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December 12, 2011

Dear God

by Khanum

I think  childhood habits and your early days people impact you big time and mold you and make you who you are. I was born a compassionate kid – then naturally people around me molded me into  a compassionate lover.

The first lesson learnt was  – learn to compromise with —– ! with many things including relations!

Don’t be  just nice with friends at school . Be a super cute doll. Just give what they ask. Your colors pencils are made of wood not ego.

Be brave. The teacher wont bite you.

Be strong – The boys wont hit u at break time then. And the list just kept growing louder n louder n on and on.

I don’t mind anything of it But the one lesson I regret learning the most is the product of my affections for my younger cousin brother. Basit.

Whenever we got anything together. whether a toy or a piece of bread – he would compare it with mine , measure the size , look for the bigger portion and if  seen the greater thing in my hands or plate. Just one minute of tantrum and tears , and I would be forced to give up my share. The lesson to always have lesser for myself began to grow in my head and manners.

It became a habit of mine to show courtesy – even on bigger things at life.

I am to certain extent stubborn but my stubbornness doesn’t mess anyone’s existence. It revolves around mine. But  the habit mentioned above is so intense in me now that even in small things I deal with everyday – I end up somehow just end up practicising it.

You dont eat anything first – you wait for ur turn so that people or friends dont think u got the bigger portion.

You  pray for urself in the last so that Allah doesn’t think you are being selfish.

All this  good and rewarding from Allah’s side. But do people digest it proper ?

Dear God !

I am saying this again ..

living in this world is so hard –   when one is so sincere with your other created humans…

friends – family – loved ones .. ! one by one they begin to change and turn u black n blue..

Shouldn’t they be thankful for sincerity and return some comfort and be humane for ur and only Ur sake Alone Allah?

We may  try to be strong and put on a big “I don’t care” face but you know Allah – we are humans  after all. I for one – begin to loose hope in this world of yours.. and I begin to wish to sleep for long long time until I am met with you

I am tired Allah

I really am…

please don’t let anyone betray me in any way

Make me compromise at times but don’t let them bend me and break apart!

Having less is no sadness Allah – it should be just blessed and blessed more. All of the other things are then automatically compensated if we have sincere people around.

And if people begin to betray –  dodge – change.  It’s a trouble then on this heart Allah.

And then I begin to wonder – Meeting with you  is surely thousand times better than staying here. I should be with You.


I Love you Allah , please love me too. Love me enough where others forget to  love me so…

October 11, 2011

When it hurts , it hurts! When it stops, it’s a blessing!

by Khanum

I am thinking about the guy who is sitting, somewhere on the dirt. His one hand holding the poisonous needle, ready to insert it into his system. I see him struggling, as his hand trembles.  No matter how hard his mind is telling him to do it just go for it and end this aching pain. His heart is telling him the otherwise.

I’m thinking about him.  Alone. Lost and completey unaware that someone’s watching over him.

I’m remicinsing about the girl I see everyday on Facebook.  She’s wails on her wall everyday. Each day with the heightened ache. Sometimes her picture says Where are you? You left me….sometimes its nothing but a woman cutting her wrists.

I think about her. Shattered, betrayed, lost  and completely unaware that someone’s watching over her.

How far we are from reaching the truth sometimes i wonder and how naive we are. There are wrong ways wrong  things we know will hurt us if we go on with them but we don’t stop. We dwell more into darkness.

The guy who is addicted to drugs and knows this sweet addiction just kills him , destroys him bit by bit each day , can’t find the courage to let it go…

The girl who is left alone by her lover knows she has been played, waiting after him wouldn’t fix her heart the whole , but can’t find the strength to move on… I see everyone and I see it everyday. I feel the hurt as my own I feel it strong , scaring me as I grow old with my own problems in life but you know what’s more scarier and troublesome ? The thought that I can’t find the way to help them all.

What can anyone do for anyone ? What can we possibly do when we ourselves are fighting our wars each day from dawn till dusk.  Maybe someone’s watching over us too? Someone who is free from all these infliction…free of all the biased behavior. Someone who doesn’t charge 100$ an hour to listen to our problems. Someone who doesn’t hang up the phone when we stop just in the middle of our sentence , thinking how to go on. Someone who is constanly just there somehow , not pretending  not playing not even  afraid to be seen with us.

Someone who is always , and always watching over me…

That Someone I know as …God. I promise him each day I’ll be good this time. he fixes everything up and I find myself making another mistake. Could it be my human nature? i don’t know.

He helps me forgive my own errors, then he helps me forgive others. And now I know, the least I can do for Him in return  and His other beloved ones is that – I can take care of my own Heart from getting hurt, my tongue from hurting others and my own conscious from failing His trust.  It’s the least we can do for the guy and the girl I mentioned. We can learn to take better care of our own actions.

The least and perhaps the most we can do for everyone is that we watch ourselves better when we can’t watch over others…   Be good. Be a good member of this world. The rest of the virtue , the rest of the blessings will automatically follow.


August 31, 2011

EID EID EID Mubarak!

by Khanum


Eid Mubarak my Readers. I hope my Muslim siblings are having a fabulous day. I just stopped by to drop over some pictures I took earlier in the morning. Mum is as usual in the kitchen, preparing the Great Feast.  I tried my best to take few shots of the food but I was brutally kicked out – and that’s not something new. hehe

The above picture was taken earlier in the morning. I had just woken up and realized I had fallen asleep  without washing off my hand last night. Yes, you’re right. That’s khanum’s hand. I might share a tip here. If you want your Henna to last longer, rub some oil or vicks over your dried henna. It will  Shine out loud. As for my dress, I am wearing color red and white. As you know I don’t post personal pictures but I can assure you, Khanum is looking fabulous. (Such miracles do happen at times)

Let’s have a look at more snapshots. More will be uploaded soon as the day progresses. If my mother doesn’t hide my camera somewhere that is.

And A big round of applause for my successful theft mission in the kitchen. I had to take atleast one shot of something delicious.  “Kheer” or “Sawaiyan” is a sweet dish, often prepared on ‘Chand Raat’ literally translated as Moon Night, ” A night before Eid. My mother prepared it last night too and decorated it with Pistachio , almonds and Dates. The thin silver paper is absolutely must. Yum yum yummy. I will attack on it after finishing this post.

Our lazy silly Cat!

And that’s my cousin. My favorite shot of the day. She may be a devil but her smile is priceless.

July 27, 2011

Walking through the Streets …2011, Turkey.

by Khanum

          Istanbul: This man with a pigeon sitting over his head is actually a fortune teller. In Pakistan, we have this tradition of working with a parrot. The bird selects a certain token, and the owner of the bird reads out the fortune for the customer. It was amusing to see the pigeon as an agent this time. Cute! and as my friend Tota Marie says,   “psychic pigeon“.

 Bursa: To see the women on streets , comfortably selling little pieces of jewellery and fruits and fabrics and Lord knows better what more, is really a wonder for the eye. We don’t have such things in Pakistan except in villages where women sell vegetables on Sundays. It all looked very friendly n’ fabulous to me.

Cappadocia:  Have a good Look at the man in the picture. There’s a Silent man behind another silent man. Can you notice him?

April 7, 2011

What’s Your EXCUSE?

by Khanum

I make it a rule for my posts , not to use images or material which is not owned by me. Therefore all the pictures that you guys have seen so far were my photography. However, This time I am willing to make an exception. An Exception to make you all aware of the commitment and Allegiance of  a Monotheist to His Lord.  Either You’re Muslim, Christian , A Hindu or a Jew. Just Look at these people, how punctual and sincere they are. Isn’t that enough of a lesson to learn?

See! Its not that hard to pray when you have the heart to kneel before Him.

Muslims who prefer sitting idle and skip prayers should feel motivated by these pictures. I didn’t make the effort to copy these here and put a post together just to humiliate you. It’s like a work of Art.  I reach to you – to help you reach Him. 🙂

The category who do pray 5 times a day but skip some of them should make a note of this and never miss their Salah ever again. Its our Allegiance to our Creator! My grandmother offered her last prayer on her death bed, and she could barely even breathe or move. She kept her Allegiance to Him even then. Now that’s real love.

And finally those who are already on the path of sincerity, and way ahead of me, Should feel proud of them and continue their routine. I salute you people!!!

theres simply no shame in stopping by and offering a prayer even while you are at a mall doing shopping or sitting at a wedding with your best clothes on. Either you’r travelling in a rikshaw, a car,  or just walking on foot. Be brave enough to stop your world for a minute or two and bow down to prayer.

For those who bow down to Him can stand up to anything in this world. !!!

“Oh you who believe! Seek help through patience and Salah. Truly, Allah is with those who are patient.” (2:153)

February 11, 2011

The Yogurt Twist!

by Khanum


Wait wait! I know the food looks delicious and if u’re a Pakistani , ogling the dish above with mouth watering condition, I’m bound to give u its recipe pal, really , no problem! Just make some ‘Dahee ka Raita’ aka Yogurt Twist and throw in some lazeez ‘Tasty Tasty’ meat balls in the mixture! finish off with a desi ‘tarka’ using garlic n ginger! and WOALLA! there you go! Eat it with Roti or just with your fingers !

Yogurt Twist! My mom’s version!




February 8, 2011

The story of Corn seeds

by Khanum

These corn seeds came to befriend me and ultimately go down my throat when I was walking back to my home with my mother, who was kind enough to take me to doctor on such rainy cold night.  It’s the first winter rain here in Lahore. Ever since it started raining, my mother and I were aching to have an excuse to get out there and enjoy the cold breeze of February . And thanks to my allergies, I was able to walk a mile to see my doctor.

Such little beauties , I just couldn’t resist asking my mother to get me some as soon as I walked out of the doctor’s clinic. There was a hawker , probably a Pathan with ‘Tilley Ki karhai’ wali topi, ( for my non Urdu  chums, the phrase is, embroidered hat ) who was selling those 10 Rupees jewelery and accessories for which we girls usually go bankrupt. Per item 10 Rupees seems so tempting, doesn’t it? But I smartly turned my head away from Mr. Pathan and his Loot sale. It was too much for me probably because I was on my mom’s mercy. She was my bank at the moment and I  wanted to capitalize my opportunity to get something else. Something I had set my eyes on, way before I had seen the jewelery we women tend to treasure.

Yes, It was these white corn seeds…

Only a few paces away from our Pathan bhai sahab, there was another Pathan Sahib, I must say a very tall and good looking gentleman standing with his one foot on the wheel of his (whatever they call it) A cart I think. Yes. Definitely a wooden cart with small wheels. The street lamp was very dim, I couldn’t see what was he selling but by the fragrance of the stuff… Oh My God, I just couldn’t help myself resist it. We took a few steps closer and I shamelessly inhaled the sweet aroma flying up and high & slowly overcoming the whole street. My mother looked at me as if I had seen the man with those delights for the first time. But she knew better, so she just smiled.

I have been brought up in Pakistan, I have been living in lahore ever since I first open my eyes in the labor room of Itefaq Hospital and these kind of pathans surround me everywhere I go. They are outside my University when I  signal a auto or rush for my bus, and they are outside every shopping center there in every corner of Lahore, at every street.  (I’m sure they were there even at the time of my birth, but obviously outside the hospital). They own Pakistan, wouldn’t be a wrong statement to pass. And I am happy, they own it. As long as they are there providing me these delights which refresh my childhood memories , I am so happy.

How kind our mothers are, just one glance at our faces and they know we want something. But you don’t get it before a full fledge inspection of the product being sold. ‘What kind are these ?’ asked my mother to Pathan Sahid, taking a handful of corns.

‘It’s white white corns baji, white corns from kashmir. Very tasty baji.’ He replied looking at us one by one. ‘just give me some for 10 rupees’, I was the most impatient one. I just wanted to chew some hot and crispy corns on my way home. My mother was just delaying the pleasure, which happens all the time and without any sensible reason. And to add more to my misery, the two begun chatting on the revelation of White corns imported from Kashmir. You see, Few days back someone had gifted us white corns flour from kashmir and we had made its ‘chapati’. So my mother began telling him about the story that how nice the roti was and how delicious we think it is but Pathan Sahid revealed the opposite of our mention. He was heating up my corn seeds in the iron pt filled with salt, which I used to think of as cement, lol …and meanwhile He tried to convince my mother that making its roti was not possible, it usually ends up in a mess. Which was not quite right as I had witnessed such a miracle myself, so only to save time and to be honest I had my eyes on the corns, as they were turning from white to gold,  so to end their debate over its usage, I intervened and reminded them about the ‘ soon-to-happen loadshedding’.

Which worked. And in a moment I was handed over my delight for tonight. If my mama jaan wouldn’t have been there, I would definitely have made a run instead of  making a slow journey to home on my happy feet.

The good news is, Mama bought me the corns for 20 Rupees instead of 10. BUT…I got robbed of my corns the moment I formerly asked my family to have some.  Ah- That’s just so typically Pakistani. And I love every moment of it!  I wish I had a camera with me when I had went out but then which idiot takes a camera with him to a doctor’s clinic. lol  An experience on a cold night such as this one was enough to cheer me up. As I haven’t received a reply from my Publisher yet and I am still almost unemployed, I am trying to find happiness in these little things which are there, but we never truly treasure them .

I must say, these white corns have triggered another adventure in my mind. Pathans are very friendly, and since I belong to  a pathan family too, it wouldnt be hard to befriend Pathan Sahid at all. And why am I saying this….well.  Because ever since I walked away from that hawker, Kashmir and its corn seeds are dancing here and there in my mind but since we have no relatives there just far far far away friends…wouldnt it be a super dooper idea to befriend pathan Sahib and make a trip to his home in Kashmir ? 😀  I’m convincing my Mamu (uncle) for this crazy trip. Let’s see where I land.

The photographs were taken at home because I simply need an excuse for photography. I hope they please your eyes as much as they please mine.