Eiffel Tower and me

by Khanum

Minus the tensions, It’s a lovely day. Rain is pouring down. I’m loving the weather. And I have grown fond of drawing.  I love. Love. Love drawing things now to ruin the perfect architectures with my  tilting lines. Here’s my first ever sketch of Eiffel Tower. And I am kinda proud of it you know–given the case history of horrible sketching of mine.

images (1)

 Please ignore the top antenna thing which is absent. I ran out of paper space for that. Enjoy the rest of the structure. It was pretty technical but easy to draw. The hardest part was to sketch straight lines here.  Pray I get better at it.

However, the really great progress has been on my hand writing. It has got slightly better or should I say , “READ-ABLE!”



And I had to use picture monkey to draw some digital hearts and fireworks with this.

Typically, Paris-ish.

4 Comments to “Eiffel Tower and me”

  1. Heyie Visha this is really good. 😀 I am serious. It doesnt look like you were ever bad at drawing at all. 🙂 I guess you’re faarigh these days, so regular blogging perhaps? 🙂
    Haaye weather’s here also good but zaalim dunya..I have to study 😛

    • Yes, my dear reader, I am waili for some time. And I am trying my best to stay productive in my free time. But I’m terribly failing at it. Lazy jo hun 🙂

  2. Nice sketch and Loved the post.Its your one of Good writing and drawing

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