2 quick questions.

by Khanum


Number 1: I want to buy a new camera asap. I have the money. I have the nerve. I have the mind and most importantly mother’s consent. What remains now is the choice and right timings to get the best deals on two of the following. Kindly camera experts out there, or anybody who understands or loves camera , photography and videography – Suggest me Should I go for Canon T3i (600D) or Nikon D5100!? Both fall in the same price range and my budget 55k to 60k PKR. Now another thing, I have three options. Either to get it from UK, US or PAK. Do you have any good deal in sight? Plus, Videography and photography both are my targets here. I don’t want to get Canon only cause they say its great at videography and am hugely into film making. I am but film is what I make once a year to enter competitions. Photography is what I do 12 months. So I want to make a good choice for both.


Number 2: I am thinking alot about moving the blog to blogger or either start a new blog there to get my hands into Adsense thing. Yes, am not kidding. I want to try Google adsense which people brag about alot. The amount of clicks at this blog and its success over the years do make me realise that I could actually earn from blogging. I know the content has to be original. But I have a very stupid and lame question, if you can entertain it pls. Suppose I post on my blogger blog. Can I then post the same material from there to here on wordpress? Will the originality of my blogger account be comprised this way?

What do you think? (ANSWER ME!!)


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  1. OMG you are back!! Wohooo!!
    I have no idea about anything that you have asked so just gonna pray that May God help you in making the decision. Take care :*

  2. I do not have any idea about the cameras and never bought any but i can answer your second question.

    If you want to earn in 4 or 5 figures from adsense you need million of hits on your website/blog. With few hundred or thousand visitors monthly you will hardly earn in 2 figures only. To earn more from adsense and to drive more traffic to your website/blog you need some serious knowledge about CPC, PPC and SEO and some massive keywords research to target the right keywords for which advertisers pay more money.

    If you really want to earn some good money online i can give you some suggestions– you love photography and filmography? That’s great– Why don’t you sell your photos and videos online? Sell your work on online markets like istock and shutterstock. For all my new projects i always buy photos from istock and shutterstock and they sell them hell expensive.

    • Thank you for the suggestion and information but istock and shutterstock are very demanding and have high standards with conditions for pictures submitted. I guess same as adsense.

  3. And yes for the duplicate content on different websites– Get ready for the Google penalty of duplicate content– SPAM.

  4. As per my knowledge (not experience), there isn’t any huge difference between T3i and D5100. Both of them are good machines. So, just toss and go for any of them. I like the name, ‘Cannon’ and may have selected T3i for the same reason.

    About Adsense, Adnan has already answered you in detail, but istock and shutterstock’s standards aren’t very high. They even accept stupid images, at times. The thing is that they ‘sell’ images and hence need photos that are in demand (for commercial use); not all those artistically captured photographs. Selling your photos is sort of a trick.

    • T3i for me I believe , after serious comparison. The canon allows use of third party lenses. Plus It gives you manual control in video I came to know.
      Thankyou for your comment.

  5. For me, it’s more or less like choosing between Sprite and 7UP. They are both practically the same. People tend to be loyal to brand names or with machines that they have experience with. I can only tell you about Nikon — I have one of the earliest DSLR model they have and it’s working great for me. My sister has Canon, and she will tell you it’s better than Nikon (although I have used her camera briefly and can’t really see the difference).

    • Good to see you back, Nadia 🙂 I hope you’re doing well.
      Nikon and canon are a tough comparison but as Raheel said, Canon does sound more good as a word. 🙂 Although I agree Nikon is equally famous as a brand.

  6. First of all, shaadi mubarak! Umair Asim, the astronomer from Lahore, is a good friend of mine.

    For general usage, I’d go with either the Canon or Nikon, although I’d need to get acquainted with the Nikon first. For night-time astronomical imaging, let’s have the photos speak for themselves! Here is the King of the Planets shot by me with a 600D in HD video crop mode through Sahal Telescope & Binoculars’ 6″ f/8 Sky-Watcher dobsonian on Wednesday night, 30th Oct 2013: on.fb.me/1aJmf0T

    And here’s Jupiter again, this time with a D5100 through the same 6″ telescope, shot by my friend Ramiz Qureshi: http://on.fb.me/17xRnns

    • First of all, Its not me who got married. Thanks for the wishes anyhow.
      And welcome to my blog. I’m a fan of Mr Umair Asim’s work and telescope myself, mainly cause I have huge interest in astronomy. Its nice of u to share your feedback on cameras. The first link is broken, kindly give that again so I can review better 🙂 The first thing am gona shot with my new dslr would be moon definitely.

      • Oh, sorry 🙂 But I was otherwise genuinely pleased to learn about your interest in astronomy. Have been into astronomy as an avocation since 1997 myself. I teach astronomy at the Alliance française de Karachi, write for Dawn and other media, do outreach sessions at educational institutions and the general public with fellow buffs from KaAS and LAST. Some reading that might interest you:

        Here are two shots of Jupiter taken from Karachi with Sahal Telescopes’ 6″ f/8 Sky-Watcher dobsonian and the EOS 600D: http://on.fb.me/1aJmf0T and http://on.fb.me/1cI7TiJ
        And here’s a shot of the Moon with the same setup: http://on.fb.me/18TlCPE

        I hope the links work now 😀

        • Impressive masha Allah. I respect people who have love for education and science. Especially astronomy. But some along the way loose faith after getting into astronomical wonders. I hope u maintain both well. 🙂

          I have also some work published in Nation newspaper over astronomy and PIA planetrium.

          Thanks for the links. Great images. Both are with canon I reckon? They were clear enough. Nikon comes with sharper lenses but canon has some physical features in t3i that are advantages for videography over nikon 3200 for me. Still deciding though. Canon 600d is 18megapixel only. Alas!
          anyhow, am happy you deal in telescopes. Advise me. Which one is most affordable + awesome for a beginner?

          • Thank you. Been into this avocation since 1997, so even if I take a hiatus, I think I can be excused 🙂 Although that’s not in the plans Alhumdulillah.

            Good to know about your publications. Talking about the planetarium, today the first privately owned domed astronomical observatory in Pakistan is being inaugurated in Gulistan-e-Johar, near Safoora Chowangi, In-sha Allah. All astronomy buffs who wish to attend are welcome. Can’t access FB here so cannot post the exact links but you can check out the details at facebook.com/SahalTelescopes
            Also, unable to login to WP from here.

            Yes, both shots were with a Canon 600D and Sahal’s 6″ f/8 SkyWatcher dobsonian telescope.

            To guide you about what telescope would best suit your needs as a beginner, we need to consider where you’d observe from. Will you be carrying your telescope up and down several flights of stairs? And you are in Karachi, right? At the moment Sahal’s 6″ f/8 SkyWatcher dobsonian telescope seems the best option for you, but I’d elaborate this further once you answer the above.

            If you are considering buying a light weight setup, possibly a GoTo, from abroad, there are several issues:

            1) Most portable telescopes that you can have someone bring from abroad have focal lengths less than 700mm. Even Jupiter would be pretty small in that. This is the unpleasant surprise excited newbies get when they painstakingly get someone to bring a lightweight telescope for them from the US or elsewhere.
            2) An exception by a wide margin are the Sky-Watcher 102mm and 127mm Maksutov-Cassegrains (MCT) coupled with good, sturdy mounts like the Vixen Porta or Sky-Watcher AZ3 or AZ4. Or any similar MCT or SCT. But these are comparatively expensive. If you can conveniently get them, we’d surely recommend them. Drop us a line and we’ll suggest good models.
            3) Try not to go for GoTo; getting one is another classic newbie mistake. GoTo may not be the “plug and play” kind of gadget that most advertisement would have us believe. Yes, Celestron’s SkyAlign GoTo and the Sky-Watcher SynScan GoTo are very simple and easy to use in themselves, but
            a) you still have to be able to identify some stars to properly set it up.
            b) you’ll need to invest in a powertank or battery pack, unless you can use the mains through an adapter. Cells are not a good idea as they are drained up rapidly with GoTos.
            c) if you bump into your GoTo scope after you have aligned it, you’ll have to align it again. Not a very enjoyable experience, we tell you.
            d) students and young professionals usually end up doing spur of the moment observing because of their schedules. Do not overlook that you have to spend some time tearing down your scope and storing it up at the end of a session. If your telescope takes more than 5 to 7 minutes to set up and observe with, the scope’s usage will steadily decline after a year or so. Then it will be lying in a corner or closet gathering dust, and add to your guilt for not using it.
            e) the mount of many lightweight, budget GoTos are not super sturdy and would shake if there is some wind where you observe from.

            Hope this helps. Feel free to ask if you have questions.

  7. Assalamu alaikum sister,
    Saw your question regarding Adsense.
    My question is, why do you want to move to Blogger for starting adsense, when you can try the same in this website itself?
    My advise is is definitely you should give a try on Adsense. If you are having a decent amount of daily visitors, then it is worth it.
    I do earn for daily starbucks coffe with adsense 😉
    Any query on this do get back to me.

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