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December 16, 2011

Suicide Stunt at LCWU

by Khanum

14th dec, Around 10am in the morning I reach University and find a flood of people standing outside the department. Their heads turned up. Ambulances shouting their sirens. Media buzzing with their cameras. Girls (ridiculously) hooting. I look up , spot the man standing on the Radio antenna , still oblivious what’s going on.

‘Hey! what is he doing up there? what’s wrong?’ I ask the girl standing few paces away with not even a shred of terror on face but amusement.

“He is trying to commit suicide actually”. she replies.

At 11am. I was giving duty in my department’s corridors. Me and and 2 more girls trying to push away the crowd of spectators , foolish girls just enjoying the scene. It was expected that if the man jumps, the whole mas communication department may get upside down and attacked by the angry worker class whose brother on top was threatening to do suicide if  their demands are not met by the VC.

At exact 11 am. I see him coming down.

I thank Allah for that.

But to my horror – few of the girls didnt seem happy about it.

“Itna stunt kiya yaar – neeche hi ana tha tou excitement kyun dilai itni. Sara mood off kerdia”

Shame on us !! Shame on us for encouraging poor , driving them to this point to do such stunts and then expect them to entertain us.

Shame on us !