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April 25, 2014

NORAK inspiring Islam for children

by Khanum

Life, is beautiful. What makes it even more pretty are the astounding unique ideas of brilliant people.

Meet Sara Hussein! Another brilliant girl. One of the many beautiful people on earth who came forward with a unique and productive idea of her own. NORAK. “A product that brings the beauty of Islam and Technology together.”



I came across this product on Twitter, when I met Sara who was extremely busy running the fundraiser campaign. You all remember the Pop Quranic Book by Hajera Memon, right? A product that I got to know via twitter as well. The news update on that one is that it raised the required funding to go ahead with their project and now they are in the production phase.

As for NORAK , the journey has just started and am so glad that they have raised $2,526 already. With 13 days left to reach their target of $50,000 , Sara is hopeful that it would turn out well. See her website

Is it just about lights?

This is where you’ll be surprised my friend. NORAK is a WONDER. In the words of the creator of this product,

“I created this product to help enhance my children’s bedtime routine and give them something that holds true to our Islamic identity, as well as giving me the freedom to be in control my children’s bedtime routine. In a world filled with technology it can sometimes feel like everything around us is chosen for us before we even get given a choice.


When I was looking for night-lights for my son to help him get to sleep at night all I could find was the same generic moons and stars with pre-installed musical lullabies. I believe that the Quran is our light in this world and so it’s important to be able to share that with our children as soon as we can. With NORAK you can choose what you listen to, and if you take a look at our perks you can get one of the first ever NORAKs to be made with a micro-SD card pre-loaded with Quran for you to listen to.

Although NORAK was designed with children in mind, it’s also a beautifully timeless classic addition to the home. It’s a piece of art / technology that is interchangeable between generations. From babies to grandparents were confident this is a gift to give or keep.” 

I find her story very inspiring and her kids too adorable. NORAK is like a perfect gift you can gift to your kids and to your friends as well. If you haven’t checked out their site yet, Follow them and support their campaign by helping in raising the funds. Click here to run fast to their site.

May Allah help NORAK get launched good and soon. Ameen


P.S! Happy 200th Post to me 🙂


October 3, 2011

Letters to Their Juliet

by Khanum

I have a blessing called ‘love’ in my life Elhamdulillah- and I receive it in quite abundant amount wherever I go, whenever I speak. Some say it on face ,’how much they adore me’ while others like my mother and relatives simply show it through their hugs. But I have to admit, the love from my students  ‘league of Little Romeos’ shown through their letters simply swayed me away.

Isn’t it quite unique and rare these days to receive hand written love letters ?



This last letter was written by my cousin brother when he was about 8 I guess. I so adore him still for writing this. He may not remember this letter by now – but its one of the best things in the world that makes my heart go happy and many colors of emotion whenever I read it again.

The best thing about being loved by kids is, they love you  with all their hearts. They don’t hold back. They never hold back. They accept you for who you are. Forever and always.

Note: I have no intention of ever being called Juliet. She had the worse love story in the history of English literature to be very honest.

September 21, 2011

My Little Friends

by Khanum

June 30, 2011

From Adorable to Horrible.

by Khanum

 I say, its a near death experience to have a photoshoot with toddlers. Let me elaborate why. Once upon a time (actually just a month ago), I was asked to hold a photo session of someone’s little princess. *meerab* A very charming little girl  *who is toddling her way beside me at this very moment* with brat-listic- mannerisms. And the second I typed her definition just now – she ogled me with her mouth opened.  Adorable. But she has her moments. Tantrums. & well Horrible sides.

I cannot believe, a photographer like me was insulted by a brat like that, once again. the former horrible object was Ibrahim. Here’s my *Iktabas* about him. That 4 years old man isn’t a good memory to keep, but I remember him in these words.

from my Diary – 2010. “Being a post grad totally sucks when you don’t have anything, JUST anything to do. Your family treats you as a ‘Massi’ of the house, your friends go underground and God knows what they do. Hybernate or what!!! And to top it all, relatives keep oozing out of nowhere asking favors excruciating to death.
‘Oh dear, can you please come up and take a few photographs of my grandson?’ Auntie Talat tried her elderly charms. ‘He’s just adorable…just a few pictures that’s all. He’s the apple of my eye you’ll love him. ’
Love him, my ^^^. The boy gave me asthma. And I don’t care even if he were her watermelon or mango of her eyeball. I would have given him a good beat on his diapered bottom if I could.
I ran after him like a lunatic for an entire hour.
‘Ibrahimmmm….see here. let me take a good picture’
‘Nooooooo ibrahim…don’t snatch my camera.’
‘Bad boy Ibrahim…….stop peeing on me you rascal’!!!!
Oh I hate 21st century Boys!!!”

 And Here Her mood has started to grow hot-hot-horrible!

And ladies & gentleman , here she didn’t even notice that I exist , holding a camera.

Thank You very Much.