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March 4, 2014

La Tour Eiffel et moi – Take 2

by Khanum

Wait–wait! Before you jump to the wrong conclusion let me just break the news to you all.

YES!!! I am obsessing over Eiffel Tower alot but no I am not in love with any French guy to come to this point of insanity. I am simply having awesome free time at hand and a blessed season to do anything I like and want. My mind is BOOMING with creativity! And out of the many things that I am doing these days for fun, this tops the list.

Ya-ha-hoo! I am drawing and creating my honest version of art. Mum thinks I’m dying over La Eiffel tower, trying to get the sketching right but I think am just trying to live my dream of travelling the world and city of lights through these sketches, that I do daily. I cant explain in words, the joy I feel inside while doodling. Its like I am actually there, the details of the picture, the angles, the turns, the measure, the colors. It all makes me feel like I know this place. Like I am there. Alive and kicking!

Ahh! I wish I get to travel the whole  world Universe. Till then, Let’s enjoy this newly found hobby.

I created this miniature Eiffel Tower first thing in the morning. Image (5) - Copy

Then I ruined it accidentally by introducing colors in the picture : ( I just wanted to look it elegant but I forgot I am good at bizarre art only. Elegant and neat sketching is not my cup of tea with biscuits made of chocolate.


I went ahead and classically ruined the piece more. Giving it multiple dimensions.  Artist’s mind, you know.

Image (5) - Copy - Copy

And then I did the most amazing thing. I actually created something good out of the sketch of sole structure. Thankfully, I had scanned the sketch of the miniature Tower before using water colors on it. So After epic-lly failing at color scheme. I transformed my Eiffel Tower sketch with a bit of digital magic using Pic Monkey.

Tada! I created this !!!!!

PicMonkey Collage2

 Amazing, isn’t it!  So amazing. Alhamdulillah! The way we can play with sketches using software and the way we can learn to create more new things and grow more in the field of arts. Its amazing. I am actually personally in love with this version of the Eiffel Tower. I wanted to add something more but then could only find these birds cum chicks to settle on the trees.

I feel like I can turn it into a post card – both digital and print form – with some extra doodling. What do you guys think?


February 28, 2014

Eiffel Tower and me

by Khanum

Minus the tensions, It’s a lovely day. Rain is pouring down. I’m loving the weather. And I have grown fond of drawing.  I love. Love. Love drawing things now to ruin the perfect architectures with my  tilting lines. Here’s my first ever sketch of Eiffel Tower. And I am kinda proud of it you know–given the case history of horrible sketching of mine.

images (1)

 Please ignore the top antenna thing which is absent. I ran out of paper space for that. Enjoy the rest of the structure. It was pretty technical but easy to draw. The hardest part was to sketch straight lines here.  Pray I get better at it.

However, the really great progress has been on my hand writing. It has got slightly better or should I say , “READ-ABLE!”



And I had to use picture monkey to draw some digital hearts and fireworks with this.

Typically, Paris-ish.

February 26, 2014

Demons and Angels within

by Khanum

It’s About time now, I posted something new.

Something about the colors I have been showing recently. On canvas.

download (2)

Last few months have been really hectic for me. I wanted to relax, take a break and paint anything. Just anything to know colors. But tough routine wouldn’t let me concentrate on anything other than work. That routine is over now, I have few months to live for myself until the busy days come back to haunt me again. I can paint. But despite all that, I am unable to do so.Why? Because maybe the perfect time for me to paint was during the most maniac days of mine.

The bizarre abstract piece above, is what I created during the most mad busy days of my life. As a therapy you can say. I was tired and hell taken away with everything that I decided to take a few minutes break. I didn’t know what I wanted to draw. I am not really good with colors , I can’t draw a straight line. But despite all that, I wanted to do it. After spending 30 mins with ridiculously not so vibrant art–the type that doesn’t make sense, I got back to my work.

And today when I am really free to do anything, totally relaxed, not under any stress. I realized something. I can’t do it.

Creativity has a time of its own. It doesn’t demand leisure time. It demands you. You– your inner demons awaken and to be willing to come out. If Your mind is racing with anything mad. It is good enough to perform. Art or no art, Scanning this work, looking it close up now after throwing it away at first, I realized I actually like the magnified view of the brush strokes. I don’t know, it maybe ugly but I’m in love with this beautiful black demon running ahead, engulfing everything. Killing! showing no mercy! But colors are still blooming out. Everything is in a recycling order in this universe, isn’t it. What a beautiful chaos it is.

download (3)  images (3)


download (1)

images (2)

They say art therapy speaks a lot about the person’s mind. I wonder what does it say about mine.

October 18, 2013

Uff my Handwriting @#%$%#$ Nevermind!

by Khanum

And that happens when you only type and don’t write with a pen much.


June 26, 2012

A word on ‘Baran’

by Khanum

I am writing this post on filmmaking after quite a long time now , probably 2 years, cause I had taken break from this creative side. However, my passion for it never died. Therefore I decided after a long solace that I will return to it one more time.

I saw Baran movie years back at a screening hall with my friends at University. It was a film festival and we were shown outstanding and worth pondering feature films from Korea, Iran and China.

‘The Way Home’ by korean industry won the heart. As for Iran, they pretty much stole the show.

I had never watched iranian cinema before that screening , nor was I into studying filmmaking at that time. Buh oh boy! The storylines and the execution patterns of Iranian cinema are worth praising.We watched 3 Iranian movies altogether, Leila, Children of Heaven and Baran.

‘Children of Heaven’ is a legend in itself. A movie based on a pair of shoes. How could the writer come up with this brilliant idea haan ? 😀 Amazing!

Persian title of the Movie is ‘Bacha-e-Asmaan’. It is an outstanding movie, outstanding example of child stars and incredible yet simple story line by Majid Majidi. Yes, the same well known Iranian Film Director that visited National College of Arts, Lahore few years back.

I have simple appreciation for that movie, but for Baran, I am out of words.There’s no thish thas robots fighting, no superficial or artificial graphics affect. Its pure inspiration and I would admit here, if anything , any film industry inspires me to today to produce something good, halal and simple charming short films, its Iranian cinema. Top list inspiration: Baran.

Here’s a clip I watched while working on my ideas, and refresh my memory.

My review for this is again simple one. Worth Watching.

Even if you have simply zero know-how of technical things of filmmaking like I do, you will still end up enjoying this immensely given the fact that you have ‘class and simple taste’. Notice how the Director plays with the natural sounds in the scene. The extreme close up for extreme registration of emotion and creating depth in the feeling. Symbolism is everywhere.

If you like the clip, I hope you end up watching the full movie. And yes, there are no item songs in this movie. If you are one of those people – then don’t watch.



June 22, 2012

Talk to my Hair, Baby! Black & White!

by Khanum


Note: My brothers were having a dispute over which hair style is cooler. I got my camera and we created some hair looks to capture! Pretty cool it was! I have posted my two fav shots in the last, so which one is your favourite ?

P.S. Please ignore the fact that they are shirtless. It’s Summer time and we happen to live in Pakistan. Ring any bells ? Yes. electricity shortage side effects!

November 13, 2011

Halaat Kahani

by Khanum

Mujh se kisi ne pocha , Kia tumhe khawab bhi angrezi mai ata hai ?

Main ne herani mai kaha, Nahi !

Phir mujse pocha gaya, acha…! tou kia tum sochti bhi angrezi mai ho ?
Ab ki baar main ne muskura ker jawab diya. “Haan, kabhi kabhi.”

Yunhi sawal o jawab ka silsila chalta raha, main kabhi ulajh ker kabhi muskura ker haan naah mai sir hilati rahi.  Main is zaviye ki addi ho chuki thi. Log akser yehi sochte thay, angrezi bolti hai shayad sochti bhi angrezi mai ho jazbaat bhi angrezi ho, adaaat bhi angrezi or rasmo rawaj bhi angrezi.  Main jahan tak mumkin ho saka baat ka jawab deti gai, phir achanak se chup hogai.

“Phir Ab urdu main likhti kyun nahi?” aik or sawal ka wajdaan hua.

Main kuch dair us sawali ki ankho mai ankhein daale ghoorti rahi. Sakhti se nahi, nah talkhi se….bus naram ankhon se,  tik takki lagaye. Dosri taraf jawab ka intezar barh raha tha, likin yeh bhi ek nagawaar haqeeqat thi mere hont ab tak  junbish se khali thay..

“Kia soch rahi ho…?”

“Jo beeti hai..” Main ne sada se andaaz mai jawab dia aur nazrein chura leen.

“Kia beeti hai?”

“Jiska mein ne zikar nahi kiya.”

“Kyun zikar nahi kia ?”

“Kyun ziker nahi kerte?” main ne bhi tukri ba turki sawal kiya

Kuch dair ab dosri janib khamoshi rahi. Sir jhukaye, mu banaye, bilkul gehri khamoshi rahi. Wo bhi kiya khoob soch ka sannata tha, Phir us ne is sannatte ki matt maar di.

“Tumhe shairi nahi atti hogi, isi liye. Ya phir…..”

“Ya phir?” Mera dil mazeed bujh gaya.  kyun log kerte hain esi baatein? Kia hai ye sab? Kyun hain hum log esey….?

“nahi bs, yehi wajah hai. Tumhe shairi nahi ati warna log akser shairi main bohat kuch keh jate hain.”

Mera dil chaha main haath mai pakri kitaab us ke sir pe de maroon. Likin meri saadgi, maine ne dheemi si muskurahat dey maari. Akhir k us ne sach hi kaha tha. Muje shairi kahan ati thi?

“Angrezi tou ati hai na?” …”haan ati hain, per uska is se – ” , Uska is se taluk mat pocho. Bus keh daalo.”

Likin main chup rahi. Itney main mehfil mai do aur parwaney shamil hogaye. do se teen, teen se chaar, in rasmi si baaton ke liye sab jama hogaye. kisi ne chand alfaaz main tashbeeh dey ker dil ki duniya keh daali

Subah ki coffee ki tarah,,

Zindagi bhi,

Joon joon sard hoti gayi,

Talkh hoti gayi….!

Kisi ne mohabbat pe shair sunaya, kisi ne nafrat main ghazal parhi.

Unki urdu is kadar nafees, meri urdu….kuch  khass nahi…bus meri sochon tak mehdood rahi.

Main chup rahi. 

“Chalo chalo, ab tumhari baari hai!”

“Kia kahoon?” … muje sab ne apne mazakh ka nishana banaya. Main ban bhi gai. “Ms angrez, kuch kahen ap b ab urdu zubaan mai. Arey per apko tou shairi nahi atii….? ke uska bhi angrezi mai wajdaan hota hai ?”

“Angrezi bolna yaani jurm hua.” …”haan bilkul! … sanjeedgi ki zubaan bus ek zubaan hai…Urdu!”

“Acha?” mujhe is baat per bey panaah hassi aii. Main Chup rahi.

Phir mujse 1 ghante mai panchween martaba pocha gaya, Tumhe waqai kia her dil ki soch  angrezi mai ati hai? …”Nahi!”  main chup rahi.

“Haan, mujje yeh rasmi rasmi sa izhar nahi ata. Muje jo soch ati hai, behad saadi bohat bey baak si ati hai .  yeh rasmi sa izhar nahi ata”

Main ne side per rakh di gai apni kitaab phir se utha li , or is mehfil se anjaan ban ker beth gai. Wo bare logon ki anjuman thi. Main ek choti si adeeb, wo bhi angrezi zubaan ki. Kahan ata tha mujse ye sab kehna? likin wo ba zidd, or mai – bechargi ki hadd tak lafzon se ghareeb.

Mere haath mai aik kagaz thama dia gaya, shair nah sahee, kisi soch ka aik tukra hi sahee. ‘Batao, dil ki duniya. tum kia kahogi?”. Main ne sir jhukaye kagaz lotaya, laptop on kia or likha shuru hogai…

Nah tashbeeh di nah tang kheenchi…Maine aik hi baat ko ek hi jumle ko  kitni hi zubanon mai likh dala.  Kisi zubaan ka kuch aser betha, kisi ka kuch nikla…. Per wo samjh gaye! Nah meine backspace ka istemal kia nah  save file click kerne  ki zehmat kerna samjhi.

Unke samne screen rakh di. Unhon ne sab parha per phir bhi nazar khas us urdu ke bey baak jumley per mehwar rahi. Wo khamoshi se taktey gaye, main narmi se  talkhi ka ehsas chorey kamrey se bahir nikal aii..

Ab koi nahi pochta mujse … kyun hain mere halaat Talkh ….kisi bhi zuban mai!!! yun rasmi rasmi.

Note: its first time ,a full post in Roman Urdu on this blog by me. Please excuse any of my Urdu mistake.