Google’s Duplex and my peaked interest in AI

by Khanum

Or is it piqued? Aaa, never mind.

Just now over the Facebook, I came across a news shared by my cousin brother. He had made some horrified, stupefied and awe struck emoticons with a message to his friend to go through Google’s demonstration video. I saw and was left awe struck myself.

Google is onto it’s way to revolutionize the way we work, interact and live. Anyone with AI secretary at their disposal in the future, can literally rest all day, and the AI secretary will make all your appointments like a human, take care of all your online and offline chores, possibly and depict the perfect picture of a well advanced future. All of this reminded me of Will Smith’s I, ROBOT movie. We all know AI is going to take over, right?


Having said that, I am quite motivated to look further into this matter because I realized, how fast the world is going. My questions are:

  1. How will this breakthrough in the science/programming field, affect other fields of study?
  2. Are other subjects such as arts, humanities and my own degree in Mass Communication now somehow lagging behind while scientists, programmers and software engineers are taking over the world by the storm?
  3. Amusingly, like philosophy, that has taken a back seat in the recent years where as it was once the top subject to study, is it possible that in the coming years, decades, some arts and humanities subjects could become totally obsolete and only pure sciences will be taught? 

When we look at the schooling system, alot of schools already prefer S.T.E.M (Science, Technology, Engineering, Maths) over S.T.E.A.M (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, Maths).

What is more amusing for me today is, m contemplating if I need to switch fields to be a part of such fantastic studies, which is by all means, making me jump out of my seat for innovation, or defend my existing field and see how it can play a role in the AI future. One thing is for sure, learning is crucial  and to stay up to date with the current happening news in technology is even more essential. Because when they leave for the moon again, and set up AI systems in the solar system, I want to be there. Or at least have my future generations, be a part of it.


News from my side: (the domain) will be closing down next year and I’ll revert to my wordpress blog for good. Let me write about it in the next post. inshaAllah!

P.S. Yaaayyyyyyy! So happy to blog here on my baby blog home after years. ❤



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