Green Tea Analogy.

by Khanum

greenteaI’ve a habit of reading newspaper in the kitchen either in the early morning or the evening. There, sitting by the fire alone with a cup of tea it all becomes bearable to go through all the cruel events in the paper and life in general. But today, before I could enter it first, I found my mother busy making green tea there already. The Kashmiri Sabz chai you know.

I couldn’t help but stare.

Her each step towards its making was so captivating that soon I found myself drawn towards the process rather than the editorial. I noticed her getting tired at the continuous whisking and whipping the hot tea while slowly adding in the cold water to complete the procedure.

Why don’t you rest your hand,  take a break now? I suggested.

I can’t. She mean’t it.

That green-tea. I have to keep working at it at a constant rate for fruitful result otherwise! One moment of ghafalah and there goes my tea..


A voice inside my head that teaches us time to time , then began to work out a lesson.

How beautifully Allah has scattered the analogies for us to learn, in life, about life. I wondered.To learn and get back up on feet. To observe and get back to the origins, the very core of the life problems, and fix it through same daily life empirical thinking.

I saw the pink foam, welling up in the pot as my mother whisked the tea with persistent sincerity. The more you whisk it they say, the more it gets refined and this beautiful pink shade begins to appear in the foam– a sign of perfect taste.

It was working. An outcome of her constant & sincere striving.

She smiled. I smiled back at her. The newspaper that I had been reading earlier, now lay folded in my lap. I began to stare back at it.

Life is like that, Mum. I spoke my mind after several long moments.She nodded. Life is exactly like that.

Photograph taken from flickr.


8 Comments to “Green Tea Analogy.”

    • I am suffering from the worst writer’s block these days on something that I want to write..frustrating! but watching my mum putting so much effort in it made me realize that I also shouldn’t give up on writing and keep on trying.

      Thank you for reading. 🙂

  1. What a lovely post. I thoroughly enjoyed reading it!
    Just reading about your mother whisking green tea made me curious and desirous for green tea.

    I drank straight green tea before, never had it whisked.

    • Thank you and welcome to Khanumsays 🙂 It’s a special version of green tea, known as Kashmiri Chai. We add milk in it ,almonds and pistachios.

  2. Yes, the life is indeed ‘exactly’ like that … and also, with experience, there comes a moment in life when ‘continuous whisking and whipping’ is no more a laborious job. It becomes something you manage with ease and perfection.
    The difficult part is to absorb the discomforts of learning stage. If successful, you will eventually be enjoying the “perfect taste”.

  3. Salam,

    What a beautiful & thoughtful analogy. By the way I’m a big fan of that chai–I’m craving it now! Thanks for sharing!


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