Shade7’s Pop-Up Quranic Story telling book

by Khanum

A few days back, I got followed and mentioned at twitter by @shade7_out of the blue. It was via Productive Muslim that they came across me. I was pleased and humbled , said many thanks,  and moved on.

Few days went by and just like that I went back to see what shade 7 is actually about. What I saw was not only interesting but MIND BLOWING WORK. I wanted to read more about who actually is the mastermind behind this beauty but you know Khanum’s adventures here and there. I just got busy into another thing and had to leave it for some other time.

But, something unexpected happened . I came across one amazing young lady in the evening, who worked right under the nose of shade 7 and sent me their book’s press release.

I couldn’t believe. No. I couldn’t believe she was the one I had been talking to all this while.

Shade 7 was a girl. And it made perfect sense now, why my article about single muslimah’s was appreciated by the person behind that desk.

Hajera Memon, A young Muslim female entrepreneur, who quit a high flying legal career in the City for the world of Islamic children’s books,  in order to publish her first title just a year after putting pen to paper was the amazing girl talking to me from day 1.  She is 29, from Dollis Hill in London, began developing the book – a pop-up version of the famous Story of The Elephant – in her bedroom, in December 2012, after setting up her own publishing company, Shade 7. She is now working with designers, translators, business mentors and a specialist publisher as the final delivery date edges closer.

I immediately asked her to send me some of the material that I could use to blog about this excellent project.


10177456_385820441558061_7984285423507415058_n  1525293_371873596286079_352276060_n

I recommend you all check out this awesome project and pre-order it for your kids or any child you love, to gift it to. Here’s the link. 

Shade7  also ships internationally as well  and really want the ummah to get behind them and be part of what they pray will be a legacy of on-going beneficial knowledge and very much putting knowledge into action and spending  short time in this dunya doing the best to please Him and learn more.

Coming up next : I attended and also volunteered at a Fundraiser for Syrian civil war victims last week. It appears, It has extended it call for funds to a month. So I wanted to do a back to back posts for both these two Fundraising projects but I guess, I should give a day gap. Till then, visit Shade 7. 🙂

6 Responses to “Shade7’s Pop-Up Quranic Story telling book”

  1. Love how we’re having lots of Islamic books geared towards children! The illustrations on this book are beautiful and the colors so vibrant.

    • yes, the work truly is an inspiration and a very sweet way to teach your child quranic stories. I loved it too!:) Reminded me of Mezba,as well. May Allah bless these people Ameen.


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