In search of a starry night

by Khanum

So what have I been upto!?

I have been running after stars. Like mad! Literally! Like mad!!

And nobody gets this, why! People have been asking me why haven’t I uploaded anything from my canon. Well, my reason is that I have been running after a clear night to photograph. I didn’t buy this canon for making portraits of my family–which is exactly what they force me to do every day–I got this so I can finally do something I dreamed of. Astrophotography. It’s been my love. I still remember how I used to spend endless hours on gawking the Natgeo’s captures of the heavens and star trails. I have even watched a Pakistani amateur astronomer,  live, marvelling at the moon with his mighty Celestron Telescope. And all those times, I used to wonder when would my time come to have a picture of the stunning starry night . That time is here. Canon with its beauty gives you stunning manual control over ISO, Exposure and shutter speed– that you can do wonders with.

The only problem I am having now is the  pollution engulfing my city. I can’t see enough stars to fill my digital canvas. So I decided to move to another city in few days and try my luck there.  I hope I get a clear nightsky or I am really going to kill someone in frustration. Till then, let me share what I got so far.



I took this shot on manual mode with F/4.5 and ISO 400. We can of course increase the ISO upto 6400 in Canon 6ooD. ISO 800 in my opinion is ideal for photographing starry night but keep in mind that higher ISO means higher noise in the picture. The tiny grains that ruin the picture sometimes. In few days I am going to try again and in shaa Allah, Hopefully , I’ll get some good shots. I just pray Lahore was a pollution free city. Ugh. Or I had a flying carpet so I could quickly fly to Himalayas for a photo session of those gorgeous skies.

Here’s another experiment rather an adventure I had at a racecourse Park the other day. I was waiting for the stars to come out but rain began to pour and annihilated my dreams. So I started to play with camera settings.



Its taken at a manual mode once again but I made the settings on bulb. I had no tripod at that time otherwise it would have come out so perfect, the shots are blurry but sometimes you got to enjoy the  mistakes and be free in your style of photography. Screw the rules.  That’s how you learn and excel.

Okay, I’m done with the wrecked shots, let’s have a look at the perfect light capture. I love the way Canon let’s me shoot the beautiful lights and capture them in a tiny box like magic.

1535452_239518632917811_511949991_n (1)


I’ll soon share the black and white shots that I did today. I personally admire black & white photography alot and the best day to shoot portraits for black and white is a rainy day, when the sky is bit grey and dark. The light on that day is perfect for the black and white shoot.

I have also done some video tests and now working on a small film. Ooooh! I’m so excited about it. Let’s pray it comes out good!

See you all soon.


13 Comments to “In search of a starry night”

  1. I believe Cannon makes a light pollution filter that connects to the camera lens?!. You will need to increase your exposure time,but it will significantly reduce light pollution. Also, if you have the funds, why not consider a telescope with tracking. This way,you will be able to image the fainter fuzzies.

    • Thank you very much for your suggestions, Andrew.I don’t know much about canon gears for now, as am new to it but iA I’ll look for it and would try to buy it if my pocket allows. I have spent all my savings on getting a camera and a tripod so have to see if I can afford a filter or new lens.

      And whoa! I checked ur website. I initially wanted to buy a telescope as Its like my childhood dream to have one but I could never decide or was guided as to which one is best and how much money it would require. Share about ur telescope? I suppose you got one.

  2. Astronomy can be a expensive sport for sure.
    I would be pleased to help point you in the right direction with astronomy and astrophotography. Telescopes come in a variety of sizes,and types. Might I suggest a 6″ Dobsonian?!. It would make a nice starter scope for you. It is a very easy setup and requires no alignment. Another plus is they are fairly pocket friendly as in low cost for the amount of light gathering it will do. Their are many avenues to explore,so feel free to ask as many questions as you want 🙂
    Yes, actually I have 5 telescopes . 3 of them are dedicated to a certain purpose,and the other 2 need repairs (when I can find the time…lol)
    My set up is a 254mm Meade LXD75 schmidt newtonian mounted on a Losmandy G11 with gemini 2. I have a 100mm Orion guidescope mounted to the LXD75. I also have a Coronado PST solar scope that I mount to the LXD75 as well. The PST is a dedicated solar scope for viewing the Sun.

    • Are you talking about this one?
      I wonder how much of the universe would I be able to see with this one, how many planets I mean.
      Yeah, it can be an expensive sport but one that is very addictive. Its like a road to awe. Subhan Allah, they way God has created everything, every chaos in the universe is in perfect order. I day dream about travelling to Pillars of Creation, the eagle Nebula. Imagine my craze. Anyway, thanks for helping out. I am sure with your help, I’ll be able to understand the world of telescopes and astrophotography. Tonight I captured the movement of stars. The way they slowly crawl is beautiful. In the past I had only the chance to photograph lunar eclipse and its phases. Its on this blog. you may have a look at it.

      5 telescopes? Wow. I respect your dedication.

      • That looks like a fine starter scope for you. You will definitely get good views of the moon and all the planets. Also,a scope with that size mirror will enable you to see beyond our solar system. Their are many objects that you will see. Nebula,globular clusters,,binary star systems,and many galaxies. I am quite sure you will have the ability to connect your Cannon to the scope as well. You will need a “T”ring for your cam and a “T” ring adaptor that slips into the eye piece holder. By doing this,you will have basically turned your scope into a very large camera lens allowing you to get close up shots of the moons craters.

        • Oh. I just checked. It has 1200mm focal length. This is huge. And now I have to start saving for this beauty.
          Oh God! I can’t wait to see through it. I would have to look if its available in Pakistan and esp in my city though. Importing from abroad would cost me double amount.

          • I just did some research for a telescope dealer in Pakistan,and it seems telescopes are hard to find. Do you live near a border country that might offer them?.

            • Yes , they are hard to find but I just did a research too and found an outlet for this telescope. They are based in another Province but atleast in Pakistan. 🙂

  3. Skipping the technical talk( cz I have no idea) love the shots.
    Haaye haaye i hope tumhare ghar wale family potraits se hat kar let you have your precious photography moments 🙂

    • Oh Dear Miss Maqsood, I was wondering where you are. Thanks for the visit and many thanks for enjoying the photographs. 🙂 I am glad you liked the shots. The glowing asmaani jhoola also got likes on the page which is very unexpected. Lol

  4. Hi Khanum! Good to know that now you have a canon and are shooting for the stars! Why don’t you join us on one of our star parties where you can capture not only good night sky.. But also viewes from a telescope. Search Lahore astronomical society on fb.

    • What a pleasant surprise, Mr Omar. Thank you so much for visiting my blog. Yes, I’m very pleased to have my canon. A good book and a good camera can give you a good company.
      I tried to search Lahore Astronomical society on fb but found only the Karachi based. I keep an eye on the Sahal telescope page, there a group of people do have a plan for stargazing but its in sindh unfortunately.Too far for me. Kindly let me know the link to the lahore page. Many thanks

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