Muslimah Contest 2013

by Khanum

Wow!! Now this is something new and fascinating! I woke up to read in my newspaper today about this unique event. It took place in Jakarta this year. In the words of one of the organizers who was banned from her job in TV 3 years ago because she refused to take off her head scarf,” This is Islam’s answer to Miss World”.

The Newly crowned winner of the Muslimah World 2013 Contest, Obabiyi Aisha of Nigeria.

The crowned winner Obabiyi Aisha of Nigeria.


The All the contests were to participate wearing head scarves, few of them were sincerely covered from head to toe. As for their beauty they were judged on their thoughts towards Islam,way of life and how well they recited Quran. The winner won a huge sum of money along with tickets to Makkah and India.

Now the part where they were judged before a panel of scholars. I’m not sure if the judges were Males and that they were to do cat walk before male  judges. But if the things were not done that badly – minus the catwalk – I guess its a pretty good thing. Rest Allah knows best.

What do you think about Muslimah contest?

I do not own the pictures.

8 Comments to “Muslimah Contest 2013”

  1. Their faces and hands sure are beautiful.

  2. I came across this news on TV and I felt so glad and proud. It’s so strange when people judge and discriminate you just on the basis of wearing Hijaab. I’d like to share a recent incident that happened with me, I went to Dunya Tv for an interview and repeatedly the interviewer kept asking me “would you be comfortable with taking off the hijaab?” I simply refused “I’ sorry I can’t compromise on that”. See the criteria of judging people is so low. Lets see what else life has to offer me!!! 🙂

  3. Tum b chali jati na participate krnay Miss Khanum :p

  4. Salaams,

    Please follow my blog if you like the content.

    JazakAllah khair,

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