Cafe De Pamir and what makes it special

by Khanum

بسم الله

Sleepy, sluggish, happy dreams. I woke up yawning from my deep slumber.  On my right was the new friend I had made on the trip, a girl from Abbotabbad. And on my left, was my mother. Curled up, and asleep like a baby. This was Hunza. I was at Cafe de Pamir. The morning was beautiful and unlike any other morning of my life, and despite my exhaustion, and fatigue screaming from every bone of my body including the muscles and the skin, I was too happy and euphoric for the morning. 

My first view of the day was probably the ceiling. The beautiful new ceiling. The ceiling? How silly it may sound and ordinary to mention, but when you are on vacation and in a different setting, the very minutest details become your  kham-khua ki khushi. The very new things, your reason for feeling blessed. And your senses, heightened enough to detect even the tiniest of the new flower outside your window, becoming your muse on the journey.

The fact that there could be bugs on the floor ( but there weren’t) where we had comfortably decided to sleep last night, did not bother me. There were bunker beds, four of them, but the main attraction of the room: the big windows, had us rolling with joy on the floor.

When I say rolling with joy, you have to picture euphoria. The euphoria upon getting a room with giant windows on two sides that open up to the mountain Rakaposhi on the right and, another giant mountain on the front. We definitely hadn’t seen it coming.

Yesterday, you read about my first morning at Cafe De Pamir in a Roman Urdu Travelogue. After giving a description of my feelings attached with the place, I decided it’s appropriate to feature the place itself.

Cafe De Pamir is owned by good mannered young men, who run it as a family business. Karim Khan, is one of the owners.

How well do they treat you?

They cook for you, helpfully carry your bags, serve you food, entertain your requests, keep you good company and above all, treat you with utmost honor. The lovely thing about this place was the warm welcome we received. The next lovely thing, the rooms. The next, the open air space for breakfast and dinner, and the ultimate joy: The rooftop sitting arrangement. You can order your coffee there, sit around with your friends and just enjoy the view of the  thousands of shimmering stars above your head. The Milkyway makes a beautiful angle there and you can see the beauty of Allah swt everywhere you look. Whether it’s day or night, you will be spell bound. Only, it wouldn’t be magic, but 100% natural, miraculous beauty.

How did we actually find this fantastic place?

It was selected by our Tour Guide, Muqeem Baig. Almost every third person in Hunza, knows the other person. Everywhere we went, there came someone who knew our tour guide. Even on the road to Khunjerab Pass, I swear, there popped up people who knew the people we were travelling with.

This indicates the strong community ties people of Hunza form and exhibit. Also, having a local as your guide, helps. Totally a desirable thing when travelling. Never hire someone new for the tour of a place he hardly knows about. Always make sure you are traveling with the person who knows the place like the back of his hand.

Does one have a chance of getting bored at Cafe De Pamir?

In my opinion, really no. The place is perfect to stay for the night if you are to roam the area of Karimabad in the morning or visit the Eagle’s Nest to catch the sunset. Even when you have no plans to roam around but are looking for a place to enjoy some quiet beautiful time, Cafe De Pamir is your place. (But you’ll have to ask them to turn the music down).

I tried to catch a glimpse of the Milkyway. This was not planned so I never bothered bringing my tripod.

Do they have Dj system?

Oh yes, I clearly remember the music playing in the background the night we checked in. People fly in all sorts of requests. Later on we came to know they were playing western music mainly for us. How sweet! But nope, we were fine being down to earth shehri. The girls from my group gave them the list of eastern songs to play, which they played quite happily. As for me, I like to keep it quiet for the most part, especially when there is so much to enjoy around. So after awhile, I think we all mostly just sat at the rooftop and ogled at the sky with awe, forgetting about our worries for awhile.

The hosts are extremely cooperative even at 2am.

How much does it cost per night?

You’ll have to contact them via their Facebook page and make the required inquires, as the charges must have changed by now. Also, if you travel with a tour company, they are ones to make the necessary bookings for you with the amount you pay them for the entire trip.

Would I recommend this place for the family?

Yes, absolutely. I went there with my lovely mother. A bunch of new faces that became good friends, and I witnessed a group of students there from Lahore. So all sorts of decent groups and people come there to stay. The place is neat and clean, runs on solar panels, and is surrounded by lush green trees and silent blue mountains. What else could one ask for when wanting to draw closer to nature? Alhamdulillahi Rabil Alameen!

Plus, this place has Wifi and mobile signals to make the calls back at home. Most precious bonus!



4 Comments to “Cafe De Pamir and what makes it special”

  1. You are really good with the photo graphy of the nature. and the galaxy shot idk in my opinion Cold play “yellow” song lines ” look at the stars, Look at the stars Look how they shine for you” would suit them the best as a caption. Would love to go there if i ever visit hunza.

  2. How many days did you stay in Cafe De Pamir? The place is nestled amidst so much natural beauty subhan’Allah. I think they can do without the loud music as places like these are best enjoyed in peace and quiet.

    And I absolutely love your milky way picture!

    • I stayed there for two nights in total. One night stay before leaving for Passu, and then o our way back from Passu, we stayed for another night and the next day till 10 or 11 am, before leaving for Lahore. It was fun.

      Alhamdulillah. Thank you for loving the picture. Agree with the music comment. Thankfully, during mornings it is quiet. They only play at night and turn it down when requested. 🙂

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