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December 6, 2013

The Freak Inside

by Khanum


The thought of finding human blood spattered on the book gave me chills. May be I was exaggerating. It couldn’t be—

But I was also sure about one thing; I hadn’t put the smell out of my mind. The smell that always seemed saltiest and flat to me. For It was all that I had smelled for an entire week—everyday—every night—on every part of my body. How could I have forgotten it then?  — Anomalous 

We all have creative freak inside us. Writer in many cases. He keeps on talking and talking inside your head and I guess that’s why they say, Or maybe I’m saying it that Every man is an author. Whether you publish it inside your head or go world wide with  your words, its in you. Having a twitter account just proves it.

I kinda had a very crazy freak inside me too and it still lives on  but in a different way. I was once obsessed with becoming a novelist. I have several unfinished and half finished manuscripts buried in my old laptop. God! I was crazy at making up stories. Writing in Urdu was fun too. But I wrote more in English. And guess what! I suddenly remembered tonight that I had once put a chapter of my story on net on a very forgotten website. Its name was Anomalous. I didnt even bother with it later on. It was about 7-8 years ago I guess. God!  So many years have passed  since my stories.  Anyway I decided to share it here today. You are allowed to laugh or like it but for me, anything   I wrote is never worthless. Its what made me who I am today. A cool blogger and a decent writer. Though I gave up writing fiction long ago but I enjoyed that freak inside me. Have you got any freak inside too?

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