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December 3, 2013

Life Above zero !

by Khanum

I want to eat chubby babies!

And fried fish.

And now You are shocked to read my opening words.

No?  Okay. Never mind. At least you’re bit curious what’s this post about so keep reading.

Screenshot (4)

Yesterday , I got published by big Productive Muslim. It was a good news after a good wait. But what humbled me more and made me write this post is the overwhelming response of the readers. Shared above is the screenshot of my blogstats. WordPress counted the increasing number of my visitors, a sudden spike in stats right after the article got publsihed! and even though am not Zen Habits, No big blog on the bloc but hey! Khanum is not some tandoor wali. This blog means alot to me so by just reading  “Your blog stats are BLOOMING”  khanum also bloomed!

Such sweet and nice notifications by wordpress are very rare. At least for me. Its 2nd time I got to know my blog is blooming though, don’t remember what was the reason last time it happened. I wonder when the day would come or if it would ever come when wordpress finally says “YOU’RE FRESHLY PRESSED Pagli! Take this freshly pressed badge and do hip hip hurray!”

Anyway , What I do remember is, the response was almost the same when I got published at Productive Muslim for the first time ever, alot of people left their nice comments on my blog here after reading it, but woaw! It just got better this with huge traffic. A BIG thanks to Productive Muslim and all those readers out there who read me and most importantly care enough to leave a comment. It means alot. I’m constantly receiving hits on my site , comments on here from those who loved the piece , some subscribed to the blog while 1 or 2 I guess even followed me on twitter. I saw the facebook page, wow, so many people considered it worth sharing which means the more people read it, they are reminded of Allah and I get to earn sawab. I just wanted to say I am humbled. I do not deserve this much attention but yet I get it  so Alhamdulillah , it makes me really feel blessed.  May Allah love you all and bless so much.

Now! Towards the second part of the post >>>>>

Let me introduce to you a new blogger on the block! Behold the beautiful screenshot.

Screenshot (5)

The owner of the blog is a friend.

PLUS I contributed my behad keemti pakoray there in a post which I wonder why I didnt blog here too. And furthermore, on the blogger’s request, I designed its header but its still in the processing phase. Check it out and let me know what you think about it. Should I keep it minimal and simple or add some colors or more black designing in it at the borders? I would really appreciate it if you guys go to LIFE ABOVE ZERO and check it out!

🙂 thanks once again. I shall now reply to my readers’ comments and hope to see them back on this bloc again. Even if you all dont visit regularly, just Remember me in duas. That’s all that matters in the end.

May Allah always be your Light, my Light, Our Light! Ameen. 🙂

September 16, 2012

Her Heavenly Abode… A letter to a friend far away

by Khanum

I googled my name just like that and it brought tears to my eyes….  I had written a piece for my beloved nano years ago and submitted it to Fountain magazine in Turkey, they published it after 2 years wait in line.

“They ask me over and over again Nano, why life does everything in its power to return to death? I say hush, silent…believe and pray. Death in itself is a desire to live young, forever and ever again!”

Miss you nano..

Click here to view digital copy.

March 14, 2012

Bye Bye Uncle…take my flowers with you..

by Khanum

My Uncle from UK is flying back to his home tonight.  And another special thing today was his Lecture at NCA on Rainforest conservation and something something. It’s basically his project from Kent University. So  According to my mother last night and her strict orders that somehow have no influence on me whatsoever , ‘today’ was meant to be ‘UNCLE DAY’ all the way from dawn till dusk.

“Would you get up now or want me to take off your blanket?” I heard a woman’s urgent voice saying something in my dream. Only to my horror, it was my mother standing near my bed in real. Berra Ghark! I had missed the BREAKFAST of the month.

“what time is it?”  I mumbled , my head still pressed over pillow.

“It’s 10.”  And I promised her to get up in exactly 15 mins.

A minute passed. I cast a look on the watch and suddenly it was 12:45.  I really hate it when clocks do that. Really. It drives you crazy how fast the clock runs when you actually want some sleep.

Anyways, having no interest in going to NCA too I made an excuse to sleep some more.

“jshsdduhudxuccudcfdccdceccfd”. This was my excuse.  And such a lame excuse it was , really. Everyone could see I am just mumbling mumbo jumbo in sleep so I can sleep like a dead all day long.

Right at that moment Molvi sahib also decided to give the azaan! Great! Ab tou uthna hi tha. I got up and by the time I offered prayer all were already gone except my mother. Another Great thing. Some peace at home but then my peace was destroyed. When I had entered my uncle’s room and saw all this stuff packed up some left out and everything giving vibes of someone leaving……it felt really strange.

I really felt I had missed great breakfast today morning. I looked at mum and she was peeling carrots to make “gaajar ka halwa for him” and I felt more sad.

Sometimes we miss out small things which make others happy and matter to them. I noticed, Ever since my uncle’s been home from UK, he’s been eating the simplest things and enjoying the simplest things at home that We in general find very ordinary and don’t even enjoy. He loves the flowers. He loves the tea. He loves the food. And he could not get enough of the SUN. He used to move his chair wherever the sunlight went. I asked him oneday why do you not leave the sun alone? .  He smiled and said , In England I have everything. But Not this kind of sun. Not this kind of tea. Not this kind of sounds of the birds at the background when I am sitting with you all in the evening and having “RUSKS”.  And specifically my dear Visha, I don’t have You people.

Ah… how terribly some people abroad – miss home.

Realising all this I decided to photo shoot some things and gift him some shots by the time he’s back from NCA. I went on to take several pictures of ordinary things that he’ll miss there. Flowers in the courtyard and small things which are his memories of  the visit.

Its not like they don’t have flowers there. It’s just – He won’t find the homely flowers anywhere else in the world.

I am not going to see him off at the airport tonight. I will be the oddest one to cry my heart out If I go , I know.

See the next post for photography.

March 14, 2012

The Prophet Muhammad’s Illiteracy

by Khanum



Question: Was the Prophet illiterate throughout his life? Or did he-the one for whom veils were lifted with the verse “Read!”, and thus who could read the mysteries of the universe-ever read and write in the sense that we understand?

The Arabic word that is used to describe the Prophet’s illiteracy is “ummi.” This word is derived from “umm,” which means “mother, the middle or navel of everything, where everything or something springs up.” Ummi, thus, connects the Prophet to his mother and refers to his purest nature which remained as unsullied as on the day she gave birth to him. This word also refers to the Prophet’s connection to his birthplace, Mecca, which is described in the Qur’an as “the mother of towns (Umm al-Qura, 6:92), and to the holy shrine Ka’ba, the mother of houses (Umm al-Buyut).

The Prophet, peace be upon him, could not read the Torah or Bible or other books. God did not teach him to read or write, and this was one of the requirements for his messengership. In fact, the following verse states this: You did not (O Messenger) read of any book before it (the revelation of this Qur’an), nor did you write one with your right (or left) hand. For then, those who have ever sought to disprove the truth might have a reason to doubt (it) (29:48).

As can be understood from the verse, writing and reading were not taught to the Messenger of God. If he had known how to, those pursuing falsehood would have said, “He takes previous books, reads them, and explains to us what he read.” However, everyone-friends and foes-knew that the Prophet was illiterate. Consequently, here we see that his not being able to read and write is related to his messengership, and this fact was confirmed by his peers during his time, the Age of Happiness.

In this respect, the Prophet was not made to write. However, it is necessary to say here immediately that knowledge does not mean being able to write. The Messenger of God was given the knowledge of both former times and of the times to come. When God poured his blessings over him, the horizons lying between the East and the West cracked open, and he saw everything in front of him like the pages of a book, from an atom to the globe and from the macro-realm to the micro-realm.

God blew into his spirit the capacity “to express and read the truth” when He said, “Read!” (96:1). God said “Read” and He made His Prophet recite as he memorized the revelation all at once.

His words that he spoke in relation to every concern of life outside of the Qur’an are a separate treasury of knowledge, and this treasury is called “non-recited revelation” (wahy al-ghayri matluw). Non-recited revelation means revelation other than the Qur’an that was blown directly into the Prophet Muhammad’s spirit by God by means of Gabriel. God’s Prophet spoke throughout his life, and the distinguished Companions at his side recorded his speech. At one time some Companions thought that it was not right to record things spoken by him who as a human being could get upset at times.

Abu Hurayra describes this incident as follows: “None among the Companions of the Prophet know more hadith (the Prophet’s sayings and actions) than me; however, Abdullah b. Amr ibn al-As is an exception, for I did not write it, but he did.”

Actually, according to the statement of Abdullah b. Amr, he would write down everything he heard from God’s Messenger. Some said to him, “You write every word that comes out of the Prophet’s mouth, but he is a human also. There are times when he is angry and times when he is pleased” (Hadith narrators conceal whose words these were as a matter of courtesy and because it is not necessary.)

Due to this, Abdullah ibn Amr stopped writing and informed the Prophet about it. The Prophet raised his hand to his blessed mouth and said, “Write! I swear to God in Whose hand my life is that nothing but the truth comes out from here.”

Even if he was a human, he was still a prophet; his anger and his pleasure were for God, and he always spoke the truth in every state. Yes, none of his words were from whim, and they did not stem from human desires. More correctly, he did not speak from himself, but only what was revealed to him (see 53:3).

The Prophet’s illiteracy should not be understood to mean that he did not know anything. Even before revelation came he was a perfect and exalted spirit. He acted according to the remnants of the religion of Abraham, peace be upon him. He was known by those around him as a virtuous person. If that had not been the case, at a time when people were killing one another in Mecca, would they have turned to him as a judge?

God created him special. Then, He reflected His own knowledge to that mirror, and we witnessed the truths belonging to God in His Messenger.

October 3, 2011

Letters to Their Juliet

by Khanum

I have a blessing called ‘love’ in my life Elhamdulillah- and I receive it in quite abundant amount wherever I go, whenever I speak. Some say it on face ,’how much they adore me’ while others like my mother and relatives simply show it through their hugs. But I have to admit, the love from my students  ‘league of Little Romeos’ shown through their letters simply swayed me away.

Isn’t it quite unique and rare these days to receive hand written love letters ?



This last letter was written by my cousin brother when he was about 8 I guess. I so adore him still for writing this. He may not remember this letter by now – but its one of the best things in the world that makes my heart go happy and many colors of emotion whenever I read it again.

The best thing about being loved by kids is, they love you  with all their hearts. They don’t hold back. They never hold back. They accept you for who you are. Forever and always.

Note: I have no intention of ever being called Juliet. She had the worse love story in the history of English literature to be very honest.