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September 16, 2012

Her Heavenly Abode… A letter to a friend far away

by Khanum

I googled my name just like that and it brought tears to my eyes….  I had written a piece for my beloved nano years ago and submitted it to Fountain magazine in Turkey, they published it after 2 years wait in line.

“They ask me over and over again Nano, why life does everything in its power to return to death? I say hush, silent…believe and pray. Death in itself is a desire to live young, forever and ever again!”

Miss you nano..

Click here to view digital copy.

March 14, 2012

The Flower’s Song by John Shuck

by Khanum

The humble flower swaying free,
Bent down in prayer as winds blow by.
No glimpse of greed or poverty,
Once again she stretches up beneath the sky.

Listen closely to the flower’s song,
As pedals play their part.
To turn Man’s eye for a moment long,
To God’s great work of art.

“See order in my rhythm,
See plan in my design.
See prayer in my precision.
’I’ve been sent here as a sign.

Ponder now, before I’m gone,
For winter here draws nigh.
Without knowledge of why we’re here,
Is not wisdom naught but a lie?

And as I sing my final song,
This is what we all will learn.
To God it is we all belong,
And to Him is our return.”

I found this pretty poem in fountain magazine, Hope it delights your heart.