

Climber finds treasure trove off Mont Blanc

September 23, 2013

I’ve a News – of a Picture Thief !!!

by Khanum

Allah has His ways of letting me know always who is who. Having said that, I’m truly grateful to Lord for always letting me see things and know where am I being cheated. Its real – Trust me –  I know who you are Mr.

Today Morning , after blogging here on my – Legal – blog ,  just like that, I began to search my own blog images at google. Yes – I do have a weird habit of googling people, places and myself included. (Did I mention I once googled where is my prince charming as well?) Any way. By Allah’s will I landed upon a page and to my shock, they had used one of my pictures from the blog. Happy that am so famous that people now even reblog my photography, I cheerfully clicked on the image. What came more was a thunder shock.  Please see the difference between two images yourself and decide what which lawyer should I hire to sue this website.

This is my originally posted image on the blog post with my name stamp on it.




And now go to the following link to see what they did with my image. >>

A word to the Chor | Thief: Dear, Do you have no haaya? Did Allah give you no eyes to read House Rules on this blog where I clearly mentioned not to steal – but simply ask for the permission to re-publish? I can see He gave you eyes alright. So Shame on you, Sir/Madame I say shame on You!

This has happened to me before in the past as well. Where a friend or should I say an ex-friend posted a full album of raw images captured by me on a facebook page. When I got to see it, I was truly sad and mad but let it go just for the sake of Allah. And please! It’s not about “no harm came or I wanted credit” thing. It’s simply about Ethics. Photo Journalism Ethics to be particular. And if it’s my work then I believe there’s simply no shame in demanding for my work either to be removed from there or be given credit. Thank you very much.

September 22, 2013

I’ve a News. I’ve a NEWS !

by Khanum

Part I – Has it ever happened to you that you put on an old favorite song and it took you back to the time when you were actually introduced to it? It happens to me alot. I ain’t into music but the few collection of nasheed on my list have memories attached with them. Surprisingly, the one am listening right now took me back to the kind of feeling that I once got when I desperately wanted to visit a certain country , it’s specific city and all the amazing places around it. United kingdom. Though I have my uncle living there but a ticket to UK is amazingly expensive so I guess I am better at home, ogling at places surfing net and pretend like I don’t care.

Well I do care. For this amazing place  >>>  National Space Center – Sir Patrick Moore Planetarium  O_O I ‘m in awe of such places and one day ladies & gentlemen – Insha Allah, *when I grow up, since am a toddler* I aim to visit all the great planetariums of the world just cause the one we got here by PIA sucks. Trust me. I have even done a news report on that.

Iran has got a super dooper planetrium too I heard, so do all developed nations. That’s right. They are science friendly people and realize the importance of a spaceship to educate the elderly children.

Let’s check out another astounding picture of UK  I got my eyes on.



According to a website, this is actually the Observatory Gully on Ben Nevis in the Lochaber area of the Scottish Highlands. Standing at 1,344 metres (4,409 ft) above sea level, it’s the highest mountain in the UK. Waow!

This is obviously not the end of the world for me. England is not my top priority. I wish to visit many places, Egypt is one of them but most importantly, I long to go back to Saudia and Turkey to be very frank. I’ve got heart attached to it. And you know what my main fantasy is when I actually go anywhere? – FOOD!

Now moving on.

Part II – I started reading my emails just few mins ago and came across some old emails – kind of wordpress notifiations of posts that peopleliked earlier. Some dated almost a year back. One click led me to another and I ended up reading the posts the people liked. Oh my God, I realised how awesome I was at my blog.

Check out some posts urself.

My Perfect Lil stroll in the Morning.

Believe it or not I can actually Draw!

You’re as crack as me, Together we can open a mental Assylum!

Let’s go to Egypt. Not.

No Jokes please. No Jokes. Oh I really still crack at this one alot.

KhanumSays did entertain you people in every post, man! Damn. I miss that time when I actually had time to post. Must get that time back.

Part III – The news. I’m ill. Not too severe – but it’s bit worrying. As I’ll be at loss if I don’t recover soon. Anywho, I won’t go into details. But I must ask you guys, to treat me nice. Comment as much as much possible to pamper and adore khanum. And most importantly, Pray.  ^_^

May Allah be with ya all, now am off for breakfast. Toodles!

September 19, 2013

Muslimah Contest 2013

by Khanum

Wow!! Now this is something new and fascinating! I woke up to read in my newspaper today about this unique event. It took place in Jakarta this year. In the words of one of the organizers who was banned from her job in TV 3 years ago because she refused to take off her head scarf,” This is Islam’s answer to Miss World”.

The Newly crowned winner of the Muslimah World 2013 Contest, Obabiyi Aisha of Nigeria.

The crowned winner Obabiyi Aisha of Nigeria.


The All the contests were to participate wearing head scarves, few of them were sincerely covered from head to toe. As for their beauty they were judged on their thoughts towards Islam,way of life and how well they recited Quran. The winner won a huge sum of money along with tickets to Makkah and India.

Now the part where they were judged before a panel of scholars. I’m not sure if the judges were Males and that they were to do cat walk before male  judges. But if the things were not done that badly – minus the catwalk – I guess its a pretty good thing. Rest Allah knows best.

What do you think about Muslimah contest?

I do not own the pictures.

September 15, 2013

Windy Happiness!

by Khanum

Today morning I woke up to find a stormy sky. It was 5pm in the evening. Morning for me but noon for normal people. I heard some murmurs around me, my mother speaking to someone, people talking pleasantly about the weather outside. Soon it turned to rain. And by the time I walked out of the room, looked at the sky , it was turning dark. Red dark and windy.


I did ablution for aser and offered my prayer. Things were somehow pleasant today for me. Missed a photowalk at a garden. Didn’t read newspaper. Those 4 of them are still resting comfortably before my eyes on the table. Didn’t check even a single news update at internet. I’m surely not going to check whole night either. Today was just me. Watched wall-E for the second time with mum. Watched Life of Pi for the first time and with it’s cinematography and imagination scale, i’m totally in love.


I pray and hope the sky rains the same way tomorrow as well, and the day after tomorrow and then the day after that. Winds and beautiful weather is all that I need for few days. 

It’s nice to live without any pressure on head for sometime. 



September 14, 2013

Why, oh! Why?!

by Khanum

I don’t know what is wrong with me. I am busy for sure but that didnt stop me from blogging in the past. Why cant I blog now? SOMEBODY JUST DRAG ME BACK TO BLOGGING! 

If I have been touched by evil eye or my blog ……..Kaali nazar wale tera mu kala !

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