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July 27, 2012


by Khanum

 A Galactic Spectacle

I am a huge fan of Allah, and His creation in the space. Hence I drool over , simply drool over such phenomenon and their images all the time. Only if I had a telescope, I would have shared pictures with my copyrights however, that’s for today: Images uploaded by ScienceAlert on facebook.

This composite image given above of the Antennae galaxies contains X-rays from Chandra (blue), optical data from Hubble (gold and brown), and infrared data from Spitzer (red). The X-ray image shows huge clouds of hot, interstellar gas that have been injected with rich deposits of elements from supernova explosions. This enriched gas, which includes elements such as oxygen, iron, magnesium and silicon, will be incorporated into new generations of stars and planets. The bright, point-like sources in the image are produced by material falling onto black holes and neutron stars that are remnants of the massive stars.

Check out a few images from a beautiful gallery put together by Wired magazine of galaxies colliding. Galactic collisions are among the most ferocious and stunning events in our universe.

These cosmic pile-ups occur whenever galaxies become gravitationally attracted to one another. Multiple galaxies may spiral around each other for billions of years, creating odd distortions and beautiful trails of stars as they pass. Eventually, the objects crash together in a forceful embrace. Since the first galaxies coalesced several hundred million years after the Big Bang, their collisions have been influential in shaping the history of our universe.

The images were mostly taken by NASA and ESO telescopes, the gallery was collected by Wired magazine

Isn’t it a breathtaking sight? : ) wow hai!

June 16, 2011

Lunar Eclipse seen through my camera Lens from Pakistan

by Khanum

Its after 12 AM in Pakistan. The lunar eclipse of 2011 is still hovering over us. I took pictures of the most anticipated lunar show tonight. Long Live my Mighty Camera!

And Here is the Last image my camera could process. The light is almost dim now. Only a shadow remains – that too , fading away slowly.

May 16, 2011

Living in 21st century with all the possible advancements, it is such a crime to deny the citizens a chance to know the basic facts of celestial science!

by Khanum

Lights off,’ ordered the man to make the people alert for the show at PIA Planetarium. I held my breath as the light slowly dissolved into darkness and there began to appear stars on the bed of night. I anticipated that soon cosmic world would revolve around me – twinkling stars, shooting meteoroids, the rotating solar system and the captivating colours of nebulas. Me and my pals waited, the show inside the dome went on, but Alas! No wonders happened…

Luckily! Passion:  is strangely a stubborn thing. It has the power to push you to do things which non passionate people may not even dare think of doing so. After a disappointing episode at the planetarium, My Passion for star gazing and astronomy led me to Super Star gazers!  aka 1000 times greater Lovers of Astronomy!

Umair Asim, from Lahore Astronomical Society. Hassaan Ghazali from Society of the Sun and Omer Bin Abdul Aziz.  They are the only ones working firmly to promote astronomy in the country and so their names cannot be brushed aside. 2 years back I reported a news on Planetarium’s condition while working in The Nation Newspaper. And soon after that I was asked to cover a full length feature on Astronomy in Pakistan. Then as if the work was still unfinished, a year later I decided to make a documentary on Amatuer Astronomers in Lahore. El Hamdulillah, that was a rewarding effort for my grades in university especially!

As a child I always wished I were in NASA, an astronaut  or some character from a science fiction story who had a spaceship and a gianttt telescope to see a star up close.

I dream of planets, I swear! , I dream of astronomical events. I’m a crazy little amateur astronomer who never gets tired of star gazing at night. I dream I’m in space, surrounded by a thousand sparkling stars …the  shiny star dust all around me!!! and the Eagle Nebula engulfing me in its foggy colors. I wish  I could  touch their beauty somehow. But Most of the times when I’m speaking of stars and moon and clusters, my family thinks me a dreamer. But how can I explain to them the peace I find in star gazing? It’s fascinating. It’s like an addiction. It’s God’s Creation after all and our Road to Awe!

Have a look, at the pictures captured right from Umair Asim’s  giant Celestron.

That’s crescent Moon. Our earth’s lover!

Now this is Moon Mosaic. Our moon, up close!!!

Above picture – Apollo 11 Landing Site.

Moon Craters.

Moon Mountain.

Moon-Crater Ring

Planet Venus

Planet Mars !

Jupiter with Great Red Spot.


Planet Jupiter.

Orion Nebula with Bow-Shock star-M42

Eskimo Nebula!!!

And now for the grand finale. Ladies and gentlemen, please behold. The star we’ve all heard about in both science and fiction. The one and Only, SIRIUS !

100 years ago the frontier of human exploration was limited, today; it’s extended through our solar system and reaches out to galaxies billions of light years away. We can experience adventures in this realm with new technologies; we can now simulate these distant environments and let people see what it’s really like to be there. In this way, our planetarium can be simulated space ships, staffed with knowledgeable tour guides: so that the ordinary citizen can explore the wonders of the universe.

If today, PIA sets out a proper strategy to run the Planetarium and starts funding it with even a small piece of compassion, our spaceship could be turned from dust to gold.

Anyway, What’s your favorite Nebula or shiny object in the sky at night? 🙂