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November 11, 2013

Science Alert – Wolverine.

by Khanum

There are so many HOT burning news from everywhere that I can’t decide which one should I give priority.

1-Dawn Newspaper is no longer a quality newspaper. Yes that’s right. It died the morning its editor labelled Hakeemullah Mehsud as PTI’s Leader. What a joke I must say.

2- Iran-US relations getting heavily seductive day by day. No kidding. Saudia and Israel is pissed off at their budding romance.

3- Becoming a wolverine is POSSIBLE!

Wanna Talk that? YES! Politics cant compare to SCIENCE!



Err! Now you must be wondering, I named Wolverine. But the picture above says MICE. Well. Hang on! Let me go back to the basics of science which I recently learned before explaining how stuff works!

If you cut your finger. Or arm. That tissue damage is done forever. You cant grow your finger or arm back. But if you know wolverine, his tissue muscles mechanism is boom boom! He heals up just in seconds. Not only his wounds gets okay but his arms grow back. What the baboon is that? Just a Hollywood movie? Nay! That’s a science dream!

You see, Human tissue repair is a delicate subject and much debated on in recent science researches. Scientists are going baboons and baboons as to figure out a way – which can prove them as gods – to find a way for Tissue repair. A gene that can heal the damaged body within minutes or hours. Cut your arm? Whish whoosh! and there you go! New arm appears just like that! This sounds advance. Well let me admit. At first it sounds Insane. But if you have got a scientific mind, you become obsessed and mesmerized by wonders of science and then it no longer sounds insane to you. It sounds ADVANCED CELL/TISSUE REPAIR SYSTEM through awesome genes! A totally new dynamics even in neuroscience!

Now getting back to the picture above. The gene, Lin28a, is being dubbed the “Wolverine” or “Fountain of Youth” gene. It’s usually only produced in developing embryos, but when switched on in adult mice it causes them to grow hair faster and repair bone, cartilage, skin and other soft tissues almost completely. Lin28a works by boosting metabolism in mitochondria, a discovery that could lead to regenerative treatments in humans.

Do you think science would eventually come to a point where its possible to grow out a new finger or hand?