Why, oh! Why?!

by Khanum

I don’t know what is wrong with me. I am busy for sure but that didnt stop me from blogging in the past. Why cant I blog now? SOMEBODY JUST DRAG ME BACK TO BLOGGING! 

If I have been touched by evil eye or my blog ……..Kaali nazar wale tera mu kala !

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12 Comments to “Why, oh! Why?!”

  1. Okay, I am dragging you back…

    Get blogging! hahaha

    I was the same way, but I have to blog daily no matter what because part of my income comes from my blogs.

    • I used to blog almost daily, really and had this huge traffic clicking my page. They still visit even when I m not blogging, but hardly people comment cos I dont have anything on the plate , new content for them. I wish I could earn from blog though. Sounds interesting but errrrrrrrrrrrr my laziness these days!

  2. I don’t think it’s laziness. It may be that you just need to take a bit of a break, a hiatus. Only blog when your heart’s into it, when there’s something you really want to say or share. All the best…

  3. Committing tough deadlines have always helped me in situations like yours. Because of laziness or the busy-like-feeling, it often takes way too long to complete an article, but the prospect of delivering the report within agreed timeline forces to keep working. A couple of sleepless nights and you are back on track.

    As you already know, ‘taking a break’ isn’t a viable option.

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