Khanum’s Review on Spaghetti Bolognaise

by Khanum

Spaghetti Bolognaise

Oh my Gosh! I’m so sorry, that’s the wrong picture there, just the remains. Actually I was so hungry that day – ke bas. Let’s rewind back to the beginning on how I came across the most royal dish on the face of earth I have ever tasted for your sake. Spaghetti Bolognaise, ladies & Gentlemen!

So this is going to be my first food review that I gobbled down my throat few weeks back. I would like to dedicate this post to Nadia , She’s a Food Guru and Queen of Reviews on any food that you would find in Dubai. *I kid you not –  honestly | pay her a standing ovation like the man in the picture below*

Pizza Hut | The place to be when you want to have posh food *m serious * in a foody n posh environment *m very serious again* and with posh friends, *now you can laugh*. 😀 I hope my gals are not reading this.

It was our last day of examz and we all decided to hit the place. Now check this out , we are such innocent Pakistanis , pizza is almost like a street food in west and here we are, eating pizza with forks and etiquettes in Big Name Food chains Restaurants just cause of our crippling economy, west’s street food is our 5 star food! And right now if any agent of Pizza hut is reading this post – he is planning to hunt me down and sue me.

Please do wait , there’s more at This branch of Pizza hut located at M.M.Alam road in Lahore. First thing first – I give the staff 100 stars. Umm and ok lets be generous some more, I would give the environment 100 plus too. It was neat and clean and very airy. And oh! The guy standing at the entrance greets you with Assalam o Alaikum! so nice and so — nice again I must stress. Lets give him the award of Mr. Good Manners who had weird Moustaches. I am just being generous nothing else. Now behold  the Menu card where I fell in love with Spaghetti Bolognaise.

Our order spanned over 2 large pizzas, Chicken Tandoori and Chicken Fajita, 3 Salads , Someone ordered some shahi chicken rolls , Another ordered Lasangna, While I ordered Spaghetti Bolognaise to share with my friend. Seeing this, 4 of my friends also ordered the same dish and shared in half.

Now –  the salad bar, before the Pizza came we attacked on the salad bar and as you can see in the pictures , this is the place where even the damsels give up on diet and load heaps and heaps of salad in one small tiny little bowl. We payed Rs. 330 for each bowl of salad after all. How could we spare that and not halal the money?

There is my friend, Masha Allah , in process of making a sky-scrapper in the bowl.

And there we finally did manage to make a sky-scrapper. Sadly we couldn’t finish it all it was to heavy. so we did the most decent thing we could. We asked for it to be packed for my friend’s sister. *yes we believe in sharing*

Next stop – Pizza Sheeza!

Now this is my plate on top of the pizza. One slice and there I was – all full. I wonder how do guys eat so much. Pizza Hut people must hate men for eating up more than they pay for the deals. As for girls, I think we just mostly waste food and money. Like my friend she went to the salad bar and came back with a small circle of – no actually it wasnt even a circle it was a dot of salad in the middle of the bowl. The moment we saw this insult of salad bar and our money we were like. GASP!!!! WHAT DID U DOOOOOO !! NOOOO NOOO NOOO!!! HOW COULD YOU WASTE 330 RUPEES AND NOT FILL THAT THING UPPPPPPPPPPPPPP :O :@ … “Haan meinei socha itna bohat hai” was her reply. Right!

Anyways, The pizza was good enough so as the salad. Yummy! Lets move along now. Finallllyyyyyyyyy to our big  surprise dish of the year.

Thank you very much for reading khanum’s review on Spaghetti Bolognaise. Click here for My final serious verdict on Pizza Hut’s Special Recipe , the ravishing remarks on the dish that is just made of noodles and mashrooms and very alien taste.

Peace out!

But P.S. Lunch at Pizza Hut cost us Rs 4000 and sumthing sumthing. And since we were total 10 people we divided the amount and it came down to 500 each. Next Place to be explored: Tutty Fruity, Insha Allah.

Now final Peace out!


13 Comments to “Khanum’s Review on Spaghetti Bolognaise”

  1. good rvw behna…..

  2. lol !!! enjoyed reading it and the final verdict was epic!!!!!!!!! 😀

  3. First of all, thank you so much for the special mention (although I must say you went way ahead with the generosity in compliments 😉 )

    Your restaurant review is very honest and funny. I love it! I could relate when you say Pizza Hut is considered a posh restaurant in Pakistan and that people mostly eat their pizzas with knives and forks. I did that once and realized it’s easier to eat with bare hand (and later realized that this was the correct way to eat pizza) 😀

    The final verdict was totally unexpected! I was laughing so hard. At first, I thought wow what an amazing luck to find good pasta in Lahore’s Pizza Hut. Oh well, I suppose their pasta standards are same everywhere.

    • Thank you for suc a long reply. I miss that on blog lol.
      And the pleasure is all mine. I do look up to u in travelling the world and halal-ling the food at every restaurant in Dubai or whereva I may go . I am going to award you very soon. Once again. Be ready.

  4. awsum effort Khanum 🙂

  5. Haha Agent of Pizza Hut, now I found that funny, it made me think of some secret Pizza Hut organization. It’s what we call fast food here. Our food service industry is so heavily regulated, so street food is not the same as other countries. I hope you get a chance to one day visit me and I take you on a food tour, I think you’d like it a lot.
    I don’t know what your dietary needs are, or what is not allowed to be eaten in your religion or looked down by your culture. I personally am squeamish about chicken feet, it’s just so webby, so very webby. I think pork may be on your no-no list, but beef, yes? If so I am totally getting you some In-N-Out, So Cal must, hamburgers so good. There are others that hit the spot, but it’s an absolute tradition.

    • THat is so nice of you, 🙂 Yes we do eat beef and pork is prohibited in Islam. And just the very mention of chicken makes my tummy growl but too bad you ruined it with chicken feet 😦 … I heard people have its soup. Ufff
      We are having Ramadan here now so lots of food is served at the table at Iftar time when we break the fast.

      • I am a little familiar with Ramadan, I have had some friends who were of the Islamic faith. But I am honestly that knowledgeable. From what I hear it sounds like a real challenge, fasting is really something that would take it’s toll on my body. I feel ill when I don’t eat.

  6. Well i also agree with the statement ” A lot of people in Pakistan eat pizza with knives and forks” yeah that is a bit dramatic cause the only way to enjoy pizza is by actually eating it with your bare hands. Pizza is one of my Fav dishes of all time i could live on it. The best known Pizza Joint in Pakistan is Pizza hut I’ve been going to Pizza Hut since quite a while now. Anyhow Khanum your Blog is very interesting and eye catching. i really like it. well Khanum if you want any more info on Pizza or Spaghetti Bolognaise or any other Pakistani food or restaurants you can visit my website Food Connection Pakistan.

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