I’ve a News. I’ve a NEWS !

by Khanum

Part I – Has it ever happened to you that you put on an old favorite song and it took you back to the time when you were actually introduced to it? It happens to me alot. I ain’t into music but the few collection of nasheed on my list have memories attached with them. Surprisingly, the one am listening right now took me back to the kind of feeling that I once got when I desperately wanted to visit a certain country , it’s specific city and all the amazing places around it. United kingdom. Though I have my uncle living there but a ticket to UK is amazingly expensive so I guess I am better at home, ogling at places surfing net and pretend like I don’t care.

Well I do care. For this amazing place  >>>  National Space Center – Sir Patrick Moore Planetarium  O_O I ‘m in awe of such places and one day ladies & gentlemen – Insha Allah, *when I grow up, since am a toddler* I aim to visit all the great planetariums of the world just cause the one we got here by PIA sucks. Trust me. I have even done a news report on that.

Iran has got a super dooper planetrium too I heard, so do all developed nations. That’s right. They are science friendly people and realize the importance of a spaceship to educate the elderly children.

Let’s check out another astounding picture of UK  I got my eyes on.



According to a website, this is actually the Observatory Gully on Ben Nevis in the Lochaber area of the Scottish Highlands. Standing at 1,344 metres (4,409 ft) above sea level, it’s the highest mountain in the UK. Waow!

This is obviously not the end of the world for me. England is not my top priority. I wish to visit many places, Egypt is one of them but most importantly, I long to go back to Saudia and Turkey to be very frank. I’ve got heart attached to it. And you know what my main fantasy is when I actually go anywhere? – FOOD!

Now moving on.

Part II – I started reading my emails just few mins ago and came across some old emails – kind of wordpress notifiations of posts that peopleliked earlier. Some dated almost a year back. One click led me to another and I ended up reading the posts the people liked. Oh my God, I realised how awesome I was at my blog.

Check out some posts urself.

My Perfect Lil stroll in the Morning.

Believe it or not I can actually Draw!

You’re as crack as me, Together we can open a mental Assylum!

Let’s go to Egypt. Not.

No Jokes please. No Jokes. Oh I really still crack at this one alot.

KhanumSays did entertain you people in every post, man! Damn. I miss that time when I actually had time to post. Must get that time back.

Part III – The news. I’m ill. Not too severe – but it’s bit worrying. As I’ll be at loss if I don’t recover soon. Anywho, I won’t go into details. But I must ask you guys, to treat me nice. Comment as much as much possible to pamper and adore khanum. And most importantly, Pray.  ^_^

May Allah be with ya all, now am off for breakfast. Toodles!

8 Comments to “I’ve a News. I’ve a NEWS !”

  1. …hope you feel better, Khanum

  2. Part-1: That mountain, as you have mentioned, is ‘Ben Nevis’ – the highest point in Britain (not Mont Blanc). Rising 4810m above sea level, Mont Blanc is situated at the border of Italy and France.

    Part-2: I am not going to read those 5 posts, right now. It’s already mid night.

    Part-3: Comment done. Prayer done. 😉

    • Part 1 – *Reading that, thinking of editing the post or either ur comment. But leaving things just as it is and moving on.* ok, website error. It told me its Mount Blanc. -_-

      Part II – Taking a break isnt a viable option. But granted,

      Part III – Thank you. Jazak Allah

      • Editing both, the post and the comment, shouldn’t have been an issue. By the way, I still don’t have the time to go through your ‘old’ articles. (Post something new!)

        • And I dont have time to post daily and produce great writings like before only to entertain audience. You’re most welcome to skip those. it’s alright

          • That previous comment was intended just to ‘drag you back to blogging’, since I have already been through archives of this blog.

            Writing is obviously a medium to sooth one’s soul, not to entertain others.

            • I know it was intended to push me for writing. Otherwise, why would a stranger say me to blog again n again 🙂

              Writing is indeed a self therapy. I agree. And I need alot of it but to be honest I am quite moody these days. I want to be a free bird.

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