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December 16, 2011

Suicide Stunt at LCWU

by Khanum

14th dec, Around 10am in the morning I reach University and find a flood of people standing outside the department. Their heads turned up. Ambulances shouting their sirens. Media buzzing with their cameras. Girls (ridiculously) hooting. I look up , spot the man standing on the Radio antenna , still oblivious what’s going on.

‘Hey! what is he doing up there? what’s wrong?’ I ask the girl standing few paces away with not even a shred of terror on face but amusement.

“He is trying to commit suicide actually”. she replies.

At 11am. I was giving duty in my department’s corridors. Me and and 2 more girls trying to push away the crowd of spectators , foolish girls just enjoying the scene. It was expected that if the man jumps, the whole mas communication department may get upside down and attacked by the angry worker class whose brother on top was threatening to do suicide if  their demands are not met by the VC.

At exact 11 am. I see him coming down.

I thank Allah for that.

But to my horror – few of the girls didnt seem happy about it.

“Itna stunt kiya yaar – neeche hi ana tha tou excitement kyun dilai itni. Sara mood off kerdia”

Shame on us !! Shame on us for encouraging poor , driving them to this point to do such stunts and then expect them to entertain us.

Shame on us !

October 12, 2011

My Teachers talk to me about Marriage during Class on Research.

by Khanum

Who discusses Damon and Allena from vampire Diaries in their class of  —- International Communication? – My mate sitting next to me. Hira.

And who discusses Marriage on Orientation Day in the conference room (again ) ? Hira and Me!? No. it wasn’t us this time. It were our Teachers.

Let me elaborate this new style of Mphil madness here.

First Day for University . I break  all the 5 mandatory  oaths I had taken earlier.

To begin with I got late. Secondly, I never bothered to dress up properly! Leave alone the ‘normal girl make up’ thing. Thirdly – I pretty much IGNORED the whole orientation class. Why must they torture us with introductions ? It’s not like we’re gonna disappear from Mphil the next day. 😮

4th – I pretty much kill the whole point of being an obedient student when I arrive late, obviously. And Lastly – I couldn’t resist the junk food from the canteen. thank you very much. Now lets move on to our 2nd day.

What I studied Today At my University. 

1- In ‘International Communication’ Class: 

– What is your Name?

– Why Mphil ?

– Why not Marriage?

– Then , Why Marriage ?

– But, what is Marriage ?

– Types of Marriage!

– Reasons why Marriages fail !

– Should the couple live seperate after marriage or with the whole household of Relatives?

– Career or Marriage?

– But why career and not Marriage?

– Ok – Marriage! Hmm! But why not career then?! :S

– And Finally, Men are pigs!

2In ‘Approaches to Communication Studies’ Class

Something something something …Marriage…something something something then again Marriage …something something something and again…U know what.. 🙂

3- In ‘Managing Information’ Class

Something something something errrrrrrr!  I have nothing to make fun of this lecture. We Actually studied during this one. Phew!! Many thanks to the Creator! And the Male professor!

So that’s what I did today. We discussed lots of aspect of Marriage. I think, The teacher did mention a homework on it’s points rather. Hmmm…yeah m sure. She asked to write something.

5 Annoying Reasons – How Partners in Marriage Fail  & disappoint Eachother!

1- They refuse to like eachother

2- Less/No communication

3- Misunderstandings created by most of the times by in laws.

4- Some of them mourn the loss of their ‘single lifestyle routine’.

5- The unnecessary connections (keyword: Unnecessary) with opposite gender. (This does lead u to many dark holes in Marriage, especially Muslim Marriages. It makes your partner feel left out and makes him/her only the object of physical satisfaction) Very bad!

I just pray that tomorrow we don’t get to discuss the divorce theory! I will certainly die then you know :S  …Ah! The things we Research Students have to go through!!!

October 10, 2011


by Khanum

So finally my Mphil starts!  One year break from studies really helped me alot to cherish University life and the professors.

And for the sake of  spending yet 2 more beautiful years (again) with the same University and professors and Research craps, I have made a list of oaths  that I must take.

The Mandatory Oaths

1- I promise I will try to be on time for morning lectures. (keywords: will TRY)

2- I promise myself I will not throw my beauty in the hardwork and be one of those girls who look at their juniors and gasp!!!  ‘Oh shit! How come they still have time for make up while I don’t even have time to wash my face??!’ :-S

3- I promise I will prepare for exams beforehand this time 😦 not actually on the exam day or a night before.

4- I promise to be an obedient student  (Time to time)

5- And finally – Won’t take NO JUNK FOOD from the canteen!


Thank you very much!



March 21, 2011

Fire Exit – University se bichar kar haqeeqat khuli Faraz, duniya bohat haseen hai magar University ke saath

by Khanum

“Are You Single?” …”Ah…I wish”.

“Are YOU married?”  “Yes…”

“Hey, are you engaged?” …”Uh – well its complicated. ”

….”And hey what about you? Any chances of making us happy?” ….

“well, No. Not yet. I like being single” 🙂

Hmmmm… “So who misses University days?”

And they all Hail in Union. “AH … I MISS IT ALOT!”


Who doesnt, han? 🙂 I mean, I know we wanted to get out of their like prisoners wish to escape hell, But friends, who knew we would miss that jail on the Jail road later on?  I know why- Because they were the best days of our lives.

Same old class mates, same old ways…same old questions, but now when you bump into them so randomly at your Facebook . you realize, Their way of looking at life is now entirely different.

To begin with – they take life more seriously now. or should I put it bluntly. Life has put them under serious radar. 🙂

2: The family drama is no longer avoidable. University is no longer there to provide emergency escape. You can’t tell your parents, “Oh well – i have this very urgent assignement you see. I have to finish it by midnight – so if you please can excuse me from this family counselling.”

Nor Can you emotional blackmail them. “That’s it. I’m quitting studies. See – you have totally ruined my concentration , now I can’t study with all of your marriage nonsense , Mother. puhleese”

3. Most importantly, You have simply no excuse or reason to enter yourself in STUDENT competitions. Which pisses me off very frequently now. its like all the organizations decided to hold competitions right at the time when I passed out from my university. Dammit.

You can’t hangout alot, You can’t bunk on your family issues, You can’t call yourself a Student, and worse you feel this constant force to earn good for the sake of — well, whatever the reasons maybe.

Its different story for everyone BUT  with the same result. We all wish to go back to university and relive those days.

I Think, my friend. It wouldn’t be wrong to say… University was our “Fire exit”. If so… Then what a mind-boggling  fire exit it was.