Your reply.

by Khanum

Do you ever feel like staying up at night, not falling asleep cause you’re afraid if you do fall asleep, you’ll never wake up again ?!  .. Are you afraid of the unseen world in grave ..

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3 Comments to “Your reply.”

  1. yes and yes…ah….life and death. so much to think about. SubhanAllah.

    hope you are doing fine, Khanum.

    • Thankyou for your kind comment , dear Eva. : )
      I’m suffering from typhoid, since many days and just yesterday it was diagnosed. so recovery is bit delayed. Remember in duas tho. bless you.

  2. Yes so many times:/
    May Allah ji save us from the torment of grave and fill it with noor and cool breeze of Jannat ul Firdous.Most of all may He make us deserving of those privileges. Aaameeen 🙂

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