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March 4, 2014

La Tour Eiffel et moi – Take 2

by Khanum

Wait–wait! Before you jump to the wrong conclusion let me just break the news to you all.

YES!!! I am obsessing over Eiffel Tower alot but no I am not in love with any French guy to come to this point of insanity. I am simply having awesome free time at hand and a blessed season to do anything I like and want. My mind is BOOMING with creativity! And out of the many things that I am doing these days for fun, this tops the list.

Ya-ha-hoo! I am drawing and creating my honest version of art. Mum thinks I’m dying over La Eiffel tower, trying to get the sketching right but I think am just trying to live my dream of travelling the world and city of lights through these sketches, that I do daily. I cant explain in words, the joy I feel inside while doodling. Its like I am actually there, the details of the picture, the angles, the turns, the measure, the colors. It all makes me feel like I know this place. Like I am there. Alive and kicking!

Ahh! I wish I get to travel the whole  world Universe. Till then, Let’s enjoy this newly found hobby.

I created this miniature Eiffel Tower first thing in the morning. Image (5) - Copy

Then I ruined it accidentally by introducing colors in the picture : ( I just wanted to look it elegant but I forgot I am good at bizarre art only. Elegant and neat sketching is not my cup of tea with biscuits made of chocolate.


I went ahead and classically ruined the piece more. Giving it multiple dimensions.  Artist’s mind, you know.

Image (5) - Copy - Copy

And then I did the most amazing thing. I actually created something good out of the sketch of sole structure. Thankfully, I had scanned the sketch of the miniature Tower before using water colors on it. So After epic-lly failing at color scheme. I transformed my Eiffel Tower sketch with a bit of digital magic using Pic Monkey.

Tada! I created this !!!!!

PicMonkey Collage2

 Amazing, isn’t it!  So amazing. Alhamdulillah! The way we can play with sketches using software and the way we can learn to create more new things and grow more in the field of arts. Its amazing. I am actually personally in love with this version of the Eiffel Tower. I wanted to add something more but then could only find these birds cum chicks to settle on the trees.

I feel like I can turn it into a post card – both digital and print form – with some extra doodling. What do you guys think?


June 26, 2011

Happy La Cake!

by Khanum

 And I don’t know what the title means. It sounded nice, so I made it up.

But on the non-joking side: The true title of this post should be.

” The Secret Ingredient (no longer a secret) & The Great-facto Reasons why a Woman Bakes”.


The secret Ingredient of this Great cake ever made by ME is “I made it with faith and not by the book rules”. Which became my miracle. I had no oven to begin with , you see.  Whatever I had was ‘secret ingredient’.


2 cups of bla bla bla, 1 cup of more bla bla bla and 1 cup of that bla bla blah. You know the usual ingredients. Sugar, butter (ghee in most cases), white flour and eggs. Milk if required etc etc. So let’s skip the ordinary things.

Coming towards the mind boggling experimental things. I always make a cake without any measured ingredients.Fussing over exact measures ,  kills the chances of ‘following your instincts in kitchen’ and ala ka scram awesome surprises. (Again I have no clue what ala ka scram means, please pardon)

I mixed the basics, placed the mixture into the steel bowl and then did the daring part. We have a utensil called ‘Tawa’ with holes in it. I don’t know what they call it in English or even if it exists in other parts of the world except in Asia. But to give u an idea, its like a frying pan. But without any steel walls. We Asians make ‘Roti aka Chappati’ over it. Please Google.

My ‘Tawwa’ has holes in it for special reasons. We use it for specific dishes which requires certain special heating in order to cook properly. The holes allow the item placed upon it to have slow and nice heat and not direct and harsh.

I used another utensil, i.e. a cooking pot made of steel, pour 3 cups of water in it and let it warm up on slow heat over the ‘Tawwa’. When the water was slightly warm, I placed the bowl which had cake mixture in it , inside the cooking pot right in the middle. It looked like a round Titanic. Except that it didn’t drown. Make sure you don’t over flow the pot. If the water evaporates, you can always put more but don’t do it before hand. I Covered the cooking pot with the lid and waited for like eternity to have it baked.

At first I was sure I had failed. But as the time passed, the slow and soft heat did its magic. And voala!!! After 2 hours and about 30 minutes, my cake was ready.

The Decoration:

This again is a proof that I grew up watching BBC Food. I create, present and Shoot. 

Its very simple and easy. All you need is a creative mind and the heart to put some effort into things you do for the sake of good photography.

1 – The cream I used on cake is borrowed from the Puff Cakes a guest had brought earlier. It’s texture was very soft and light. And it also saved me the headache to spend money on fine cream.

2- The red spots which are giving the look as if its ice cream is a very famous drink in Pakistan. “Jam-e-shireen’. I sprinkled the sweet liquid over the cake with spoon and within minutes it was soaked by the great cream and cake. (I tried to make the pattern of a butterfly but it got wrecked)

3- The tiny colorful balls or whatever it is, was the only cake decoration item I had in store. Thanks to my Cousin Brother who bought me its jar when I bugged him at the super store.

4- And finally the last kick. Beautiful plastic butterfly on top of the cake. I swear, I would have adjusted even a pretty earring over it, if I had to.

And now the Great  7  Reasons why a Woman Bakes.

7- She’s a baker, ofcourse!

6- She’s definitely a wife of a baker. Fsh!

5- She wants to please her mother in law. So typical.

4- She just got fed up with her boring diet. Or better, she’s determined to make others fat.

3- She loves to Bake, Honestly. And it’s her happy medium.

2- She’s upset. Needs to relax.

1- And finally: Yup! Heartbroken.

As for me, I bake a cake after ages, and once I start, I keep doing it to stay happy and focused. And this cake was made because of Sam soon.  I was inspired by the Heroine of my Korean drama, who happened to be a Baker. Then I thought of my blogging adventures  and here I landed.

Ah..The Things I do for WordPress.

Anywho,  Happy La Cake Everyone! 🙂

And Once again I have no idea what this means.

June 7, 2011

Suck at Drawing? Yet, Go Creative!

by Khanum

Every photographer goes through his phase. All the objects in the sight seem boring. If you’re honest to your work,  You may feel you’re useless.

Or in my case, I have been capturing alot of faces lately that I feel I should kill myself before I’m requested to take another shot of a human face. It’s monotonous , It’s tiring. And most of all, its equal to halting your creative side.But that is what they demand when you’re employed by  people who don’t understand a thing about ‘Creativity’. It’s always about traditional productivity  and how much work you have done. rather than How creative you have been. So its like Creativity vs Usual Productivity thing in every artist’s life. But what if you want to be both? It’s not about Can you or Can you not – It’s about, will they allow you to be ?

No. They will never do such sane thing. It’s a death for their business and most importantly, A hurt on their ego.

So the only refuge you can avail is through your own determination & imagination. Make use of whatever time you have. No matter where you are, if you’re given even a minute to be yourself, TAKE IT AND RUN!

And please, have faith in yourself. Take the leap of faith and go for your thing. There are many crossroads and many mountains in your way. Don’t worry.  Be proud and confident about your creative side.

Here’s What I would recommend doing, if you’re tired of traditional capturing.

I had no object to shoot today, plus our Head  has also left for Turkey this morning which means No Boss to boss around for a month. This should have been a Good news to me. Instead i felt more dull. Why? Ah – I have already mentioned, I am tired of Traditional photo shoots.

But I had to do something. This is what i came up with.

Please don’t laugh – Or consider your self killed.

I borrowed a blank sheet from the office, borrowed crayons from the Art Head and went ahead with whatever came to my mind for the post on my blog yesterday and even today. “How Many Languages can You Speak”.

Although I suck at drawing, calligraphy is perhaps my only talent when it comes to drawing lines. However, thanks to Technology, there are many ways to be creative. Only when I was satisfied with my toddler drawing, I clicked the camera and transfered it to computer.
Some of the Photoshop and magic on Picasa Software.
And WOALA! there we had a abstract piece, my own creation. At least I used my time being creative.


Why walk the one and only traditional road? Why not make your own route?