I’ve a News – of a Picture Thief !!!

by Khanum

Allah has His ways of letting me know always who is who. Having said that, I’m truly grateful to Lord for always letting me see things and know where am I being cheated. Its real – Trust me –  I know who you are Mr.

Today Morning , after blogging here on my – Legal – blog ,  just like that, I began to search my own blog images at google. Yes – I do have a weird habit of googling people, places and myself included. (Did I mention I once googled where is my prince charming as well?) Any way. By Allah’s will I landed upon a page and to my shock, they had used one of my pictures from the blog. Happy that am so famous that people now even reblog my photography, I cheerfully clicked on the image. What came more was a thunder shock.  Please see the difference between two images yourself and decide what which lawyer should I hire to sue this website.

This is my originally posted image on the blog post with my name stamp on it.




And now go to the following link to see what they did with my image. >> http://www.fashioncentral.pk/blog/2013/08/10/menu-for-eid-ul-fitr/#.Uj5quoakrQ-

A word to the Chor | Thief: Dear, Do you have no haaya? Did Allah give you no eyes to read House Rules on this blog where I clearly mentioned not to steal – but simply ask for the permission to re-publish? I can see He gave you eyes alright. So Shame on you, Sir/Madame I say shame on You!

This has happened to me before in the past as well. Where a friend or should I say an ex-friend posted a full album of raw images captured by me on a facebook page. When I got to see it, I was truly sad and mad but let it go just for the sake of Allah. And please! It’s not about “no harm came or I wanted credit” thing. It’s simply about Ethics. Photo Journalism Ethics to be particular. And if it’s my work then I believe there’s simply no shame in demanding for my work either to be removed from there or be given credit. Thank you very much.


10 Comments to “I’ve a News – of a Picture Thief !!!”

  1. Frankly speaking, the digital pilferage has become such a common thing that it’s not considered an offence anymore, particularly in our part of the world. Usually, photographers suffer the most, but in my case several reputed media outlets (including our ‘prestigious’ Dawn News) continuously copy my articles and reproduce them without any credits, what-so-ever. I don’t care but at the same time, this shows the level of ethics and principles.

    You’ve brilliantly held the thief, but some people are just born ‘shameless’.
    P.S. Don’t hesitate to email the website master. The image should be removed or posted with due credits.

  2. You can easily protect your content such as Pictures, Videos and even Text with the help of DMCA. I shut down almost 15+ websites yearly for stealing our content. Do not hesitate to contact the webmaster or website owner– they’re assholes. Just launch a case in DMCA against them and report it to their web hosting provider.

  3. this happens with u alot,ppl steal ur quotes,and now photography

  4. I know how you feel! My pictures were stolen by a famous food chain here in the UAE. Have you written to the webmaster regarding your picture?

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