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September 30, 2013

2 quick questions.

by Khanum


Number 1: I want to buy a new camera asap. I have the money. I have the nerve. I have the mind and most importantly mother’s consent. What remains now is the choice and right timings to get the best deals on two of the following. Kindly camera experts out there, or anybody who understands or loves camera , photography and videography – Suggest me Should I go for Canon T3i (600D) or Nikon D5100!? Both fall in the same price range and my budget 55k to 60k PKR. Now another thing, I have three options. Either to get it from UK, US or PAK. Do you have any good deal in sight? Plus, Videography and photography both are my targets here. I don’t want to get Canon only cause they say its great at videography and am hugely into film making. I am but film is what I make once a year to enter competitions. Photography is what I do 12 months. So I want to make a good choice for both.


Number 2: I am thinking alot about moving the blog to blogger or either start a new blog there to get my hands into Adsense thing. Yes, am not kidding. I want to try Google adsense which people brag about alot. The amount of clicks at this blog and its success over the years do make me realise that I could actually earn from blogging. I know the content has to be original. But I have a very stupid and lame question, if you can entertain it pls. Suppose I post on my blogger blog. Can I then post the same material from there to here on wordpress? Will the originality of my blogger account be comprised this way?

What do you think? (ANSWER ME!!)