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February 6, 2011


by Khanum

I hope its Pakistan.

The story of Tunisia’s heroic shout against the tyrant system can now be seen in all the Muslim hearts especially in Egypt. Its huge and its burning and when that kind of things happen in some Muslim state, Another state who thinks superior of itself is bound to comment on it as if its another terroristic event! Boo hoo. That’s sadly not the case. In fact these steps should have been taken long time ago when Iraq and Afghanistan got burned down , what for ? A satisfaction? A revenge?

I serioustly hope Pakistan soon stand up and take action. Same thing same corruption is destroying my land. There’s shortage of electricity, no food for poor even for middle class people now and no proper system for the evaluation of income, that is where the President gets away with all the national treasure. A minister in Pakistan has got 34 more ministers to advice him for God’s sake. What is wrong with these ill hearted leaders. Smart nations learn from their history and avoid repeating the same errors made by them in past. That’s how ordinary nations emerge as strong ones. That’s where we have an opportunity to progress.  Now with due offence intended towards Power hungry states/people, I am not sorry to say  its time for Tyranny to end against Muslims by their own Muslim leaders and people behind tyrant rulers who support them in the name of war against terrorism. When sovereignty is taken away by force it can be restored by force. But when it is surrendered voluntarily by default, it can never be recovered. In both cases, your strength of mind is to be questioned.  Right now, what I wanna know, what my family wants to know at home for which they are  glued to TV for updates on recent uproar in egypt , is not when it will end…but How it will bring revolution to oppressed states with filthy rich leaders!

It’s definitely going to catch more fire, that’s what I think because these kind of protests is what’s been happening in Pakistan since ages with no fruitful results. Sometimes we thought it was a revolution to bing the chief Justice back on the seat and sometimes we all stood up to end Musharraf’s reign. But never, and it pains me to see that never in my life I have witnessed a true revolution anywhere in the world. It all starts with hopes and then we all know where it leads to.  Along with Egypt and Tunisia, its crucial for Pakistan to get rid of tyranny because I do not understand why the Alien forces have been allowed to walk freely and kill freely in MUSLIM LANDS? In Gaza at least we know who killed who but in Afghanistan and especially in FATA, US forces are shooting off our citizens blindly and nobody is there to question them?

If our leaders speak of our sovereignty then what those alien forces are doing at our borders and inside our houses?

Those who think its unjust to think well and wishrevolution to people fighting against tyranny, then I know that some, in  the World are still able to comprehend the difference between support for humanitarian and favoritism. In such time of chaos, I only expect  Spectators to act as understanding as possible.

February 3, 2011

Barking Dogs never bite!

by Khanum



Whenever a barking dog gives me a fright, my mother’s words always comfort me: “Don’t be scared darling! Barking dogs never bite”.  So even today she said to me the same thing. However this time, for nearly half an hour, I tried to figure out the reason behind it. I was troubled with the notion. How come they cannot bite?  So like a keen student studying her subject of worry, I concentrated hard on my subject. There is probably some health reason. But since, even they too have doctors and they can be treated at hospitals for their illness so this idea is absurd. I went through the whole encyclopedia on dogs but nowhere could I find the answer to my question. Finally, I went for “Public survey” and it was conducted at my own University. WOAALA!!! Where there is a will, there is always a way.  My survey was a success and the results were beyond my expectations. I was enlightened with some mind blowing facts. Though I did not get the reason of their behavior but whatever the information I got, helped me understand a dog’s nature, its temperament and moral fiber. And I finally understood, what is meant by the saying, “barking dogs never bite”.  You see! Dogs belong to different races. Every race is noteworthy. The dogs belonging to the finest race are very faithful. Their actions reflect their loyal nature. For they not only bark but also bite to defend the honor of their masters. We recognize them as the natural guard dogs. Such was the dog of the People of the cave. For three hundred years, the loyal dog remained with his masters and sat at the gate, silently. Today, however, there is one particular extraterrestrial race that is worth mentioning. It is without a shred of doubt the most truly wicked race. I name them (on public demand) as the race of corrupt Politicians. Who: establish commonness among themselves by sticking to their policy of “never ending barking”. According to public opinion they are increasing day by day in Third World Countries but in Pakistan, this class of barking dogs has emerged as a serious problem and continues to prevail as a threat. They even appear on TV. Honestly speaking, they are quite appealing to criticize. We see them in many colors, in many masks. The striking feature of their being is that unlike loyal dogs, they lack morality. They walk on two legs, dine at 5 stars, and cover themselves with clothes and dress like gentlemen. Some of them are bald while others dye hair for screen beauty. Nevertheless, their so low doggy manners can still be recognized. Whenever we accept them for a little good, their actions provide evidence of their disloyalty. They are humans’ alleged best friends. Who, when needed never help. Ironically speaking, they are the leaders. Who, when looked-for never lead. But still the dilemma remains. Why do barking dogs never bite?  They are indisputably not made in China nor are they truly devoted “peacemakers”. Whatever the explanation could be, whether medical, political, social or personal. I guess it’s in their own interesst, as barking doesn’t cost them a penny, but biting someone can really make them to pay. And Of course we, the public know it well, who pays and who flees away . But what if some of the dogs get dangerous and start biting? Serious injury includes broken bones, severe cuts, suicides, load shedding and  economic failure. What should you do if you are faced with such a dog? My advice; Don`t run – stand still, always remember dog is not a human – he is a dog and will think and behave like a dog, so treat him like a dog.

February 3, 2011

Hello world!

by Khanum

So Here  I am, finally! after days and days of thinking and debating with myself whether I should go for a blog or  nothing, Here I landed!

The good news is, I have a very strong opening to my blog. I know what I just want to say. And, well here comes the bad part! It would be like shouting out loud in a cyber world with absolutely no assurance, that my genesis (and sometimes as you will experience my frustration) would be Heard! But no worries! as long as word press is giving me freedom to write , I WILL WRITE!

Acha tow where was I ? Ah yes, My strong opening word!

TO HELL WITH YOU ALL (Politicians) !!!! From Bush to Zardari. and why am I saying this here?


Because nobody wouldn’t let me say it in the national newspaper in clear plain words. 😀 In case you are wondering who the hell is this person? Male or female, you can find out later. Let’s focus on the main details.

I am a very talented, and Mind you, very multi-talented  but a crushed POST GRAD citizen of  a banana republic.. And as you will read and grow with me in the coming days, You’ll find out why I said ‘Talented’ and ‘crushed’ at the same time.

If I had started this blog earlier, back in july last year I would have probably given it the title of DEPRESSIONS AND CONFESSIONS OF A POST GRAD CITIZEN but alot of things have changed since then. I have changed since then. Now the depressions are converted into aggressive actions. (and I swear to God, I haven’t murdered anyone or looted a bank like american kids do in movies. In case FBI is monitoring this blog) so now the bottom line is.

I have decided to go with a BAckup plan.

And that is,…….

To lash every politician living on earth. 😀

AndWAIT!  don’t panic. No need to even call FBI. (Though I know they must be monitoring this paragraph as well ) Let me explain first!

It is just a dream of mine. 🙂 To personally meet each one of them rascals and give them a good beating on their suited bottom. 🙂 See! no drone attacks involved. Did I say drone attacks ? No! because I am an educated and sane person.

Ah but such a dream! a dream shared with billions all over the world. Until I become the President myself  of My beloved and  beautiful and tired-of-Zardari-Reign Country (now you know where I live ;))I can’t possible bring revolution to the world and fulfill my dream of starting ‘Let’s start lashing Bush and more George Bushes to come club’.

So the blog is the only possible way of letting the world know Why I say What I feel and why I feel what I say.

So the brand new title is, though I almost pyook every time I say it’s frist word, I must continue with it.

“ZARDARI, USA, and other Disasters in my Fabulous Life’



Being a citizen of Pakistan is really no pain. Honestly, but what pains and puts strain on the delicate shoulders of its citizens is Mr. Zardari a.k.a Tarkari and Politicians just like him.

Now before I started the blog I was asking myself questions like, what’s there that I kan write to  the world about my country about my people and not have them repelled. Cause you see, being a Pakistani ultimately gives you this super fantastic spot of attention upon which every eye of the world is ogling. BBC, CNN, FOX NEWS, ALJAZEERAH and blah blah blah. Every major news channel just ripping you apart the moment something happens in my land. but you know, every coin has two sides. Every picture has two sides. Every human have two sides. Just like the universe. Remember, Parallel  universe exists ? So why only ogle at one picture?

There’s so much more to it. So much more. And I may not be the centre of every blogger’s attention at this platform, this wordpress! yes! This much I kan tell. This wordpress will surely remember me as a blogger who blogged for not only its people but for the world–for them to know –and become better in judgement!

Stay tuned!