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June 7, 2011

Suck at Drawing? Yet, Go Creative!

by Khanum

Every photographer goes through his phase. All the objects in the sight seem boring. If you’re honest to your work,  You may feel you’re useless.

Or in my case, I have been capturing alot of faces lately that I feel I should kill myself before I’m requested to take another shot of a human face. It’s monotonous , It’s tiring. And most of all, its equal to halting your creative side.But that is what they demand when you’re employed by  people who don’t understand a thing about ‘Creativity’. It’s always about traditional productivity  and how much work you have done. rather than How creative you have been. So its like Creativity vs Usual Productivity thing in every artist’s life. But what if you want to be both? It’s not about Can you or Can you not – It’s about, will they allow you to be ?

No. They will never do such sane thing. It’s a death for their business and most importantly, A hurt on their ego.

So the only refuge you can avail is through your own determination & imagination. Make use of whatever time you have. No matter where you are, if you’re given even a minute to be yourself, TAKE IT AND RUN!

And please, have faith in yourself. Take the leap of faith and go for your thing. There are many crossroads and many mountains in your way. Don’t worry.  Be proud and confident about your creative side.

Here’s What I would recommend doing, if you’re tired of traditional capturing.

I had no object to shoot today, plus our Head  has also left for Turkey this morning which means No Boss to boss around for a month. This should have been a Good news to me. Instead i felt more dull. Why? Ah – I have already mentioned, I am tired of Traditional photo shoots.

But I had to do something. This is what i came up with.

Please don’t laugh – Or consider your self killed.

I borrowed a blank sheet from the office, borrowed crayons from the Art Head and went ahead with whatever came to my mind for the post on my blog yesterday and even today. “How Many Languages can You Speak”.

Although I suck at drawing, calligraphy is perhaps my only talent when it comes to drawing lines. However, thanks to Technology, there are many ways to be creative. Only when I was satisfied with my toddler drawing, I clicked the camera and transfered it to computer.
Some of the Photoshop and magic on Picasa Software.
And WOALA! there we had a abstract piece, my own creation. At least I used my time being creative.


Why walk the one and only traditional road? Why not make your own route?

May 21, 2011

A Boss That Seldom Smiles

by Khanum

Getting to know Turks.

Working with PakTurk.

Getting to know the feeling of Having a Boss (who also happens to be a Turk)

As if that’s not enough.

Planning to  meet more turks.

Happy with Turks.

Annoyed with Turks.

And that’s how my day starts and ends. “Turks Turks Turks”.


This note has already been typed and published in a dungeon called as  my brain. There, I have already  gone through each and every exhausting detail of my time today and relieved myself of my previusly felt temper. Now, it’s just a formality that  I type. In hope, that every boss and employee reads it.

“Is this okay sir?”

“yes, yes. Its good.”

“okay. I’ll be back.”

—– Few minutes later

“Here it is.”

“What is this , Miss Pervisha?”

“What is what , sir?”

“This… Miss Pervisha”

(Miss Pervisha confused)

“Its the design you approved, Sir”

“No no I don’t like this. this should be like that and that should be like this —”

Can somebody here  relate to it… !? 🙂  I know, That’s not the time when we no longer wish to be employed. People do have double minds. I sometimes suffers from lack of decision too. That’s fine that’s okay. Its a part of every job. But the problem starts,  when the boss declares a war upon you without a genuine reason. Uses an alien tone that you seriously don’t deserve. And that too, infront of others.

“DOn’t you then feel like using the same tone back?” …It’s really hurtful and I’m sorry to say to all the bossess out there: It’s unlike What our Prophet Muhammad Peace be upon him taught us.

Once there was a person who urinated in the Holy Masjid of Madina. Al the companions of Prophet Peace be upon him present there became angry and wanted to shout at him. Why wouldn’t they? He had urinated in the place where they postrated 5 times a day before Allah. He deserved to be shouted at. But what did our Prophet peace be upon him do?

He goes to the person, takes him to the side and with decorum and patience , tells him not to repeat such action.

How justified was his action and how wise , how humble. Had  the Prophet treated him with harsh words and insulting strategy, Who knows the person had come to that same place again and urinated just to get even.

If the person who ommitted such a mistake gets to be treated with kindness, why not a Muslim boss of today have the heart to be kind with his already hardworking  and loyal people?

Allah knows best, why people interact in such manner. I have never understood this alien reason. To have a boss who seldom smiles. Seldom appreciates may not be a reason to quit on doing hardwork but what’s criminal here is the fact that He even forgets the little appreciation you had earned earlier.

Lets flip to the other side!

4 years back I found myself in a trouble with one of my teachers. I had every ounce of belief that I am not liked by her. No matter what I did, I always received a cold tone. Quit on her, that was my only plan. But before that I tried my luck with her once more, that too upon the insist from my uncle.

he had convinced me that its not her , its You Pervisha That’s not paying her attention.

Confused and frustrated, I had protested upon this absurd accusation. How come I am not paying attention , han? I sit at the front. I perform well in the papers. I never miss her class, yet she’s not pleased with me. What the heck is wrong !!!!!!! Why does she never smile?

He was right. I was not paying her attention.

The next day, I started from the scratch. Always on time – sometimes late too but always sat at front. Okay, sometimes became a back bencher too but onething I never forgot to practice with her. I looked in her eyes always and just smiled.

1 day, one week, one month and within a semester of 6 months , I felt she began to smile back.

That’s called paying attention. I had asked myself, who knows what problem she faces at home or what troubles she goes through before reaching you people at University.You cannot expect somebody to be kind and justified with you all the time. But again, it is also a part of our deen to be humble with eachother and not be harsh. As we all our fighting our wars each day. So, its upto us. Which side we wants to be on… Prophet’s or Satan’s. Hopeful or Hurtful.

Its very important to choose well, otherwise the same sad and pathetic cycle of hurt keeps circulating and rortating itself  Your boss shouts at you, you come home looking grim and starts shouting at your family because you got shouted at, then the next thing you know , your family starts shouting at neighbours because you put them in the grim mood in the first place which was done by your Boss in reality when he shouted at you! Allah hu Akbar! Be reasonable.

I pray , Allah softens up the heart of every boss to acknowledge the efforts of his workers, may His problems get solved soon  so that he stops making the staff unhappy . And May Allah gives all the staff members the heart to be loyal and understanding with their head. No doubt, every man has a great side to him. His great side is the God fearing Heart, that senses the hurt done to other people.

Now for the laugh: A day back in administration meeting, I was doodling on my journal while peeking at my boss’s monitor screen now and then. “In Tolerance, be like the sea.” ‘Rumi’ He was typing…

I thought it was a cool line.  I hurriedly noted it down on my journal. Only an hour later I realised I had made a big blunder.”In Tolerance, Be like the Tea” .

Now that I think about it. this version may also get passed as a classic  quotation of the year.