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November 5, 2013

Hobby that makes me shoot it!

by Khanum


Lots of finger fish and hot sauce over it! Delicious.

Food photography is really calling me back to its charms. I love it. I enjoy it. I simply get 100% creative while am around food. Or when the food is around me — it really doesn’t matter who goes to whom , we both love each other very much!

Those of you who were probably waiting for my next post on “wedding” anxiously, am really laughing out loud on your hilarious expectations . when did I ever say  that “I GOT MARRIED” !?

You assumed it and I played along.  L-O-L . My Last post was simply about a wedding I attended with family and friends. It was beautiful.

Now coming back to food again. I’ve been lil unwell lately, which makes me crave certain items of food day and night. After eating alot of wedding food I ended up having a chest infection. Unfortunately now all am stuck up with is bread and tea. But what would you think about first if I tell you “DO NOT THINK OF FINGER FISH” ?


You would simply think of a FISH! And not just one innocent fish but many with fried crispy layer and yum yum hot sauce spread all over it. Uff! Exactly my point. fish just pops up in my mind. Which leads me to think about all the beautiful shots and angles a fish can be photographed. Then that imagination jumps to more wild imaginations and I end up googling Food photography and my blog’s contribution to it. 😦

Photography is my talent.  Food photography on the other hand is a personal choice – Hobby – passion and heart’s delight. I cook when I’m happy or sad and then shoot it to get more happy and sad. Am I making any sense? No. Anyway.  Today I’m forbidden to do both so I have decided to stay low and not post much until I can eat unhealthy oily food again.

Just between you and me – Do you have any hobby that makes you shoot it?

Note: I do not own the pictures presented in this post.