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November 29, 2013

Today’s Menu: Fluffy Eggs and Doctor Who!

by Khanum

2013-11-29 06.49.53

Assalamo alaikum! Hiya and welcome to The world of Eggs lord. This is a dimension where a Time lord has landed with his TARDIS. The implication of today’s episode is “A very suspicious egg lord”.

Synopsis: When an egg from far future began to spread terrorism in Khanum’s  imaginary kitchen, The only possible solution was to send a distress call to Doctor Who and his TARDIS. – .

Here is the Egg lord pointing his gun at me  .. 😮

2013-11-29 06.54.45

..And then He pointed his gun at Doctor who – who came to rescue me along with Rory and Amy.

2013-11-29 06.54.51

Now Before you realise this is beginning to sound very ridiculous just like many of the Doctor Who’s episodes,  I’ll get straight to the point in reality.

I have cooked eggs today in breakfast after being inspired by Nadia’s Terroristic post. Click here to read that.

What things do you need to make fluffy eggs? Ingredients :-

1- Your precious Time.

2- Stamina to stand in the kitchen.

3- Stomach to digest an egg in the first place.

4- Handkerchief and lots of tissues – in case you’re badly sneezing.

5- And a working camera or cell to photograph it later. Otherwise just don’t bother get up at 4 am in the morning.

What things you usually use to make fluffy eggs? 

1- Eggs. Duh!

2- Milk. Bah!

3-Salt and black pepper

4- Butter.

Recipe: How I made it. 

Now this is my favorite part where I get to tell how I actually made it. You see my first attempt was to simply steal pizza or any bakery stuff from the fridge. That I often do when eggs are on strike in my kitchen and Imma hungry. But dang it! I got lucky. There appeared 5 magical eggs on our dining table. I seized the moment, quietly and with quite a hard control on my heart, I put back the stolen slice of pizza (which was in my sweater pocket already – in case mum woke up) and grabbed an egg.

I’ve got clean sweater pockets so don’t you dare judge me! Moving On.

I started beating 1 egg and did it for like long long long long , 3 seconds only. I used one egg instead the traditional 2 because come on , Its barbaric to murder two chicks right in the morning just cause you are up for the breakfast after centuries.

I added 2-3 tablespoons of Milk in it which really really makes an egg get fluffiness and volume and seasoned it with salt and black pepper. And you know what! It turned out classic. Anything I seem to make these days with just salt and pepper ends up tasting wow! No kidding. I think red chilli really dominates the whole ingredients sometimes.

So when I was done with the egg mixture, I literally threw butter in the pan to dance. Poured in my eggs and cooked it on low heat poking constantly in the egg until it was set. Like they do in the TV when making The Perfect French Omelette 

Voila! Gorgeous tasty fluffy egg with a toasted slice and a cup of tea. Bang bang!

I Enjoyed it while watching Doctor Who’s Pirates episode from season 6.

2013-11-29 06.52.44


And The point is : Bon appetit !

November 16, 2013

Outdoor Cafes in Lahore & Around the World

by Khanum


Outdoor cafes are fun. 

Cultures of  various famous cities and the specific feeling attached to their environment is what attracts tourists towards them from around the world. Whether its Venice , the city made on Island or Paris, The city of Love. These are just two names I gave you. Of course there are plenty of different places you visited or plan to visit , or just dream about due to their specific nature. 

Let me tell you what I’m interested in when am thinking of a journey. Street food. And Outdoor Things. Yup!I dig for streets. Architectural beauties, Buildings and monuments are also of course significant for any fantastic place but let’s just say, cleaner streets and the vibrant walls of the city is what makes me go mad with awe. Definitely because that’s what I usually don’t get to see in here. That’s right. I meant Lahore. It’s about Charming, artistic and attractive Environment! It shouldn’t be like you have to eat in 5 stars always to value and praise the city and actually like its food and living quality. All the charm a city has to offer to tourists and its own citizens even, must be out there in the streets. Right there! Not in PC’s Bukhara or Avari’s  Buffet.

We have a phrase that goes like, “Jinney lahore ni wekhya O jamya e Ni” Loosely translated as If you haven’t seen Lahore, son! You haven’t even been born yet. We have a food street that’s dedicated to food and even though its a great thing but I never felt comfortable there. In fact I have some issues. Some things are super expensive there because that’s the only food street in Lahore. Secondly, It gets congested at times. Well more like all the time. Thirdly, Women usually get teased there. I mean, its more like a family oriented place. Its not a place where you can hangout with friends or hangout with even your brother. Plus The business there is opened at nights only I guess. No morning dining or fun. There are also come cafes I believe which are great to look at but way too expensive and confined to only areas like M.M Alam road, DHA and Gulberg etc. Moreover, they are hardly outdoor ones.




What I’m saying is, Why such beautiful food active street  is confined to one big area. Why can’t we have outdoor cafes and restaurants all over the city? They might not work in Summers but hey, they can be fantastic during winters season! So….!

Dear people who plan all these city things,

Please upgrade the city to a fine food friendly and outdoor dinning one. If the government is buying Turkish dramas, regardless if they promote Asian Turkish Muslim side or European Turkish Muslim living styles, please pay attention to what’s really healthy for us Pakistanis and can be adopted as a cool living pattern. I mean, Outdoor cafes for instance. It would make people indulge in nice recreational activities, help them develop a taste for a “zauq dar” life, Enjoy food and who knows it may also develop a sense of cleanliness in them. I mean if they like it, they would at least stop throwing garbage on the streets and keep it clean.I have visited Istanbul and they have the coolest outdoor cafes which are not only economical but also make the streets , the bazaars, the entire city look so beautiful.


Look at that! Such a tiny congested outdoor sitting setup but hey! Look how beautifully they are making use of the tiny space and giving you an opportunity to enjoy food in open air.


Simply beautiful. Good place for any newly weds or even an old couple to enjoy an affordable romantic meal. (Why should only 5 star places provide romantic space?)


Okay! Now that may not look like a romantic space but it’s at least still reasonable and pretty.


And this one’s a beautiful place. You can look at the Eiffel tower standing tall at the left side. I wonder how lucky those people are who sat right there on those white chairs and enjoyed a beautiful evening, right beside a world famous Tower. Ahhhhh!


Vibrant ! Mesmerizing ! Pretty !

Note: I donut own the pictures presented in this post.

November 15, 2013

The Problem with the world is “Me”

by Khanum

I don’t know where to begin where to end. After long moments of Joy — comes silence. Then hits Remorse. Grief. And finally nothingness before a new beginning. It’s still the same. The cycle is same for me. I feel my heart sinking.

This morning I woke up with a frenzy. A madness to visit Paris. Am all excited for the trip but then I don’t know, Like it’s God’s way of balancing the things by creating chemical imbalances in our emotions. My excitement is squeezed down to shame all cause I saw one picture — this picture of a small boy getting beatings from the cruel men. And I am left sulking in my corner – by the lamp shadows — feeling guilty for the crimes of others. Can we enjoy ourselves, go our ways and spend money on extravagant trips when there’s so much more productive work we can do, help we can offer to those deprived? I know the world has its order , poor — rich! All created by God in design but I don’t know. I’m feeling guilty for the crimes of others. As if I’ll be judged and questioned, where and why was I partying when the other half of the world was dying.


November 13, 2013

The City of Love.

by Khanum



Sometimes I think about Paris … and wonder why do people think about it at all.

November 11, 2013

Science Alert – Wolverine.

by Khanum

There are so many HOT burning news from everywhere that I can’t decide which one should I give priority.

1-Dawn Newspaper is no longer a quality newspaper. Yes that’s right. It died the morning its editor labelled Hakeemullah Mehsud as PTI’s Leader. What a joke I must say.

2- Iran-US relations getting heavily seductive day by day. No kidding. Saudia and Israel is pissed off at their budding romance.

3- Becoming a wolverine is POSSIBLE!

Wanna Talk that? YES! Politics cant compare to SCIENCE!



Err! Now you must be wondering, I named Wolverine. But the picture above says MICE. Well. Hang on! Let me go back to the basics of science which I recently learned before explaining how stuff works!

If you cut your finger. Or arm. That tissue damage is done forever. You cant grow your finger or arm back. But if you know wolverine, his tissue muscles mechanism is boom boom! He heals up just in seconds. Not only his wounds gets okay but his arms grow back. What the baboon is that? Just a Hollywood movie? Nay! That’s a science dream!

You see, Human tissue repair is a delicate subject and much debated on in recent science researches. Scientists are going baboons and baboons as to figure out a way – which can prove them as gods – to find a way for Tissue repair. A gene that can heal the damaged body within minutes or hours. Cut your arm? Whish whoosh! and there you go! New arm appears just like that! This sounds advance. Well let me admit. At first it sounds Insane. But if you have got a scientific mind, you become obsessed and mesmerized by wonders of science and then it no longer sounds insane to you. It sounds ADVANCED CELL/TISSUE REPAIR SYSTEM through awesome genes! A totally new dynamics even in neuroscience!

Now getting back to the picture above. The gene, Lin28a, is being dubbed the “Wolverine” or “Fountain of Youth” gene. It’s usually only produced in developing embryos, but when switched on in adult mice it causes them to grow hair faster and repair bone, cartilage, skin and other soft tissues almost completely. Lin28a works by boosting metabolism in mitochondria, a discovery that could lead to regenerative treatments in humans.

Do you think science would eventually come to a point where its possible to grow out a new finger or hand?

November 5, 2013

Hobby that makes me shoot it!

by Khanum


Lots of finger fish and hot sauce over it! Delicious.

Food photography is really calling me back to its charms. I love it. I enjoy it. I simply get 100% creative while am around food. Or when the food is around me — it really doesn’t matter who goes to whom , we both love each other very much!

Those of you who were probably waiting for my next post on “wedding” anxiously, am really laughing out loud on your hilarious expectations . when did I ever say  that “I GOT MARRIED” !?

You assumed it and I played along.  L-O-L . My Last post was simply about a wedding I attended with family and friends. It was beautiful.

Now coming back to food again. I’ve been lil unwell lately, which makes me crave certain items of food day and night. After eating alot of wedding food I ended up having a chest infection. Unfortunately now all am stuck up with is bread and tea. But what would you think about first if I tell you “DO NOT THINK OF FINGER FISH” ?


You would simply think of a FISH! And not just one innocent fish but many with fried crispy layer and yum yum hot sauce spread all over it. Uff! Exactly my point. fish just pops up in my mind. Which leads me to think about all the beautiful shots and angles a fish can be photographed. Then that imagination jumps to more wild imaginations and I end up googling Food photography and my blog’s contribution to it. 😦

Photography is my talent.  Food photography on the other hand is a personal choice – Hobby – passion and heart’s delight. I cook when I’m happy or sad and then shoot it to get more happy and sad. Am I making any sense? No. Anyway.  Today I’m forbidden to do both so I have decided to stay low and not post much until I can eat unhealthy oily food again.

Just between you and me – Do you have any hobby that makes you shoot it?

Note: I do not own the pictures presented in this post.