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March 12, 2014

Potato Soya Koftay

by Khanum


Updated May 2014: Because I accidentally deleted some of my media files from the blog, You won’t be able to view rest of the pictures that were initially attached with this post. My humble apologies for that. please, continue to read

I’m officially the lady of the kitchen, now. Before I turned 25, I stepped into the home kitchen only when I was inspired. But now, things have changed. I have no other option but to step into the culinary battle zone everyday, due to my mother’s recent resignation from the Kitchen Chef post. So I did little improvisation in my cooking principles, and have set some new rules on home ground.

1- Everyday is a brand new day, therefore, If I am to be forced to take over kitchen, I will do it my way. And my way is, Everyday a new dish.

2- Goodbye to ordinary tasteless pulses, traditional vegetable meals and plain recipes.

3- Experiment in the kitchen is a must. You can’t handle it? Don’t eat. Chutti karo.

4- I have to take 2 days off in a week at least to regenerate my skills and energy. Which means, my family has to go on diet for two days.

5- And finally, Absolutely, No telephoning the neighbours and aunties and every possible or distant relatives to invite them over for lunch, to showcase my recipes. *If somebody still wants to gift me anything as a reward, that’s totally fine*

And now, The recipe. Potato Soya Koftay!

In my last post I told you guys about the organic garden we have. This is what inspires me now to create good food. So yesterday morning, I noticed the coriander and soya leaves were finally ready to be cut. So I cut them off and my goodness! The fresh smell it had. Heaven! My mother couldn’t contain her happiness and started shooting me. *Shooting me as in with camera, not with a gun*

She photographed me as well as made some funny videos of me doing the work. I wish I can share some videos with you all in the future. 

So after I was done with the cutting, I realised I still hadn’t decided what I wanted to cook for the day. My mother got hold of a food magazine and there it was, Ala ka scram! Potato Soya Koftay, snapped beautifully and giving off delicious vibes. I immediately knew what I wanted to do with the fresh soya that I had discovered in the garden recently. So without any delay, I started my version of the recipe.

And I swear, I never ever looked at or read the recipe card for the dish. That’s how I do it. A good bite or a good quality picture of any recipe is enough to imagine the ingredients used in it. Believe me! Stop wasting time on reading recipe card and watching those endless masala masla TV programs. That’s why I absolutely love bbc food. They make it quick, push you to experiment with the limited ingredients available and turn you into a versatile bomb chef.   

Ingredients Used in Potato Soya Koftay

Divide the recipe into two halves. 1- The gravy. 2- The koftay.

You all know how to make Gravy, right! It’s the basic masala  used for Pakistani dishes. If you unfortunately don’t know that yet, no worries. I am going to list the ingredients here. The rest of the “how to make it” part is something you should do yourself. SO you need:

1– Chopped Onions – Fry them brown in Oil

2– Chopped Ginger and Garlic / Or Ginger garlic paste

3– Yogurt

4– Sliced Capsicum

5– Small chicken pieces

6- Sliced Green chilli

7- Asian Spices , you know the usual.  Salt it according to your taste.

I prepared the gravy first, put it aside and then started working on the koftay. I used 4 potatoes and boiled them.

The ingredients used in the potato mash are:

1- Generous amount of soya leaves

2- Two bread slices (Soak the bread in water if your potatoes aren’t soft and you want to have a smooth mixture, but if your potato mash is already soft, use dry bread)

3- Mayonnaise

4- Black pepper and Salt

After the mash is done, you need to shape them into small balls.

Once you have your koftay ready. You need to coat the koftay with 2 more ingredients to have that crispy brown layer when you fry them. So coat them first with Corn flour, Step 2: dip into egg, step 3: generously coat with bread crumbs. Fry them and then finally , place the koftay (Potato soya balls) onto the gravy. Serve with Roti and yogurt chatni.

This is one dish that’s so light on the stomach that I ended up eating 5 of those koftay. Seriously, I am ruining my diet.

P.S. Excuse the photo quality, kindly. I’m photographing with my cell fone these days, so you’ll have to suffice with these for now.

August 15, 2011

Principles of My Home Cooking

by Khanum

Cooking each time only and only when you’re inspired will make you discover yourself in many ways.  And cooking only with ingredients that are available at home is like discovering secret doors to Narnia.  My principles are simple and most sensible. I never step into kitchen against my will. I never cook unless or until I’m inspired. And I most certainly never go by the book rules. A good cook must never be afraid of trying out new things but for beginners  its not an easy task.  There’s an issue of recipe card and the chaos of time management. Not to forget the pressure from mommy on head.

Luckily This post is about ‘Item-up’ technique rather than Time-up. Forget the time and  Sniff out the available ingredients in your Kitchen that can help you come up with a proper meal.

I had just three items in abundant. Potato. Tomato & Lots of  Juicy Mangoes.

And here’s what I prepared out of these ingredients.

1- Salsa (My version)

2- Potato Chunks Salad with Mango & Lemon Juice

3- Rice served with Grilled Lady Finger combined with Sweet n’ Sour Masala

4- Creamy Mashed potatoes

5- Simple Pasta with Capsicum

6- And Finally grilled Eggplant which I love mixing with Yogurt! I wish I could say This is the only item that didn’t involve potatoes or tomatoes. But that’s not the case. Mango juice with lemon added just the perfect flavor I could wish for.

Tip: Putting a limit on main ingredients not only invokes creativity inside you but also gives you a perfect chance to show off your chef skills if you successfully pull it off fabulous. So man up! And Just try!

June 26, 2011

Happy La Cake!

by Khanum

 And I don’t know what the title means. It sounded nice, so I made it up.

But on the non-joking side: The true title of this post should be.

” The Secret Ingredient (no longer a secret) & The Great-facto Reasons why a Woman Bakes”.


The secret Ingredient of this Great cake ever made by ME is “I made it with faith and not by the book rules”. Which became my miracle. I had no oven to begin with , you see.  Whatever I had was ‘secret ingredient’.


2 cups of bla bla bla, 1 cup of more bla bla bla and 1 cup of that bla bla blah. You know the usual ingredients. Sugar, butter (ghee in most cases), white flour and eggs. Milk if required etc etc. So let’s skip the ordinary things.

Coming towards the mind boggling experimental things. I always make a cake without any measured ingredients.Fussing over exact measures ,  kills the chances of ‘following your instincts in kitchen’ and ala ka scram awesome surprises. (Again I have no clue what ala ka scram means, please pardon)

I mixed the basics, placed the mixture into the steel bowl and then did the daring part. We have a utensil called ‘Tawa’ with holes in it. I don’t know what they call it in English or even if it exists in other parts of the world except in Asia. But to give u an idea, its like a frying pan. But without any steel walls. We Asians make ‘Roti aka Chappati’ over it. Please Google.

My ‘Tawwa’ has holes in it for special reasons. We use it for specific dishes which requires certain special heating in order to cook properly. The holes allow the item placed upon it to have slow and nice heat and not direct and harsh.

I used another utensil, i.e. a cooking pot made of steel, pour 3 cups of water in it and let it warm up on slow heat over the ‘Tawwa’. When the water was slightly warm, I placed the bowl which had cake mixture in it , inside the cooking pot right in the middle. It looked like a round Titanic. Except that it didn’t drown. Make sure you don’t over flow the pot. If the water evaporates, you can always put more but don’t do it before hand. I Covered the cooking pot with the lid and waited for like eternity to have it baked.

At first I was sure I had failed. But as the time passed, the slow and soft heat did its magic. And voala!!! After 2 hours and about 30 minutes, my cake was ready.

The Decoration:

This again is a proof that I grew up watching BBC Food. I create, present and Shoot. 

Its very simple and easy. All you need is a creative mind and the heart to put some effort into things you do for the sake of good photography.

1 – The cream I used on cake is borrowed from the Puff Cakes a guest had brought earlier. It’s texture was very soft and light. And it also saved me the headache to spend money on fine cream.

2- The red spots which are giving the look as if its ice cream is a very famous drink in Pakistan. “Jam-e-shireen’. I sprinkled the sweet liquid over the cake with spoon and within minutes it was soaked by the great cream and cake. (I tried to make the pattern of a butterfly but it got wrecked)

3- The tiny colorful balls or whatever it is, was the only cake decoration item I had in store. Thanks to my Cousin Brother who bought me its jar when I bugged him at the super store.

4- And finally the last kick. Beautiful plastic butterfly on top of the cake. I swear, I would have adjusted even a pretty earring over it, if I had to.

And now the Great  7  Reasons why a Woman Bakes.

7- She’s a baker, ofcourse!

6- She’s definitely a wife of a baker. Fsh!

5- She wants to please her mother in law. So typical.

4- She just got fed up with her boring diet. Or better, she’s determined to make others fat.

3- She loves to Bake, Honestly. And it’s her happy medium.

2- She’s upset. Needs to relax.

1- And finally: Yup! Heartbroken.

As for me, I bake a cake after ages, and once I start, I keep doing it to stay happy and focused. And this cake was made because of Sam soon.  I was inspired by the Heroine of my Korean drama, who happened to be a Baker. Then I thought of my blogging adventures  and here I landed.

Ah..The Things I do for WordPress.

Anywho,  Happy La Cake Everyone! 🙂

And Once again I have no idea what this means.

March 6, 2011

Cook. Eat. Sit back and Relax! Its alright to give yourself the pleasure of pure good food Sometimes!!!

by Khanum

I always wanted to do this. I wanted to cook a good meal. Photograph it from different angles, focusing on its beauty like they do on BBC Food. Eat it up & then do nothing but just sit back and relax.

Now if you’re a regular cook at home, this may sound nothing exciting to you. Or anything that could give you a break from regular tensions of life. But let me ask you this. When was the last time you cooked something for yourself and decorated it for the love of food?

No. We don’t do this. Why? Because we simply have no time to adore our plate of food and be artistic for Food’s sake.

I had been dying to cook    something marvellous,  lately. So I decided to cook  Butter Chicken. But they have a rule. You need to have a Chicken and a big chunk of butter to cook the dish. Dang it!!! I said. It was in the middle of the night and I had no poor chicken in my house to slaughter.  What to do , how to unleash the cook inside me once and for all. I was frustrated and hungry!!!!


Desperate times call for desperate measures. I gathered everything  I had available  in open area of the kitchen (I say this because usually my mother hides her grocery away from me , fearing my midnight adventures could cost her  in the morning) and thought of a dish I could make using the limited ingredients.

WOALLA!! where there’s a will, there’s a way!  “Veni, Vidi, Vici“. I came I saw and I conquered.

It was a beautiful dish and a beautiful romantic date with ‘whateva’ I made in the name and pure love of Food ~ 🙂

Here are few more pictures of my ‘Cooking Phase’  from the past !


“Shahi Tukray”


“Sweet Simple Cake”

“With a secret on top” 😛

Note: If You like to photograph your dishes in every beautiful way. Do not hesitate to be creative. I had run out of whipped cream to decorate my cake with. So, instead of compromising on the beautification aspect. I did what a good cook should always do. Improvise.


Use the yogurt instead. Like I did.

It really looks like whipped cream after all. For sure ! 😀