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November 29, 2013

Today’s Menu: Fluffy Eggs and Doctor Who!

by Khanum

2013-11-29 06.49.53

Assalamo alaikum! Hiya and welcome to The world of Eggs lord. This is a dimension where a Time lord has landed with his TARDIS. The implication of today’s episode is “A very suspicious egg lord”.

Synopsis: When an egg from far future began to spread terrorism in Khanum’s  imaginary kitchen, The only possible solution was to send a distress call to Doctor Who and his TARDIS. – .

Here is the Egg lord pointing his gun at me  .. 😮

2013-11-29 06.54.45

..And then He pointed his gun at Doctor who – who came to rescue me along with Rory and Amy.

2013-11-29 06.54.51

Now Before you realise this is beginning to sound very ridiculous just like many of the Doctor Who’s episodes,  I’ll get straight to the point in reality.

I have cooked eggs today in breakfast after being inspired by Nadia’s Terroristic post. Click here to read that.

What things do you need to make fluffy eggs? Ingredients :-

1- Your precious Time.

2- Stamina to stand in the kitchen.

3- Stomach to digest an egg in the first place.

4- Handkerchief and lots of tissues – in case you’re badly sneezing.

5- And a working camera or cell to photograph it later. Otherwise just don’t bother get up at 4 am in the morning.

What things you usually use to make fluffy eggs? 

1- Eggs. Duh!

2- Milk. Bah!

3-Salt and black pepper

4- Butter.

Recipe: How I made it. 

Now this is my favorite part where I get to tell how I actually made it. You see my first attempt was to simply steal pizza or any bakery stuff from the fridge. That I often do when eggs are on strike in my kitchen and Imma hungry. But dang it! I got lucky. There appeared 5 magical eggs on our dining table. I seized the moment, quietly and with quite a hard control on my heart, I put back the stolen slice of pizza (which was in my sweater pocket already – in case mum woke up) and grabbed an egg.

I’ve got clean sweater pockets so don’t you dare judge me! Moving On.

I started beating 1 egg and did it for like long long long long , 3 seconds only. I used one egg instead the traditional 2 because come on , Its barbaric to murder two chicks right in the morning just cause you are up for the breakfast after centuries.

I added 2-3 tablespoons of Milk in it which really really makes an egg get fluffiness and volume and seasoned it with salt and black pepper. And you know what! It turned out classic. Anything I seem to make these days with just salt and pepper ends up tasting wow! No kidding. I think red chilli really dominates the whole ingredients sometimes.

So when I was done with the egg mixture, I literally threw butter in the pan to dance. Poured in my eggs and cooked it on low heat poking constantly in the egg until it was set. Like they do in the TV when making The Perfect French Omelette 

Voila! Gorgeous tasty fluffy egg with a toasted slice and a cup of tea. Bang bang!

I Enjoyed it while watching Doctor Who’s Pirates episode from season 6.

2013-11-29 06.52.44


And The point is : Bon appetit !

September 23, 2011

Table for 2 . Very Traditional

by Khanum

 Today ,  the boss of the kitchen (yes my mother) decided to go on cooking- strike, evi main. ‘I have just cooked khichri and all of you better eat that’. She announced. All the non protesting members of family eventually gave in except two. It was me and my Cat.  That announcement was a death for us both. We are generally the strangest creatures at home. ‘Meat eaters’ is what my ammi jaan labels us. We eat in contrast but always together. For instance when  I eat the egg white, she eats the egg yolk. Anyway,

Back to the kitchen.

Desperate times call for desperate  errr … I mean Khanum’s measures. It was once again time to item up and step into the cutlery war zone.

I had one red capsicum, 1 green capsicum, 1 cup yogurt, 1, 1 something something , and only 4 pieces of  chicken. I could cook enough for two. For Me & my cat (my cat doesn’t eat uncooked meat neither overcooked meat, please note).

So this is what I came up with. The roti I had to ask from tandoor, ofcourse. I am after all khanum not some tandoor wali.  I cooked chicken with friend capsicum on top. I had no idea how to cook something good and something that can be blogged about  with just 4 pieces of chicken. I did alot of abra cadabra to turn the flavors wow and I’m glad it turned out ala ka scram. The only spices I used was dried coriander,  salt and red chilli powder. For lassi , a drink which the people of Turkey call as  Ayran , I used simply yogurt and water. (my Pakistani chums already know this of course).

So there it goes. Another story of my life from Pakistan. . Hope you enjoy the pictures.

P.S. Please excuse the quality of the pictures today. My professional photography camera developed some incurable error at the last minute. So I had to use another camera. Not a beauty at all.

P.S.S. Due to undesirable circumstances, my cat did not join me for the lunch. By the time I was frying the chicken, my cat was on the verge of committing suicide. So I had to give her some milk to drink and be contended with that.

P.S.S. Because I made only one glass of lassi, I shared it with others. 

August 15, 2011

Principles of My Home Cooking

by Khanum

Cooking each time only and only when you’re inspired will make you discover yourself in many ways.  And cooking only with ingredients that are available at home is like discovering secret doors to Narnia.  My principles are simple and most sensible. I never step into kitchen against my will. I never cook unless or until I’m inspired. And I most certainly never go by the book rules. A good cook must never be afraid of trying out new things but for beginners  its not an easy task.  There’s an issue of recipe card and the chaos of time management. Not to forget the pressure from mommy on head.

Luckily This post is about ‘Item-up’ technique rather than Time-up. Forget the time and  Sniff out the available ingredients in your Kitchen that can help you come up with a proper meal.

I had just three items in abundant. Potato. Tomato & Lots of  Juicy Mangoes.

And here’s what I prepared out of these ingredients.

1- Salsa (My version)

2- Potato Chunks Salad with Mango & Lemon Juice

3- Rice served with Grilled Lady Finger combined with Sweet n’ Sour Masala

4- Creamy Mashed potatoes

5- Simple Pasta with Capsicum

6- And Finally grilled Eggplant which I love mixing with Yogurt! I wish I could say This is the only item that didn’t involve potatoes or tomatoes. But that’s not the case. Mango juice with lemon added just the perfect flavor I could wish for.

Tip: Putting a limit on main ingredients not only invokes creativity inside you but also gives you a perfect chance to show off your chef skills if you successfully pull it off fabulous. So man up! And Just try!