Organic Gardening, Future Plans & Me

by Khanum

Today morning, was extra ordinary. I swear!

Background Story

For the second time in life, I finally found my peace, my happiness after loosing hold of it somewhere in the middle of living. The first time I had contentment and such peace was when I was 19. Life was not only beautifully productive at that time, but also very meaningful. I had a sweet routine. Time was flying but so was I.  I had time for University from morning till noon. Then from zuhr till Asr , I had a routine for reading Quran, exploring its stories, wonders and mysteries. Then from Aser till Esha I had plenty of time for tutoring my neighbour for her 2nd year exams. And then  before I would hit the bed, I had time for my own University assignments. I was genuinely productive and happy.

But shit happens, Right! It happened in my life too. I lost my sight my vision. Everything changed after I came back from my trip to Turkey and jumped into Mphil. I don’t know when and how it all became about EARNING and REACHING THE TOP that I stopped noticing the beauty of other things in life. I never had time for my own mother and family.

But no more. No more job hunting. No more pursuit of degrees. No more, the mad chase of bling bling. I have decided to say goodbye to everything else for sometime and focus only and only on my family, my home, my face (yes I am serious) & my life with Allah Almighty.

So this is what I did today. I did gardening with my aunt.


Today’s Story

Last night me and my aunty decided that it’s time for me to step in and grow some vegetables in our organic garden if I want to have my own business in organic farming some day. We already have salad, coriander, lemons, mint and some other things grown at home but not potatoes or spinach. So we did some calculations and it was concluded that we need to expand the home garden, have some beds arranged for vegetables and practice crop rotation.

Oh boy! I was thrilled. And this morning, I began my gardening training by planting some pretty flowers.

2014-03-10 10.27.55

This entire bench shown above was set by me. Not only this, I also moved some grown up plants from small beds to larger ones. The moving and shifting is not that easy, but it was fun to dig and then plant. Now the debate at home is about “The Bench“.  I wish to paint this bench pure white. While my mother is of the opinion that I should leave this bench alone. No messing with its natural beauty. What do you think, should this bench be painted white?

Now Moving on to the Salad, mint and other green things.


These are our two mint beds.

A corner dedicated to Salad leaves.


And! The Famous Clover Leaf


Pansy Flower or as we call it, (The doggy faced phool) we have loads of these along with some other flowers with very difficult names.


And there are some strange old ducks and toys too. Doing of my mother. While aunty focuses on plants and I do the photography, my mother makes her way into the gardening by decorating it with toys. Strange but sweet! Here are few of the things she has as decorations.

Beautiful ducks. Pigeons. A pair of British Laila Majnu and Pigeons. And .. Another duck made of plastic.


I intend to have a bird bath fountain for the garden. But let’s see when I can manage to buy it. Anyways,

That’s it for today. In 2 days, as soon as the baskets we ordered for salad bed arrive, I will be having lessons on how to grow veggies. The first thing I am going to do then is snap it for my dearest baby blog.

Assalamo alaikum!

7 Comments to “Organic Gardening, Future Plans & Me”

  1. Your Gardens lovelyyyy. mashaAllah. I wish to make one at my place as well but well life happens 😦
    Haha kuttay phool, I remember then from one of your previous posts. Few days back Ammi was mentioning about some flowers and she told me theres a kind flower called “besharam phool” LOL! I donno if you guys have t there, prolly you guys call it something else. 🙂
    Good to see you back in action 😀

    • 🙂 I would love to see that besharam phool.
      Thank you for reading, Miss Maqsood and I am waiting for you upload your kitchen adventure, too, someday. 🙂

      • I’ll try to get hold of it, its become one of the rare species now it seems.
        Please sharminda na karein I dont even know the K of Kitchen and you talk about Kitchen adventures. *shudders*

  2. I’m quite obsessed with whites these days so I will definitely support you in saying that yes, you can paint that bench white 😀

    That garden is very impressive, mashaAllah!

  3. N1C3 JOB …. Beautiful garden , Variety of vegies , thats cool , who gaves the idea for toys ? its really cool . I’ll come and buy my fruits and vegies from you next year ( Remember : QUALITY > QUANTITY ) 😀 …. And i guess If u paint it white It will be hard to keep it clean and on my opinion it’s own color looks better But I’m sure you’ve bought the color already 😀

    • Thank you for reading this post and welcome to the blog, Mr Wolverine.
      You can sure buy fruits and vegetables from my garden when I open it for business. 🙂 It sounds quite interesting and pleasing to sell vegetables, I don’t know why. It’s simple but cool.

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