HALA MADRID !!! Lisbon 2014

by Khanum


Hala Hala Hala ! And there go all the supporters of Atlético Madrid against me. What a match !!! what a TENSE match for both teams. And Surprisingly, despite the fact that Atletico was successful to make the 1st goal, all of my family rooted for Real Madrid right from the beginning without any disputes. This was the first soccer match ever to be watched by my family. No joke. Even I never had any interest in Football before, all I used to hear was how down to earth Messi Messi Messi is,  and how show off Ronaldo looks. But this is what I think: Ronaldo may be hard to digest sometimes but hey! Give that guy a break! His team got talent which got them this victory.

Here’s a quick recap summary of the match from the newly born soccer fan who thinks Bale is actually cool !

1: Atletico Team has got great players. But they are big whiners, cheaters and do not care for the yellow cards whatsoever!

2: David Villa has to do more than that to impress me. (No I am just joking. He’s married for God’s sake)

3: Pop corns are a must to watch the game. A consensus we all reached upon. Mom included.

4: Billion dollars Ronaldo has to stop taking his shirt off at every win. It becomes hard to root for Real Madrid then. But His act of affection towards his mate at the end of the match, that was just beyond words cool.

P.S. To those Atletico players who pushed him down several times on the field today, My family hates you all. 

5: Real Madrid players got to spread on the play ground well. That’s where Atletico was better. They were sharp and all over the place like grass hoppers.


6: GARETH BALE! I saw this guy making some real efforts on the play ground there. There were 209,594 tweets per minute after Gareth Bale made the goal and Real Madrid went up 2-1 ! That was spectacular and so sudden that we all screamed in union MADRIDDDDDDDDD!!!

Gareth Bale

7: I need Real Madrid T-shirt. Any soccer player interested in gifting me one, please drop a comment. No jokes.


That’s all for today from Khanum. I still need to learn alot about soccer. But I already know who’s my favorite from now on.

Bale who I called, Gale,  throughout the match. Lol


Hala Madrid !!  (My 1st ever post on soccer)I hope you enjoyed the recap


Note: I do not own the pictures

e were 209,594 


2 Comments to “HALA MADRID !!! Lisbon 2014”

  1. This is really awkward for me . You dont watch football and then u cheered for the team which i wanted to lose and then u celebrated n then you wrote a post. well here is the thing. Before you become a football critic . yeah congrats to Madrid . but no one has the right to zone out atlico madrid efforts.
    1. its a shame on real madrid that there was a moment in match where they taught they are losing.
    come on atlico madrid whole team budget is 60 million ponds and real madrid’s whole budget was 440 millions. 60 Vs 440 . They buy game on money, they didnt develop their own players.
    2. Atlico Madrid was a team who never won any title. it was their 1st time that they got into finals. for the 1st time, real had played finals and won it many times they had experience, no player in atlico had the experience.
    3. Atlico got their two main players injured, diago costa and a muslim guy from turkey ,if they were playing they had it won,cox the only strikers they got were injured and not playing.
    4. the refree added too much time , like 5 extra minutes.
    5.the atlico gave it their selves,being unexperienced after 70 minutes they let real madrid attack, and they kept on missing so many chances.
    6. No one gives credit to sergio ramos who scored the equalizing goal in the most crucial time ,who is just a defender and being a defender he scored 6 goals for real madrid in last 6 matches and all on headers. but no one gives him a credit.
    7. Sergio ramos scored a Goal , ronaldo didnt celebrate it with him, that guy got you a equalizing goal in impossible time and you dont celebrate the goal with him,and that guy scoring such a important goal just celebrates it like a normal person didnt take of his shirt. then comes the bale who scores them the 1st winning goal but he didnt take off his shirt. then marcello scores he takes of his shirt but keeps on his undershirts. when taking 2 goals leads from a team who had no attack n got their defense player injured n yet he is playing , it is obvious that they have won it, but ronaldo comes and scores a goal on a penalty which even a kid can do yet he celebrates it by taking off his shirt and running and posing like if he hadnt score the goal real madrid would have never ever won it. this shows that how much bitch attitude that guy has, he is arrogant.
    8 . All the thanx to diago costa for being a wonderfull and a hulk kinda coach, who trained the unkown team, unexperinced, and lost the finals because they went unlucky by getting two main goal scoreres injured for the final match. football is emotional game, it was emotional for real madrid fans for that they won the 10th title after decades, and in the assistance coaching of Zidane ❤ .who was the best player in the history of worldcup n real madrid failed to complete the 10th win during his time so he became coach and won them the 10th as a coach. I congratulate him. it was emo for him, and it was emo for Atlico madrid for comming outa nowhere into champions league, taking out all the best teams and reaching out the finals for the 1st time ever in their life, but in the end it doest even matter.

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