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January 27, 2014

Shade7’s Pop-Up Quranic Story telling book

by Khanum

A few days back, I got followed and mentioned at twitter by @shade7_out of the blue. It was via Productive Muslim that they came across me. I was pleased and humbled , said many thanks,  and moved on.

Few days went by and just like that I went back to see what shade 7 is actually about. What I saw was not only interesting but MIND BLOWING WORK. I wanted to read more about who actually is the mastermind behind this beauty but you know Khanum’s adventures here and there. I just got busy into another thing and had to leave it for some other time.

But, something unexpected happened . I came across one amazing young lady in the evening, who worked right under the nose of shade 7 and sent me their book’s press release.

I couldn’t believe. No. I couldn’t believe she was the one I had been talking to all this while.

Shade 7 was a girl. And it made perfect sense now, why my article about single muslimah’s was appreciated by the person behind that desk.

Hajera Memon, A young Muslim female entrepreneur, who quit a high flying legal career in the City for the world of Islamic children’s books,  in order to publish her first title just a year after putting pen to paper was the amazing girl talking to me from day 1.  She is 29, from Dollis Hill in London, began developing the book – a pop-up version of the famous Story of The Elephant – in her bedroom, in December 2012, after setting up her own publishing company, Shade 7. She is now working with designers, translators, business mentors and a specialist publisher as the final delivery date edges closer.

I immediately asked her to send me some of the material that I could use to blog about this excellent project.


10177456_385820441558061_7984285423507415058_n  1525293_371873596286079_352276060_n

I recommend you all check out this awesome project and pre-order it for your kids or any child you love, to gift it to. Here’s the link. 

Shade7  also ships internationally as well  and really want the ummah to get behind them and be part of what they pray will be a legacy of on-going beneficial knowledge and very much putting knowledge into action and spending  short time in this dunya doing the best to please Him and learn more.

Coming up next : I attended and also volunteered at a Fundraiser for Syrian civil war victims last week. It appears, It has extended it call for funds to a month. So I wanted to do a back to back posts for both these two Fundraising projects but I guess, I should give a day gap. Till then, visit Shade 7. 🙂

January 5, 2014

My Friend’s Wedding at Cathedral Church of Resurrection, Lahore

by Khanum


December 28th, 2013 was a different day for me. At 11:am in the morning, my mother woke me up with a great good lecture.  I was  late for the church to attend my friend’s Marriage ceremony, so naturally I ran to washroom with the bullet speed.

And got out the same moment. With the bullet speed of course. There was no hot water to take bath with. Masha Allah!

Freezing, yelling, I managed to get fresh, put on my white dress, do quick make up and jump into heels which I literally hate wearing but have to for the sake of “Getting dressed well”.

The day was here. The big day When I was to witness a Christian wedding in a Church I had never seen before from the inside. Having no decent camera to shoot with, I counted big time on my cell.

The loyal battery died right on the spot.

My Muslim friend picked me up from my home around 1:30.  Heck! We were late. Reached Church at 2:am. Heck again! The bride was late. Ceremony started around 3:30. Heck LOL! Father of the Church was also late.

Dear Ladies & Gentlemen! That’s how Pakistanis wedding start  — regardless of their different religious affiliations.

  DSCN9907  DSCN9936

Everything was really new. And some moments were funny as hell. When father asked the Groom to show consent for the marriage whether he accepts the bride or not, The Groom bhai was totally confused and in that innocent confusion he babbled, “Kia kehna hai?” 😮

The bride couldn’t control her laughter at this point, neither could we all. They were after all, cousins. Not strangers.


These are the photos from the wedding, That I hope you all enjoy. I can’t upload all the pictures as they are private but these few glimpses are sure going to make you smile 🙂 I tried to capture the architectural marvels of the Church for you guys but it was bit hard with the camera that I had in hand. But You would be able to see the glass paint work in one of the pictures where they have painted Jesus a.s as per their imagination on a cross. 


DSCN9851  DSCN9858

“You can kiss the bride now” , didn’t happen. On the bright side, I did end up catching the flower bouquet of the bride though, which you often see in Movies how the bride throws off her bouquet at the girls  to catch of course. Heck. I was more worried about getting injured instead.

It was Hilarious! Everyone shouted for me to catch it. For my mother it was more like a matter of life and death. “YOU HAVE TO CATCH IT, PERVISHA! You HAVE to!” … ah yes mom.



It was a beautiful day. Both looked great. I saw my shy friend getting married and even though only me and my other friend along with our moms were the only Muslims present there, There wasn’t any awkwardness in the environment. I realized, marriage no matter where it happens, is a touching ceremony in one’s life.

There was laughter, joy, love and anticipation for lunch.

Now I wanna attend the weddings of Jews, Parsi and Hindus. I want to see how things are done in their culture. Its a very informative experience.  Trust me.

January 3, 2014

Green Tea Analogy.

by Khanum

greenteaI’ve a habit of reading newspaper in the kitchen either in the early morning or the evening. There, sitting by the fire alone with a cup of tea it all becomes bearable to go through all the cruel events in the paper and life in general. But today, before I could enter it first, I found my mother busy making green tea there already. The Kashmiri Sabz chai you know.

I couldn’t help but stare.

Her each step towards its making was so captivating that soon I found myself drawn towards the process rather than the editorial. I noticed her getting tired at the continuous whisking and whipping the hot tea while slowly adding in the cold water to complete the procedure.

Why don’t you rest your hand,  take a break now? I suggested.

I can’t. She mean’t it.

That green-tea. I have to keep working at it at a constant rate for fruitful result otherwise! One moment of ghafalah and there goes my tea..


A voice inside my head that teaches us time to time , then began to work out a lesson.

How beautifully Allah has scattered the analogies for us to learn, in life, about life. I wondered.To learn and get back up on feet. To observe and get back to the origins, the very core of the life problems, and fix it through same daily life empirical thinking.

I saw the pink foam, welling up in the pot as my mother whisked the tea with persistent sincerity. The more you whisk it they say, the more it gets refined and this beautiful pink shade begins to appear in the foam– a sign of perfect taste.

It was working. An outcome of her constant & sincere striving.

She smiled. I smiled back at her. The newspaper that I had been reading earlier, now lay folded in my lap. I began to stare back at it.

Life is like that, Mum. I spoke my mind after several long moments.She nodded. Life is exactly like that.

Photograph taken from flickr.