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May 10, 2014

Shaukat Khan Continues to Inspire NCA Students

by Khanum

The wonderful world of Shaukat Khan is filled with Holiday cruising adventures, Awareness Campaigns and fantastic art works. He doesn’t just write travelogues telling interesting stories about every place he visits but also paints such fantastic things. Have a look at the picture below. This was painted by him during his Save The Disappearing Flora & fauna Of Rainforest campaign. 


I admire his work, especially the one he put on Saatchi Online. Do check it out. There’s a painting by the name, Fantasy Butterfly. It’s so unique and colorful! Simply splendid work.



On Wednesday, He gave a marvelous presentation on Ship Cruising before leaving Pakistan. Did I mention he’s settled in UK?

The event started off with a slide show on Flora and Fauna campaign and then escalated with his presentation on Cruising Holidays. All the students just simply loved the idea of cruising  and pictures from all over the world that he been to on ship. Every eye was mesmerized, every student had his breath taken away. I was given the task to photograph the event but even I was so taken away with the presentation on a big screen that I stopped clicking my camera for awhile.

Here are some of the pictures from the presentation day.10396522_854766164551664_1279463371_n1 10405897_854765447885069_1143061343_n 


P.S. He’s my Uncle.


March 4, 2014

La Tour Eiffel et moi – Take 2

by Khanum

Wait–wait! Before you jump to the wrong conclusion let me just break the news to you all.

YES!!! I am obsessing over Eiffel Tower alot but no I am not in love with any French guy to come to this point of insanity. I am simply having awesome free time at hand and a blessed season to do anything I like and want. My mind is BOOMING with creativity! And out of the many things that I am doing these days for fun, this tops the list.

Ya-ha-hoo! I am drawing and creating my honest version of art. Mum thinks I’m dying over La Eiffel tower, trying to get the sketching right but I think am just trying to live my dream of travelling the world and city of lights through these sketches, that I do daily. I cant explain in words, the joy I feel inside while doodling. Its like I am actually there, the details of the picture, the angles, the turns, the measure, the colors. It all makes me feel like I know this place. Like I am there. Alive and kicking!

Ahh! I wish I get to travel the whole  world Universe. Till then, Let’s enjoy this newly found hobby.

I created this miniature Eiffel Tower first thing in the morning. Image (5) - Copy

Then I ruined it accidentally by introducing colors in the picture : ( I just wanted to look it elegant but I forgot I am good at bizarre art only. Elegant and neat sketching is not my cup of tea with biscuits made of chocolate.


I went ahead and classically ruined the piece more. Giving it multiple dimensions.  Artist’s mind, you know.

Image (5) - Copy - Copy

And then I did the most amazing thing. I actually created something good out of the sketch of sole structure. Thankfully, I had scanned the sketch of the miniature Tower before using water colors on it. So After epic-lly failing at color scheme. I transformed my Eiffel Tower sketch with a bit of digital magic using Pic Monkey.

Tada! I created this !!!!!

PicMonkey Collage2

 Amazing, isn’t it!  So amazing. Alhamdulillah! The way we can play with sketches using software and the way we can learn to create more new things and grow more in the field of arts. Its amazing. I am actually personally in love with this version of the Eiffel Tower. I wanted to add something more but then could only find these birds cum chicks to settle on the trees.

I feel like I can turn it into a post card – both digital and print form – with some extra doodling. What do you guys think?


September 16, 2011

Believe it or not, I can actually draw.

by Khanum

All my childhood I was sure I am decent if not awesome at drawing. Fast forward few years and in College I was told, ‘Yu suck!’ It’s true..I really suck at drawing despite of having artistic blood in my veins from my mother’s side. She draws and paints. My Uncle draws and paints. And  I simply shoot!

But one day, a voice inside my head urged me to test my skills. “Yu  come from an artistic family  yu Loser”

“Do I?’ I asked the Heavenly voice , that just insulted me.

“Yes, of course you mummy! Go! Make your mother proud and save this world.”

So I applied for a degree in the Arts department. Voala! They immediately kicked me out.  After that , its been 5 years that heavenly voice didn’t contact me again , until recently it spoke to me while I watched Manga Anime. Yes. That’s right. I am a Manga person. I said enough is enough to myself and from that day on,  These are the miracles that I produced in order to make my Family proud.

This is the Image I adore the most. I think the lines are pretty decent. But I did mess up his hair on the top though. My mother thinks he was a bald coot I gave him a wig. :o. I guess even that’s some skill!

 And this image here is my pride. All the other images were my attempt to get my lines straight. I had an image that I copied to perfect myself. However , this Bad boy here is my own creation without any COPY! I was watching manga anime and a very cute character inspired. Here I messed up again. The real boy was a cute one. I turned him into a little pirate. Again my mother thinks I have a natual talent at these things 😀 Now I don’t intend to continue to draw faces. It’s forbidden in our religion. I just wanted to prove to my family and that heavenly voice, “Yup! I can do it!’ And Now I must say someone should call that Department head and tell her what an asset she lost! I don’t draw that well. ‘Can’t draw wont draw no painting has always been my slogan but c’mon. Don’t all those artists call the ‘messed up’ versions of their paintings Abstract art?  😮