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June 30, 2012

Did her Veil bother you that much, Follower of Lady Gaga?

by Khanum

Islamabad: Marwa Al Sherbini who was brutally murdered in a German court during a trial in 2009 is still alive on the wall of Twitter trends.

Most Pakistani users of micro blogging website Twitter are targeted Human Right activists for not raising their voice on Brutality against Marwa Al Sherbini as they called her “Martyr for Hijab”.

Martyr4Hijab making twitter trends when Media come under fire on their role on the issue of Muslim women killed in German Court.

Marwah Al-Sherbini, a 32 year old Egyptian and German resident who was called a ‘Muslim bitch and a terrorist whore’ and was killed by 28 year old Alex, a German citizen  in court. She was three months pregnant and was stabbed 18 times with a verdict by her killer, ‘you don’t have a right to live’.

Alex was fined Euro 780 by the court but he stabbed her in the courtroom, Marwa’s husband tries to save her but police shot him by fire.


I was going to blog on something else few moments ago, but this news got my eye on facebook and I posted that instead.

I would not like to add anything on the news from my side rather ask  simple opinion from my readers,  any reader who does not belong to Muslim community yet believes in Humanity and a woman’s personal decision to cover herself wearing Hijab. What signals is your community trying to send us ? Why can a nun or a practising Jewish lady cover herself modestly and not a Muslim woman? What’s the point?! Please make me understand!

Sometime ago French Ban was created! When a lady walks nude on french streets its OK! But when Muslim women living in France cover themselves , and prefer to walk on streets with their bodies covered, suddenly the French government finds it offensive? They bloody imposed a french ban on Veil!?Now same incidents over and over again.

What – is – the – bloody – point – of  – this – non sense ?!



October 18, 2011

Murder Outside Kinnaird College.

by Khanum

Today around 2:30 PM ,  my Professor receives  a text message ‘There has been a murder at ‘Kinnaird College’.  He read it aloud as we were sitting in the conference room attending our class for Information Managing subject.

30 minutes later after the class – I see the world in utter chaos. The one side road appeared to be fully jammed – no car could move even an inch. The girls whispered at the University gate  about the incident at the college next door in utter confusion and disbelief. So far the rumour was , A boy opened fire on a girl and then killed himself with the same weapon.

By this time – I was frantically looking for a way to go over the crime scene and see it for myself. There is really no shame in collecting information and taking shots of the scene for a Mass Media Student – that too for her blog.  I asked my friend Maria who goes with me to the same University and we usually take the same auto vehicle for home – to inquire about her sister Zoya that happens to study at the same  Kinnaird College.

My plan was to pick her up from there and also come closer to the actual incident. This could be something brave. But unfortunately we are forced to stay where we are by the non sense traffic jam.

‘Let’s walk on foot and pick her up” I suggested to my friend. But it was a bit far by walk and it didn’t tempt my friend. We decide to take our auto home.

3:30 PM. We are now even more depressed than ever. No auto was to be found or could be  fetched in any case – it was definite. From one end of the Giant Bridge to the other – we walked endlessly in hope of reaching home safe and sound. The traffic crowd was getting louder by now. I had heard 2 more rumors till now.  The person said, It was the girl who pulled the trigger  first and ended the guy’s life and then her own.  But according to the third report,  There was no girl involved.  The duel was simply  between two guys that too upon a Women College Bridge.

Quarter to 4, Thankfully –  I manage to stop an auto at last and beg him to transport us to our homes as soon as possible. My friend’s sister Zoya had no other choice but to wait behind the closed gate of her College and wait for her College Bus to pick her up till 5 PM.

In minutes , we were out of the chaotic world. Zoya texted her sister again , this time confirming the rumour.

“It was a guy who killed the girl and then committed suicide right at the spot.”, said witnesses.


Disbelief, panic and utter confusion is what everyone is facing at this moment. The story is straight and  I won’t say simple because it’s horrible.

According to Media reports : The victim (girl) was 18 years of age. She was killed outside the College on the College Bridge by a Young man who wished her hand for marriage. But upon constant denial by the girl as well as her family , the guy lost his temper and shot the 18 year old. Few seconds later , he pulled the trigger and kissed his life goodbye as well.

I have no personal comments to make ,  Except to mention the scene I witnessed on jailroad and upon the Bridge that connects with my University too.

While the world ran mad with the news of the murder , a young couple  stood calm and quite holding hands upon the bridge , talking , hugging , worst of all , viewing the traffic jam as if they were standing upon Eifel  Tower.

Few more paces away from that place , I witness another crime scene. 1 girl, hardly 20 , busy with 4 guys in a fully jammed car. You’re smart, do the math!

If they don’t put a ban upon this madness outside colleges, there would be a teenage murder each year , each month , or perhaps each day out of frustration by the same teenage Juliet in distress or depressed Romeo with a gun.