Time to subscribe to new url: Khanumsays.com

by Khanum



So this is it. It’s my last post at this place. On the bright side, I’m happy to announce that this goodbye is a hello to my own new blog.

Khanumsays.com is officially on!  Click here to catch me there.

Much love and thanks to all my friends, fans and readers and to WordPress for giving me wonderful 4 years of blogging. You rock!

Please, Don’t forget to subscribe to khanumsays.com for latest updates.



2 Comments to “Time to subscribe to new url: Khanumsays.com”

  1. Farewell and Hope to see you there doing fine and shine.
    i think u r wrong at 4 years, i think we are even at age and time spent on blogging, you are only few months older than me , i will be 3 in august and u r 3 and 3 months.

    • thank you thank you and Alhamdulillah for this blessing 🙂

      Be sure to subscribe there.And nope, I joined in Feb 2011. So its more like 3 and a half year lol

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