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May 11, 2018

Google’s Duplex and my peaked interest in AI

by Khanum

Or is it piqued? Aaa, never mind.

Just now over the Facebook, I came across a news shared by my cousin brother. He had made some horrified, stupefied and awe struck emoticons with a message to his friend to go through Google’s demonstration video. I saw and was left awe struck myself.

Google is onto it’s way to revolutionize the way we work, interact and live. Anyone with AI secretary at their disposal in the future, can literally rest all day, and the AI secretary will make all your appointments like a human, take care of all your online and offline chores, possibly and depict the perfect picture of a well advanced future. All of this reminded me of Will Smith’s I, ROBOT movie. We all know AI is going to take over, right?


Having said that, I am quite motivated to look further into this matter because I realized, how fast the world is going. My questions are:

  1. How will this breakthrough in the science/programming field, affect other fields of study?
  2. Are other subjects such as arts, humanities and my own degree in Mass Communication now somehow lagging behind while scientists, programmers and software engineers are taking over the world by the storm?
  3. Amusingly, like philosophy, that has taken a back seat in the recent years where as it was once the top subject to study, is it possible that in the coming years, decades, some arts and humanities subjects could become totally obsolete and only pure sciences will be taught? 

When we look at the schooling system, alot of schools already prefer S.T.E.M (Science, Technology, Engineering, Maths) over S.T.E.A.M (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, Maths).

What is more amusing for me today is, m contemplating if I need to switch fields to be a part of such fantastic studies, which is by all means, making me jump out of my seat for innovation, or defend my existing field and see how it can play a role in the AI future. One thing is for sure, learning is crucial  and to stay up to date with the current happening news in technology is even more essential. Because when they leave for the moon again, and set up AI systems in the solar system, I want to be there. Or at least have my future generations, be a part of it.


News from my side: (the domain) will be closing down next year and I’ll revert to my wordpress blog for good. Let me write about it in the next post. inshaAllah!

P.S. Yaaayyyyyyy! So happy to blog here on my baby blog home after years. ❤



October 13, 2013

Can we say Alhamdulillah for Pringles?

by Khanum

images (2)

Yes we can. Its one of the most expensive chips out there. Not many can afford it trust me. I’m lucky to eat it for probably the 5th time in my life.

So much happened in past few days.

Lost another year,  had birthday on 5th October.  And since am not a birthday person , I peacefully spent the day with family doing nothing but rest. The only thing special about this birthday was my typhoid – I am not complaining or anything, Alhamdulillah it was just typhoid nothing like cancer –  and then the beautiful evening.

After eating alot of bad taste medicines I started crying for a box of pringles just like that. Actually my mum asked me what I want for my birthday. I shamelessly demanded pringles. So my dear mum May Allah bless her and my lovely family gave me the big surprise. They know how I would have refused a birthday cake or any kind of celebration so they did what a loving stubborn family does. First they handed me my pringles and then they made me cut the pastry instead of a cake.

-____- my mother even put a candle on it and sang me a song. It was weird but lovely.

Then the next day came and just when I thought Life’s perfect now I lost a friend, someone very close to my heart. But you can’t always control life,you know. If people wanna replace you with someone better, they will. If people wanna compare you , or belittle you. They will. You just have to accept the bitter reality and gobble it down to your humanly throat. I gobbled it down with a glass of Alhamdulillah. May that friend live a prosperous blessed life. Ameen.

Then the next day came. I had fever and a broken heart. And Just when I thought I would collapse right before my viva. Allah saved my soul. My teacher came and said I know you can do it. Just hold on.

1 hour later . I passed my viva for the thesis with flying colors.

I’m 25 today. I’m not satisfied with myself. There’s much work I still have to do to earn my ticket to Jannah. No kidding. I’m terribly afraid of birthday each year cause am afraid of death coming to me – approaching me before I have pleased my Lord! I need time and time has managed to prison us all.

But yet the fear of death shouldn’t stop us from appreciating life. Alhamdulillah for everything He has given me. Everything I am everything I own , is His Mercy. I’m nothing.

I’m nothing but startdust … like you… who sometimes enjoy eating pringles.

June 6, 2011

Linguistic Maniac & other Syndromes.

by Khanum

Urdu, English, Arabic, Hangul, Turkish. Once I’m done with these, I will move further. And Who knows what more languages I may end up learning before I expire from this World.

It’s National geographic Thing. Utterly amazing & mindbogglingly Adventurous.



I was in school, perhaps in class 5 when I got the  craze to achieve perfection in Britisher’s Language in order to become Master of  English Lingua. Click Here if you wish to read my tale of English Maniac. I settled the score at that game long ago despite of the fact that I am still average at my Mother tongue i.e., Lingua Urdu! This is another tale. According to my mother, it’s a side effect of living in a land where Britishers once ruled – Stubbornly.

“Angrez chaley gayem magar apni aulad chor gaye” is the common saying around here if you suck at Urdu round the clock.     Anyway.

I have this syndrome. Which pushes me to do new things and have know-how of other stuff  , other cultures alien to me. It’s  ‘I-have-to-learn-something-something-all-the-time-in-this-world-or-I-will-die” kind of situation. So whenever I’m fascinated by something I have to have it googled first. Then later on loose my sleep over it for several nights before I come to decision to finally go for it. Same thing happened with riding  a bicycle. I was so in awe of the working of two wheels. How come people are able to balance their fat body merely on two thin wheels, han? I finally got it after practice.

Now ever since National Geographic & Discovery Channel became the number one sources to watch all weird activities going on in the world, to top it all, ever since , I – became more taller and stronger: The passion to learn and continue the process has been of tremendous weight.

And now I feel even He wants me to go for different things and make myself reach somewhere, somewhere – where He’s waiting for me to reach.

First I bumped into Turkish People where I work. Gladly there I am offered free Turkish classes. Its another matter altogether that I find the instructor rather non-teaching-material. Anyway, before Turkish came into my life, I was already having a one on one with Arabic. It’s the language of my Holy Book. The instructor is very cool. Very helpful and very old. And did I mention it’s an online course ? it gives me so much room to go over the last repeated sentence of the Teacher anytime I wish.

Moving on Further, my recent obsession has been with Hangul. Korean language that is very complicated on the outlook but once you learn the basics its way easier as riding a bicycle. My way to Hangul was paved by Korean dramas mostly. My favorite character spoke fluent Korean so Of course I had to know what he and she were fusing about. It’s very amazing and fun thing to do, Seriously! And who knows which language might come handy to you at any moment in your life.

My list of to-do-things-before-I-die  is a quite a long one that i feel I shouldn’t even start typing. Plus half of them are related to spiritual contentment , so it’s better left unsaid without any show off. However, one very common wish that I might share with many and many people around the world is definitely this one : To Travel this Amazing World of the Creator and Give him feedback! and in order to do that – I have to know the different modes of communication. Here comes the languages I have been trying to master from past recent days – all together.

So whether you’re into different cultures or not, smart or not, competitive or not, rich or not. I feel, Having the know-how of other languages can make you stand among the most cooler and learned people in the world.

My, being the  fluent speaker of English lingua is a proof of that.  Would I have achieved the specific things in my life If I hadn’t trained myself to English tongue? Would I have been able to communicate with you people and known you  if I hadn’t learned this international language , in the first place?

The answer is obviously, No! So how many languages you’re gonna know ?

May 16, 2011

Living in 21st century with all the possible advancements, it is such a crime to deny the citizens a chance to know the basic facts of celestial science!

by Khanum

Lights off,’ ordered the man to make the people alert for the show at PIA Planetarium. I held my breath as the light slowly dissolved into darkness and there began to appear stars on the bed of night. I anticipated that soon cosmic world would revolve around me – twinkling stars, shooting meteoroids, the rotating solar system and the captivating colours of nebulas. Me and my pals waited, the show inside the dome went on, but Alas! No wonders happened…

Luckily! Passion:  is strangely a stubborn thing. It has the power to push you to do things which non passionate people may not even dare think of doing so. After a disappointing episode at the planetarium, My Passion for star gazing and astronomy led me to Super Star gazers!  aka 1000 times greater Lovers of Astronomy!

Umair Asim, from Lahore Astronomical Society. Hassaan Ghazali from Society of the Sun and Omer Bin Abdul Aziz.  They are the only ones working firmly to promote astronomy in the country and so their names cannot be brushed aside. 2 years back I reported a news on Planetarium’s condition while working in The Nation Newspaper. And soon after that I was asked to cover a full length feature on Astronomy in Pakistan. Then as if the work was still unfinished, a year later I decided to make a documentary on Amatuer Astronomers in Lahore. El Hamdulillah, that was a rewarding effort for my grades in university especially!

As a child I always wished I were in NASA, an astronaut  or some character from a science fiction story who had a spaceship and a gianttt telescope to see a star up close.

I dream of planets, I swear! , I dream of astronomical events. I’m a crazy little amateur astronomer who never gets tired of star gazing at night. I dream I’m in space, surrounded by a thousand sparkling stars …the  shiny star dust all around me!!! and the Eagle Nebula engulfing me in its foggy colors. I wish  I could  touch their beauty somehow. But Most of the times when I’m speaking of stars and moon and clusters, my family thinks me a dreamer. But how can I explain to them the peace I find in star gazing? It’s fascinating. It’s like an addiction. It’s God’s Creation after all and our Road to Awe!

Have a look, at the pictures captured right from Umair Asim’s  giant Celestron.

That’s crescent Moon. Our earth’s lover!

Now this is Moon Mosaic. Our moon, up close!!!

Above picture – Apollo 11 Landing Site.

Moon Craters.

Moon Mountain.

Moon-Crater Ring

Planet Venus

Planet Mars !

Jupiter with Great Red Spot.


Planet Jupiter.

Orion Nebula with Bow-Shock star-M42

Eskimo Nebula!!!

And now for the grand finale. Ladies and gentlemen, please behold. The star we’ve all heard about in both science and fiction. The one and Only, SIRIUS !

100 years ago the frontier of human exploration was limited, today; it’s extended through our solar system and reaches out to galaxies billions of light years away. We can experience adventures in this realm with new technologies; we can now simulate these distant environments and let people see what it’s really like to be there. In this way, our planetarium can be simulated space ships, staffed with knowledgeable tour guides: so that the ordinary citizen can explore the wonders of the universe.

If today, PIA sets out a proper strategy to run the Planetarium and starts funding it with even a small piece of compassion, our spaceship could be turned from dust to gold.

Anyway, What’s your favorite Nebula or shiny object in the sky at night? 🙂

February 6, 2011

Guess who e-mailed me last nite…

by Khanum

Guess! And make a good guess.

Pity- No! it wasn’t The President of USA seeking my assistance on how to repair the damage done to my land! It was Mr. Z. I kan’t take his name since he’s a renowned professor at a renowned University in Pakistan. The reason why he emailed me was to get my help. Yes H-E-L-P : help on a article he’s supposed to present sum where I guess.  And now you must be cracking at my sense of humor that How come a professor is at my door step seeking help? lol…. I am asking myself the same question but I don’t know what Big Bang just hit my life I seem to have attracted alot of jobs earlier. I met him at a publishing house. Mr. X (the publisher I am trying to work with) is his friend and according to him he likes the way I write so (atleast that’s what he told me) he’s willing to pay me a reward if I work for him. Now the only difference between his offer and the work I have done previously for My head of the department is the part Where i’ll get paid for my hard work! Seriously, if you are a good student, every third Professor will take advantage of you in Pakistan. It’s up-to you How you deal with it. Now money is not everything in life, sometimes giving a favor is the smartest thing to do and bravest but please, Make sure you earn enough before you think such nonsense. 🙂

WordPress , Is it you bringing me fortune ? I Thank Allah for everything He has given me.

February 3, 2011

Project Julie/Julia/Khanum

by Khanum

Like every third person in the world, who go through many tasks at the same time, trying to rush things but with true intention of getting it done quick and on time. I too go through my routine stuff in the same fashion. I rush things and believe me, it doesn’t get me anywhere.

So only few hours ago when I started this blog with the Title KHANUM SAYS, I was writing with no clear aim but just this feeling of writing about my country, people and so on , therefore I was pushing my laptop keys fast fast fast and at the same time hearing news from across the room, stuffing dinner in my mouth, stopping at different words to check on the downloading files, revising lectures of my Arabic language class in between and to add more… I was watching a movie. JULIE AND JULIA.

I was watching it in bits. As much as the downloading speed allowed me to watch, I watched it. Not until that I was done with all other downloads and my blog, That I was able to have the full internet speed to Julia & Julia movie and watch it with nothing else on my mind.

The plot unfolded in minutes as the characters spoke. And All that I could hope to get out of  that wonderful story, was a charming little ending with something wonderful to remember and say, Yes. It was a good movie.

That is it. Nothing more. Nothing less.

But guess what?  …I found much more than just an end. I think, I may have found a beginning to my own new life.

It appears to be that I was meant to know Julie & Julia today at the same time as I was making a new blog. Because Now, All I want to do is…. Follow Julie & Julia in their footsteps and achieve something of my own.

Julie, as I discovered and she revealed, has ADHD. Attention deficit Hyperactivity disorder. I, too have ADHD. I never finish my tasks which I have promised to finish . Although I was brilliant academic projects not to forget I was usually the Head of every team, but talk about personal goals. I suck.

I, too have dozens of unfinished manuscripts in my laptop. I haven’t been able to really start a career or even a stable job. I am a Post graduate with degree equivalent to Masters in Journalism, 3.35 CGPA, Excellent reputation at My university or anywhere I worked as an internee that people used to prophesized ,about my shinny career. ‘This girl would do it’, ‘You have got it’ and so on.

A person with too many skills and fields of interests that narrow it down and I am a Jack of all trades & master of NONE!  Like Julie, I, too have to ask people to time me up. Set a deadline for me so that I finish things on time and don’t let myself divert my attention to something new. something more exciting and ruin my former task.

Enough of this.

Inspiration and determination has knocked on my door and I will not let it slip away. I have fantastic opportunities at my door. And no to mention a sober subject to blog about.

Project Julie/Julia/ and Now Slash Khanum launches today.

I have 6 months before I start my classes for Mphil which means 2 years of pure torture and hard work. Till then I have to do it all.

6 Months, Feb, March, April, May, June, and July to go. With Two language courses to be completed Arabic & Persian.  Preparation for CSS exams to be held next year and the most major things — Finishing my previously started manuscript of Urdu Novel. And last but not the least,  A work  I have been recently offered to do for A publishing house. A unique book on my hometown.

I hope, I wish and I pray secretly in my heart, That I wont be alone in this project. Somewhere , somebody will listen to this. Read it and push me to complete my tasks. My 6 months plan.

Cheers to Julie & Julia. The women who cooked and gave all the other women in the world more than good recipes:  Timeless Inspiration to hold on to our dreams and stick to our goals.


Bon appetit !