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62 Comments to “SAY – MERHABA!”

  1. Assalamu alaikum. Stopping by to say hi. Have a fabulous day!

  2. heylooo!!! one of ur very first readers remember khanum ;p 😉

  3. Hi Khanum, you have a very nice blog! Cheers 🙂

  4. salaam khanum! mighty interesting site u’ve got here, it will take me ages to browse thru! keep up the great job 😀

  5. Hi Khanum, I am just popping around to look at your lovely blog. It’s nice to be introduced to another culture. Many thanks for that.
    D 🙂

  6. Good job Khanum ! 🙂

  7. Absolutely love your blog and I am going to come by more often 🙂

  8. you are a winner to the earthypaws creatures giveaway contest! 😀 Only 3 of you joined, so i decided that I will send all three of you a photograph of your choice. Please email me at with your addy and choice of photograph from the store, and then I will send it right out to you! Congratulations! and thanks for visiting my blog and leaving such a nice comment 🙂

  9. Really ? Yayyyyy me ! 😀

  10. khanum i found another common thing.. we both are mass communication students :p 😀

  11. Hello! Are you OK? I’ve hear recently there is a blast in Islamabad! This is said in the news…

  12. Sorry! I did not mean something bad! It just what live is, for example if there is blast in Moscow all the country stands on it’s head…

    I’m glad you are OK!

  13. hi
    This is Shahid and i am writing this to admire your effort to write this wonderful piece of writing on the murder of a 18 year girl in lahore

  14. I am currently studying International Journalism From England. Being a global journalism student i want to ask one question not only from you people but also from myself as well. Why the violence against women has crossed all its levels in our country and secondly why everyday we get something in our news media’ that is not easy to digest for a normal person. Events like the one today may be has a minor effect on people living inside Pakistan but Pakistani’s outside Pakistan have to pay the price when we have to face the questions from the world we are part of. i have to say! something is seriously wrong with our society. On every Saturday night if you get a chance to go out in England you will not be surprise to see Drunk people fighting and doing stupid things still you will never get anything like today’s shameful incident. The respect for women is given top priority in this society of non believers. You will find women on the streets here alone even after midnight without any fear. Is it possible in our society??? Pakistan need a quick Change and i wish and pray for a miracle to happen as soon as possible …..

    • Assalamo alaikum Muhammad Shahid!
      Thank you for your introduction and visit to my blog !
      I agree with you. Its a mess here. But then, we all really always talk and do nothing. What can we do ? the least is we take care of our own behaviors and characters. Insha Allah!

      DO visit again. : )

  15. HELLO !

    Girl ! you are actually doing a job of a mass comm student by writing about incidents happening around these days. And i loved your blog..:)

    Stay Blessed..:D

  16. hello. ive got a blog to.
    i might get a domain for it.

  17. Hi there Khanum
    a friend mentioned dis blog
    I got here n could not refrain from going through some posts
    U have touched each emotion on yr blog.
    em glad ure pakistani

  18. Assalamualikum! Just started following your the entire blog last night (can’t help its soo interesting)

  19. Count my click, no, actually clicks.The cat part was bit humorous– to me.

    • Thank you so much for the click. No, Actually clicks. welcome to blog : )
      and somehow I had an idea people would only laugh at poor cat’s tragedy. Sad.

  20. Gratitude for thy hospitality madame.
    I think anyone will laugh or at least smile if he/she just imagine while reading that a mature girl’s crying like an infant for a cat’s bad health and some guy gave some weird pills(so called sleeping pills) to a cat– to a cat?Oh! come on moron, she’s mere a cat– she can’t hurt you.

    • Your comment and apparently comments from my cousin brother somehow match. And I re-read the story again to check, yeah. I am smiling myself now. I guess it does give out a funny image. Umm but it was horrible of that man . Nothing funny there. Hope cat lives longer than him.

  21. i suppose i should obey the rules and say hi 😉

  22. As wr wb khanum, just read your article on productive muslim and jumped to your blog. Good Work and may Allah bless you dear. Ameen.

  23. haaaaaai, Merhabaaa 🙂
    nice to know your blog khanum, inspiring!
    reply okey?

  24. Haha the house rules 😉 witty! Let’s see what you offer me to read 🙂

  25. Just read your article, “Ways to Stay Proactive for Single Muslimahs” on Productive Muslim site and I LOVE it. Followed the link on there and discovered your blog. Nice article and great blog sister! JazakAllahu Khair.

  26. Salam, i need a favor from you. That must not a big deal for you as its just a small favor. Don’t worry 🙂
    Just drop me an email at as i’m unable to find your email address. Jazakallah

    • Walaikum Salam,
      Thank you for showing your interest in Khanumsays. I apologise for a late response. And regarding your query, I do not give out my email address for reasons on the web. However if you wish to contact me, you can either wait as I make a new email address or you can drop your message here in the comment and I would keep your comment out of public sight under moderation.
      Thank you

  27. Assalamualaikum. Glad to stumble on your blog. Inspiring blog!

    • walaikum salam 🙂 thank you for visiting Khanumsays. You would be delighted to visit my new web even more. Just wait a few days till I set it up.

  28. Good day to you and my sincere greetings.
    Hello Khanum,
    Im Aktuvor, a chance visitor and a traveller, while being random, I found this blog.
    Being one of deeds ,on the net atleast 😛 , I browsed trough some of your blogs and left a comment on your “About” page as a thankyou note and hopefully a strengthener for both your faith and curiousity.
    Farewell and may we speak with one another.
    A Fellow traveller of the path.

  29. Assalaamalaikum, please send me an email I want to write to you.

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