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November 13, 2013

The City of Love.

by Khanum



Sometimes I think about Paris … and wonder why do people think about it at all.

March 11, 2011

Shy & Lost

by Khanum

I’m insane, You’re drunk. Tell me who will lead us home?! …. pure words of wisdom , I learnt from Rumi. A great man who knew love has to be devastating. Whether for Lord or for a mere human. It has its melodramatic phases. Its strange levels. Levels that make one go happily nuts and sometimes broke.

I have this habit, re phrasing the phrases. Re-inventing the quotations. And when I try to connect these words to my life, when I make a quote out of Rumi’s lines from a poem contrasting my  existence. My own  dilemmas become more clear to me. And I begin to wonder how great Rumi was. The man spoke our lives in a poem. In a mere sufi poem.

“I’m shy , you are lost. Tell me who will lead us to our home?”

And then I ask myself. Have you found your Home yet ? Have you even found your own self ?

I don’t know. I may be the lost one here when I am actually also the shy. Which is why all my friends are always trying to make it up for my shyness. They simply start the I’m sure we all go through it at some point of our lives. It sucks. I think, it’s worse than being shy. But in several cultures, matchmaking is what leads one to his/her home. A home where only a handful stay happy while others simply live a miserable relation.  Risky , but Hey! Nobody can escape this thing.  A leap of faith we all must take in life.

And The thing with life is, nothing is certain.

You cannot plan your entire existence. If you do , fate will find a way to throw you off balance and make you understand what a low life you are. Then there would come a time when you will give up on planning and wait for things to go in the flow. And guess what ! fate will again throw you off balance and make you regret why you didn’t plan man!?

And I think same goes for finding a partner, with whom you can sail away , climb up the mountains without any worry because you know, Home is this way, with this person who is walking right with me. You come to a point to finally plan things. You do it with all your heart and again …. yes ! Fate. It may give you surprises. and those surprises are what I believe, Rumi was also well acquainted with. Who decides to walk with you, with whom YOU decide to walk and most importantly …how many earnestly and safely reach their home is what our lives revolve around.

Didn’t Adam ask for eve from God?  How beautiful it was what they shared. A marriage in heaven.

Then didn’t they both find each other again after being lost? How honest it was and pure, what they did for each other. It’s all very melodramatic and more melodramatic. I say the word twice because honestly I kan’t think of any other and more melodramatic adjective to describe the feeling . Adam was the height of gentleness and Eve…Our beloved eve the purest of all women. He knew his way with her and he made it to their home.

Either you’re a a man or a woman, You must know where you stand. Do you even know You’re the shy one or the lost stranger?. Because if You don’t Its my advice friend, Do find out yourself first before you expect other one to start searching for your soul.

Valetine’s Day did the trick for me.

And when I mention Valentine’s day – I meant The Movie.

I watched it tonight few hours ago and as I type this post – I am still smiling on the surprises I got from the movie. It spoke to me. And I am speaking to you now.

The characters were running frantically here and there , all looking for the perfect partner. All trying to figure out the way home on a huge day we call as Valentine’s. The deceits and lies and then pop ups surprises of honesty kept unfolding the plot further and further. My goodness,  Several love stories played in One big plot.  It should have bored me to death.

Instead , I fell in love with one tiny story among several. Story of Julia Roberts & Bradley Cooper. A poised graceful woman with a Sophisticated  (tie shie) gentleman. I immensely hoped a romance between the two and a honest relation. And it could have been possible. But hey! What did I say about surprises!? They didn’t end up together but yet I watched the whole movie only for them.

I did it, because I could relate to them. And I bet, even you would want to fall into such situation where you either met Julia or Bradley like person. Everything about the character of Bradley cooper was what every woman would want in a man. And every gesture, every graceful act of Julia robert’s  is what I believe ,a sincere man would look for in a woman.  But when I look around, I don’t see the kind of honesty which Adam shared with eve in people now a days. the kind of manners Bradley Cooper showed towards Julia Roberts in the movie. And it clicked me. He wasn’t Lost like most of the male society today is. He was a real Man!!! so what if he was shy. She wasn’t lost either, but merely a real Woman with reserved sense. And together they made the equation equals to  a state which could lead them home together if they chose to. No deceits involved, no lies. Just a step ahead and they could have a perfect life together.

It could have been possible yes, Only if the writer hadn’t choose to write Mr. Perfect Bradley as gay in the end.

And Julia, as a sad mother.

I would never forgive the writer for writing such a awesome story and ruin it with a hopeless end. Buy Hey! If you want to learn anything good out of it. Learn this. It’s okay to be shy. And its okay to be lost sometimes nobody is perfect. But  IT – IS – NOT – OKAY when you ruin yourself for eternity by being utterly shy and dangerously lost forever.

Adam and Eve set a beautiful example of  the most wonderful relation in the entire universe. He could have asked for a mother to Lord in the Heavens. But he didn’t. And even Lord could have given him a woman in the form of a mother but He didn’t. He blessed him with a wife instead.

And together, they walked home. Blissed.

Wouldn’t you want such a blessed romantic walk ? Honesty forever. Wouldn’t you ?