Photowalk at Harappa & Those who Prayed there

by Khanum

Have you seen life after death? I saw it yesterday, at Harappa.

On a morning that promised a hectic day ahead, I embarked on a journey organized by prestigious Photo Mazdoor to the ruins of centuries old Indus Civilisation.  My cousin brother also joined me on this photowalk but unfortunately due a death incident in his family, he had to get off at Sahiwal and hurry towards his home.

I carried on.

I like travelling, to a certain point. I love exploring new places to a greater extent, but what I dislike about my exploring routine, sometimes, is when I miss my salat during my travels. There’s always an option to find the spot somehow and pray, if not possible then do Qaza prayers when you get back at home, of course, but still– the Muslim inside feels burdened when prayers that are supposed to be prayed on time just slip out of hands. And yesterday, I felt this burden again when I saw a group of people offering their prayers at Harappa.

Here’s a little Interesting recap.

Harappa is one challenging place to photograph. Being a photographer, I say this because everything around there is lifeless. That’s right. That’s the status of life there.

Utterly barren, devoid of warmth and full of history lessons that are perhaps not meant to capture but to merely acknowledge. The place I feel, is more designed by Allah Almighty to take heed from in this century. Yet photo mazdoors did a great job at digging up graves. I mean, we all literally did best at photography there by photographing the impossible place ever. Some people found pretty birds there to capture. A beautiful shot , I must say, taken by a photo mazdoor.


Photo Mazdoors made a quite a noise there by arranging BBQ in the middle of ruins! No joke. 

Everywhere I looked, everywhere we all looked, there were just white-brown sands. Graves, Bushes and colorless trees as if they were mourning the times gone by and excavations marks that told how modern men were determined to excavate the remains. I , for one, believe in photographing the details and objects that go unnoticed and voices that go unheard. For this I became almost obsessed with the bruised dirty feet of this small beggar boy sitting near the graveyard. His feet told all his history. 

But then came a surprise for me and my friend, Ayesha. We noticed something extra ordinary there. I wish I had captured that beautiful evidence of extra ordinary life. Subhan Allah! There stood a beautiful tree at the side of a small place dedicated to Masjid for prayers. Every tree around it was dull, too dark in color or either not so pretty to look at or even notice. But this tree was — this one particular gorgeous tree was so Fresh and so Green that my friend and I kept looking at it for quite some time.

Then after lunch when we were packing up to leave the lifeless place behind, I noticed a guy from the group standing at that place and offering his salat. Subhan Allah! Then there went another. One, two , perhaps more than 3 men I noticed, prayed their salat at there, one after another. I admire them for this act of piety. How I wished I could also join them, stand behind and offer my prayer before it gets too late but I don’t know why, I didn’t dare go there. I am always shy to offer my prayers at a public place, in an open area. It’s something that always makes me miss my prayers on travels. Sometimes there’s no water for Wudhu, at other times I am too shy to get up and do it. It’s my error, I fully acknowledge this. But watching those few good men, glorifying Allah’s Name at that barren place, despite the hurdles in way, filled my heart with a strange hope, happiness & confidence for prayers in future travels.

The whole world is a Masjid for the believers where we can worship Allah Almighty. No one has an excuse to miss prayers for this reason.

I will , in shaa Allah, make time and space for my salah during travelling as well. And I concluded, there are 3 things that a Muslim should always carry with him when he/she embarks on a journey.

1- Compass for Qibla detection

2- Praying mat

3- And water for wudhu

To Photo Mazdoor team, I am grateful for the well organized photowalk. Every team member is friendly. The chief organizer himself is a like a good younger brother of mine.

They always make sure the trip is secure. This time even a family joined us which was great. Photo Mazdoor always makes sure that breakfast/lunch and every tea break is a healthy one. The water bottles distributed to the participants is always sufficient, Alhamdulillah. I remember how they made a special announcement on the Qila Rohtas trip, about dangers of dehydration there and gave us Nestle Water bottles with instructions to keep drinking water during photographing the place. There’s no doubt that they work hard.

However, here’s a little suggestion that I feel could make their future travels even more deen friendly.

A little cooperation required for making time and space for salah.

Since we go with them, and there are different people on every trip with different needs and lifestyles, It would be great if they include the praying point in their routine and announcement as well. If there’s no proper spot for prayer, they should locate one and announce that those interested in offering their prayers, especially females, they should head towards that spot. If bathrooms are nearby for wudhu, it’s alright but sometimes there are places where clean water is not available, in that scenario, extra water bottles should be offered for wudhu. People should be assured that no person would be left behind if they stop and make their prayers first. This way, if they make it a part of their announcement and arrangements, those who want to offer their prayers would be guided well and assured comfort. I, for one, would be more comfortable at announcing that I want to offer my prayer without drawing attention to myself. Otherwise, I keep debating inside, on every photography trip, whether to raise my voice or not when I can’t spot a clean and out of sight place for prayers.

I hope Photo Mazdoor would consider my friendly suggestion as they always welcome suggestions and even complaints. So generous of them. I wish the team all the best for future trips and extend my regards for the efforts they put in to make their photowalks interesting.

I would upload my photography of the place in the coming week, iA. 

10 Comments to “Photowalk at Harappa & Those who Prayed there”

  1. Masha’Allah, I truly admire your desire to prioritize salat no matter where you are! That is the kind of spirit every Mou’min should have. I hope the organizers at Photo Mazdoor consider your suggestion seriously.

    And I look forward to your pictures!

    • Jazakillah for reading it out , Dear Nadia. And yes they did consider. Kind of them to post this up at their page. 🙂 Alhamdulillah. iA I would also do my part well and try best to offer prayer at time during travelling.

      Uploading pictures would take a week maximum due to some issues and busy schedule of course, editing part is the most interesting as well as painful, so you would have to wait. 🙂

  2. Inspiring………
    wish I could join u guys…

  3. Mashallah such a lovely post, I had planned to join in but my friend just couldnt make it at the last moment … I did my journey through your blogpost, i missed it… 😦

    • Yes I came to know that you cancelled your booking early in the morning. friend ke bina ajati na. I hope to see you next time. Thanks for visiting the blog 🙂

  4. May Allah bless you and your writings.

    It was a pleasure reading your experience. Please add some more photographs which you clicked there.

    • Assalamo Alaikum, Ajmal. Ameen to your dua, same and more blessings of Allah I ask from him for you, and MashaAllah, what a pleasant surprise to see you here, once again.

      I would love to share more pictures, but they were lost, hence I couldn’t post them. I believe the memory card got lost. Thanks for taking out time to read it. Please, do visit again. Hope things are well in India.

      • و عليكم السلام ورحمة الله وبركاته

        I had subscribed to your blog, but wasn’t getting any notification. Now they have restarted to notify me.

        Alhamdulillah, everything is fine here. Muslims (especially the poor ones) are facing troubles at the hand of the present (communal Hindu) government. Allah is testing us and we expect a better reward from Him. Ham log abhi safe haiN Allah ke fazl se, halanki communally charged area me rahte haiN.

        What is the condition in Pakistan. Read a news of economic collapse in a newspaper. Aam logoN ki zindagi kaisi hai?

        • I had actually moved to my own domain.
          Now I’m back here, but also posting there. That domain will be closed down next year, inshaAllah. A decision that has made me really happy and content.
          Sorry to hear about the trials for Muslims there. Modi’s government has been a tough period for Muslims there. May Allah reward you all in both the worlds with His immense pleasure and greater bounties. Ameen. Things in Pakistan, well, yes, As Ibn e Khuldoon says, the sign of a Govt’s prosperity is when the prices are lower. The sign of their decay? When the prices are higher. So Nawaz Govt is facing something of a crisis, you must have heard it on News. We are being tested by this govt, May Allah make it easy for us and grant us righteous leaders. Ameen. We need to be righteous, too, for that matter. Middle class and the lower classes are yes indeed, facing challenges. but Life is Alhamdulillah good, despite the economic matters only due to Allah’s Mercy. I pray things get better soon, because Allah’s Mercy shouldn’t be an excuse for the corrupt leaders to continue, corruption.

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