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December 27, 2013

How to have Bulk Reliable Traffic for Your Blog

by Khanum

I am impressed by my own blog. In fact, I am confused. And that is why instead of posting account of my latest adventure lived on Sunday, I am typing this first. Huge Traffic Chunk! Where the hell do I get it from? How!  And When did I get this famous is still a mystery for me or perhaps not. My tons of good posts and 2 years of great blogging is what this is about.

Running a blog and gaining traffic is very hard but two different things. I started blogging for blogging sake only not for audience. But then eventually, as I started writing more and actually did blog good stuff, I gained audience. I have over 300 followers today. There are bloggers with more than 1000 followers on the block I know, 300 is just a small number compared to that but getting this far alone is a pleasure in itself. Alhamdulillah.

What made me bring this up?

My  live Traffic Feed.

Screenshot (13)

I have been recently helping another blog to gain traffic. Life Above Zero. The blog is colorful, dynamic and actually shares good original content but This has been hard, despite of social networking help, this really is hard and am sure many bloggers agree with me on this. A new blog needs posts to attract visitors. No daily posts means no content to show off , no traffic and absolutely zero activity on blog. And even if you do posting daily on a new blog, the number of huge visitors is still a dream. But not for Khanumsays. This blog of mine has been attracting alot of new visitors and I don’t always have to worry about posting daily. In fact I can go on without posting for a month and still my blog would be receiving a handsome amount of daily visitors. Even if they don’t comment, they do click this blog’surl and that’s all I need. The sources of traffic for a well executed and well established blog can be plenty. But you need patience and hardwork in the beginning of few months for blogging.

So my advice is simple.

1– Start a blog with a noble intention. Don’t worry about the traffic. You would get it eventually. Just Enjoy it and post content which is true to your heart.

2– Tag your posts well.

3– Do try to write posts based on current scenario and happenings. Contemporary affairs and events help you gain audience.

4– Be versatile on your blog.  Don’t make it boring for yourself most importantly. I remember How I used to blog even the tiny little things on blog when I was a newbie here. I did it because it made me happy. I try to take advantage of every  happening in my life and blog it the way others can relate to it.

5. Don’t obsess over it. A blog is alive by your will not because of the will of others. Write for yourself. And you will see how people come to join you.

6– Lastly, do try to interact with bloggers. Passing a comment here and there is crucial in the beginning of your career at blogging. Later on, It becomes more about staying in touch with people who are more close to you rather than who are your major audience. I don’t get time to interact with bloggers and visit their blog much now , but I still get visitors over here. However, it doesn’t mean maintaining contact with others is not needed now. Its just not about need anymore. Its about visiting them when you wish.  I enjoy reading Nadia Masood’s blog. There is Eva as well. Nalaik Panda’s blog is an old time favorite.There used to be two more bloggers but they don’t blog anymore, Mahlaqa and Devil.

7– The secret to gain reliable traffic for your blog on daily basis is to put hardwork in your blog during its infant months. By hardwork I dont mean posts on your blog day and night. It simply implies that you give your attention, your time and your heart to your blog honestly. That’s the slow dedicated work required.

If you do honest dedicated work today, you can enjoy the fruits of that tomorrow. Like I am doing.